Author's note: First off, an explanation of where the hell I got the idea for this story A dream. Yes, I got this story from a very bizarre, yet cool dream I had. In the dream, well, just read the fic I had to add in stuff, of course, but the basic premise is what the dream was about Kind of. You know how dreams are! So, blame my subconscious for this fic!!!! ^_^;;; Also blame the fact I did a lot of it late at night Hmm, a dangerous combination =P Well, actually a friend and I had been talking about an idea similar to this, so that's probably why I had the dream in the first place

Rated PG-13 for mild swearing, and other bad stuff in later chapters

Innocence Lost

Part 1: Victory for Evil

As it had for ages, and probably would continue to do so for ages to come, a steady rain fell from the heavens upon the now desolate city of Burmecia. The beautiful stone statues and elegant architecture turned to ruin by the Black Mage Army which had recently raged through the streets. Only the dead and dying littered the streets, with only their eternal silence to give to anyone daring to venture towards the castle.

At the Burmecian castle, where the king and his subjects, now fled, once gathered, a battle has just been fought, and lost. Four figures lay on the ground, unconscious or struggling not to be. A teenage boy, his drenched, unkempt blonde hair dangling in front of his face, a female Burmecian dragon knight, trying to lift her battered body from the ground, a rotund member of the Qu tribe, and finally a small black mage, sprawled where he fell on the carved stone floor.

A beautiful woman with heavy curled brown hair and a band of cloth covering one eye gave them an almost disgusted glance. She sheathed her blade, and turned towards two other figures in the room.

"How pathetically weak. Isn't there anyone worthy of facing me?" she wondered aloud.

One of the others was a rather obese, oddly blue-skinned woman, who wore the fine clothing of royalty. The last person was an exceedingly effeminate young man with long tresses of silver hair, and wearing an exotic purple, white and gold outfit.

The queen turned and headed for one of the exits. "Come, Beatrix." She motioned with the fan she held in one of her chubby hands. "We must prepare to attack Cleyra."

"Yes, your majesty." Beatrix and the queen exited, leaving the man.

He approached the defeated party, his gaze traveling across each one of them. "What do we have here? Another filthy rat, and" His gaze stopped on Zidane. "Hmm this boy could become a problem." Before he turned away, his eyes fell upon the smallest member of the party, the black mage.

For a brief moment he studied the pathetic figure clad in its floppy hat and blue jacket.

"That mage there" Kuja brought one slender hand to his chin as he voiced his thoughts. "It's the prototype that I created several years ago"

A frown crossed his delicate features. "I don't remember designing the prototypes to be that powerful. Yet unless I'm mistaken, this is the little one that defeated the Waltzes, as well as the other mages we have sent to attack"

"Very interesting" Kuja dropped his hands to his sides, and strode over away from the party. "Very interesting indeed. It would also be interesting to find out just how it ended up here, of all places"

A shadow suddenly passed through the room as a winged shaped flew down from the sky. A silver dragon alighted on the stone floor, and waited for its master. He walked smoothly over to the creature, and climbed onto its feathery back. Kuja seemed to speak with the dragon a moment and it growled in affirmation. Instead of taking off, it walked to where the small mage was. Using its front legs, it carefully lifted the mage up from the floor.

"Careful now, wouldn't want to damage it." Kuja said. "I have plans for this one"

The dragon deposited the mage on its back near Kuja, and flapped its huge wings to take off. On the ground, the dragon knight was up on her elbows, watching.

"Vivi" she gasped, trying to push herself up. "No!" She struggled harder to stand, but the pain from a dozen injuries attacked at once, forcing her back down. She watched helplessly as the silver dragon flew upwards, and out of the castle.

Vivi woke up as the dragon was flying over the mountains near Burmecia.

He had expected to feel rain falling on him, to feel cold from his soaked clothing, to feel the cold stone floor beneath him, and also feel the ache of the injuries he'd sustained. Only the third expectation was met. To his surprise, he felt no rain falling, in fact it was quite warm out and his clothes felt merely damp, and instead of stone, as he looked down he saw soft, silvery feathers.

He was still several moments as his mind ran through the possibilities, trying to figure out just where he was and how he ended up there. It required more information, of course, so he brought his body into a sitting position to see more.

"Well, you're awake."

Vivi stared in shock at the silver-haired man sitting calmly on the back of the dragon. A quick glance around showed that he was on the back of something, he wasn't sure what. The main thing he could tell was what frightened him the most

They were very, very high up.

Confused and scared, the little mage gripped onto the feathers of the winged beast, not sure what he was more afraid of: falling, or the fact he was with this man Kuja, who, as far as Vivi knew at that time, was not a very nice person.

Several moments passed, and Kuja didn't say anything. Vivi finally found his voice again, though he stuttered more than usual.

"Wh-why did you-"

Kuja interrupted, raising a hand for silence. "It will all be explained in time, little one. For now, I think you should get some more rest"

"What?" Vivi watched as Kuja waved his hand as he cast some sort of spell. He suddenly felt an incredible drowsiness wash over him, and was unable to keep his eyes open. The little mage collapsed, unconscious again.

"Just until we get home" he said, grinning.

At the Burmecian castle, the other two who had been defeated were finally coming to. The third, the Burmecian, stood holding her lance, her muzzled face cast downward.

The blonde boy got up shakily, his tail swishing slowly behind him as he scanned the area. His brow furrowed as he noticed something wrong. "There's Freya, and Quina something's missing." He approached the dragon knight. "Where's Vivi?"

"He was taken" she said quietly. "I was unable to stop them. Please forgive me"

The news struck him like a physical blow. "What?! Who took him? Where'd they go?" The young thief had felt like he held some responsibility for the well-being of the young mage since he met him, and now the news of his kidnapping made him realize just how much he did care for him.

"The strange man, Kuja, he took him away on a silver dragon Queen Brahne and Beatrix left as well. Zidane, I tried to stop them, but my strength was gone"

"Dammit!" Zidane cursed in frustration. "No, I'm not mad at you" he added when Freya shot him a distressed look.

Quina walked over then, wondering what they were talking about. "That was hard battle! Beatrix very strong. What is wrong now?"

"That weird looking Kuja guy took Vivi." Zidane said, his hands and teeth clenched.

The Qu's jaw dropped. "Took Vivi?! Vivi been kidnapped!" S/he shook her head, his/her long tongue waving back and forth. "That very bad! What we do??"

"I don't know We don't have a damn clue where they are Or why he was taken!" Zidane took out some of his frustration on a nearby stone, kicking it at a wall. "First Garnet goes off who-knows-where, now this"

"We need to head for Cleyra." Freya said suddenly.

"Why, was Kuja headed there?"

She shook her head, water dripping from her winged hat. "No, but Queen Brahne said they were going to attack there next."

"Just when you'd think things wouldn't get any worse" Zidane frowned. "Well, if Queen Brahne has connections with that guy, maybe it'll help us find Vivi."

"Though I am just as worried about him as you are, the lives of an entire town weigh more heavily than one." Freya pointed out.

"I know" Zidane turned to Quina, who was inspecting a statue to see if it was edible. "Quina, there's no time, let's get going!"

They hurriedly left the depressing city, heading for the desert, and the sandstorm surrounding Cleyra

End part 1

Note: Well, the dream part of it doesn't actually come until later, I had to make this part up. ^_^;;; Er, any good so far? I'm trying yet another new style of writing