United States of America

Central Intelligence Agency HQ


An older man enters a large board room and sits in a chair. "Ok, where do we stand?"

A younger man across the room spoke up. "Nothing. Not even a blip on the radar. Corkin, I don' know what we are going to do! He's a mad man and he's out there with a girl! It's all off the wire! Something has happened to him!"

The older man, Corkin, ran his hands through his gray hair. "You think I don't know that DeChamps?! He's a fucking assassin out in the middle of the US and he has a women, a possible hostage for his way out."

A women, looking 23 who sat in one of the chairs to the left of Corkin spoke up.

"Sir, why would he take her though? He knows that we want her dead… if she was a hostage he knows we would not hesitate to shoot."

"A mistake?" DeChamps suggested.

"Not a chance in hell," The women said. "they don't make mistakes. Everything is planned."

"Well not this Sara. His disappearing with the women was never planned." Corkin opened up a black binder that was in front of him. He flipped to a certain page.

"His training was off the charts. He passed every course. He's never failed a mission once in his service. We're missing something. Something big."

"I don't get it. What is he doing… who was the girl?" DeChamps said, going through his folder. "Kagome. Lives alone. Respected journalist. Has two friends. Ah… Miroku and Sango. Both live together and are married with one child. Shippo. Adopted. Seven and attends school at First Augusta. A public school for 'special' children. My guess, demons and hanyous. Possibly Miko's as well, thought I would doubt it." Sara said. Already haven read the file before the meeting.

"Do we have an exact address for the friends?" Corkin asked.

"Yes, sir. What's the plan?" DeChamps.

"Let's face it. What if the girl isn't bait? What if she is something a little more. If we take her friends we are bound to draw him out into the open. Now I don't want them getting hurt so get Jason and Ryan on the case. They know Delta best."

Sterile House

Here I am. Flat out on the ground gasping for air after receiving a fierce kick to the chest. Kagome was standing over me. "Did I do it right?"

"Oh, yah. I think we will call it a day now."

She pulled me up. "Oh, come on. I don't want to call it quits. I think I finally got a good high kick going."

I rubbed my chest a little.

Damn that was strong. "Oh, yah. You got it alright."

She giggled and patted me on the head. "When the teacher teaches good, the student learns better."

"Yah but the teacher normally doesn't get his ass kicked in the process."

"True." She sighed and looked sad.

"What's wrong?"

"Will I ever get to go back to my old life? I miss my old friends."

I knew this was going to come eventually. But I have to be honest. "Kagome… I don't know if you can or not. I don't know…" She began to cry. I held her close, standing on the large stage in the basement. All the lights on and a little music played to keep us upbeat.

A sudden Idea got into my head.

"Want to go visit?"

I stood next to Kagome in the bushes.

"Can't we just walk up to the front door like normal people?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No. Something doesn't seem right to me."

"What do you mean? Is something wrong?"

"I smell fear… tears… blood." Kagome was about to jump out of the hiding spot. I held her back.

"Wait." I hissed.

"Why? They could be in danger."

"No one is dead yet. There isn't much blood and I don't smell death."

"So what does that mean?"

"I don't know."

I took my secondary weapon, a .45 - standard Russian military issue, I got it off of someone else, and handed it to Kagome.

"You have about seven shots in that gun. I'll be here after the first. Use it only if you have to."

I un-holstered my other sidearm, Colt 1911, and jumped over the bushes. Rushing across the yard. I put my back to the wall near the window and the door. I saw Kagome duck back down. A small sob came to my ears.

Someone is in there.

"Shut up! Stop crying!" A man's voice rang out.

Jason? What the hell are you doing here?

"Sango calm down. I'm alright. Just a little wound."

"I'll put another one in you if you do not shut up!"

Ryan? What the fuck is going on? Is it a hit?

I lightly tapped the back door handle. Unlocked. I snuck in a ducked below the couch. Ryan and Jason paced about the living room. Unaware of me in the corner behind the couch, completely out of sighed.

A man layed in the living room on his side. Held up by a women, who I guess was Sango. A kid was in a corner crying. He looked like a fox demon to me. If he was grown neither one of my comrades… ex-comrades would not stand a chance. But, being young… I could understand.

Jason covered his ears. He never was good with kids. He pointed his gun at the kid.

"Someone shut him up before I do!"

Sango was about to get up and claim the crying child, but Ryan pushed her down to the ground.

"Please! He needs me! I'm his mother!" She yelled.

Jason picked up the young fox demon by the tail and took him into the kitchen. I silently followed. Jason but him on the table. Facing the wall.

"Damn kids are good for nothing." He mumbled. Putting the gun to the back of the kid's head.

He was about to pull the trigger when he felt the cool metal of my gun on his head.

"Keep quiet." I hissed. He lowered his gun.

"Inuyasha… so it is you."

"What do you think you are doing? We don't kill kids."

"Times have changed since you left."


The kid was still crying. Jason raised his gun in a quick motion.


"Oh, my god!" I herd Sango scream. "He killed my baby!" I herd the man groan in pain.

I had my hand over the kid's mouth.

"Listen carefully. Be really quiet. I want you to sneak out back and find the girl in the bushes. You might know her, her name is Kagome. Seek her and stay with her. I'll try to get you parents out."

He only nodded and did as I said. I snuck back into the living room when Ryan wasn't paying attention.

"It's about time he shut the kid up. Even I was getting annoyed." His back was turned to me. But I couldn't make my move yet. If Sango or that man's eyes followed my actions Ryan would know someone was there. Other than Jason.

It took him a moment before he realized something wasn't right.

"Jason? Where the hell are you man?"

I hope he wasn't expecting a response. He was now in the doorway to the kitchen.

"Holy shit!" He yelled, seeing Jason on the floor and the kid gone. He didn't see me sneak up behind him.

He turned and the barrel of my weapon was right at his nose.


I only gave a cocky smirk.

"You killed Jason! You have turned your back on Treadstone!"

"They turned their back on me when they came after me. When you came after me."

"It was our job!"

"I was willing to leave well enough alone. But no, Treadstone wanted a fight. Now they have one. Lower your weapon solder." (sp?)

"I can't do that, sir."

"That is an order!"

"You're rank has been pulled." He said with a sudden up thrust of his knee to my stomach. I felt the shooting pain go through me as I dodged a shot. Flipping off a wall and landing behind Ryan and delivering a kick to the back of the head, bringing him to the ground.

"It's not like you Inuyasha to attack one of your own."

"You're not one of my own anymore."

He was going for his gun. I shot first.

"Oh, my god!" Sango screamed again as I approached her. I put a hand over her mouth.

"I'm begging you, stop yelling! You're hurting my ears. My name is Inuyasha! I know where Kagome is and can help you out of here alive! When I move my hand I want you to be quiet. Ok? You're name is Sango, correct?"

"Yes… they killed Shippo…"

"Shippo… the fox demon?"

She nodded. "He's not dead. He's out back waiting."

She gasped. The man groaned again. I guess he had lost conscientious, but had just woken up.

"Miroku! Are you ok?!"

I herd sirens in the distance. I picked the man up. "Follow me." I said to the women, who reluctantly followed.

I ran out back and met with Kagome. "Come on, we need to get him to my van."

It was a recently newer van. Kind of like the kind a contractor uses. Only this one had some features that you won't find in the normal model. I laid the man in back and his wife got in, followed by the kid. Kagome got up front as I began to drive.

"Kagome!" I herd Sango yell. They hugged for a moment as Kagome undid her seat belt and jumped in back.

"How is he?" Kagome asked. Looking at the man, Miroku.

"It doesn't look to bad. But I'm no doctor."

"Kagome come here and take the wheel." I said. Pulling the van to the side of the highway. She did and I got in back. Shippo watched in awe as I tapped the side of the van and a small panel came out. It was a keypad. I typed in a few numbers and hit enter. Now just about every inch of the back of the van flipped out. Computers with read outs and police band radios. Along with some medical equipment that we had to use on several missions where something didn't go right.

"Alright, hold still this is going to burn a little." I said, swabbing rubbing alcohol onto a pad, pressing it to the wound. "Ok lets see. Bullet wound to the stomach area. Doesn't appear fatal."

Sirens filled my ears.

"Oh, shit. Not now." I took Kagome's place at the wheel. Pulling the van over.

"Something wrong?" I asked the cop who walked up to my door.

"You have a tail light out."

"Uh… sorry."

It's a total lie. I've been flagged.

"I'm going to have to write you a ticked. License and registration please."

"Sure." I fumbled through the glove compartment for a moment. Pulling out a fake identity and a registration for the van. The cop took it back to his car.

Shit, shit, shit!

"Kagome, get in the passenger seat. But strap him down first, Sango there is another fold down chair like Shippo's behind the passenger seat. Fold it down and buckle up."

They hesitated until I gave them a deadly glare.

The cop came back up to the window and handed me the documents again. "It'll just be a moment. I'm going to go finish the ticket." He went back to his car.

"He's stalling." I said. Turning on the van radio and turning it into a police band.

'Copy that. Back up is on it's way. White van, license…'

"That's us." Kagome said.

"Yes it is. Everyone secure?"

"Why?" Sango asked.

"Just make sure." I said. Pushing a few more buttons on the radio it flipped around. The police band still coming in on the speakers.

"What are these?" Kagome said. "This thing has more features in it than a super computer."

"Each one does something different. Now hold on."

I slammed down the gas pedal. Pushing one of the buttons. The van began to transform. Turning more aerodynamic.

'27, 27! High speed pursuit! White van… it's… transforming!'

'Dispatch to 27. Vehicle is government marked. FBI back up is in route.'

I herd Sango mutter in back. "What the hell is going on?"

I ignored her. The siren of the police car behind me rang in my ears as I sped on. Weaving in and out of heavy traffic.

I can't risk hurting an innocent.

I hit two more switches.

'Dispatch this is 27! Where the hell is my back-up? Then van has just sprouted police lights! I could really use that back up right about now!'

I felt the smirk come on my face as a another siren filled the air. This one from the van. Cars quickly got out of the way. Panels on the van flipped over to read 'S.W.A.T.' on the sides. Adding to the effectiveness. Of course, 27 reported that as well.

'F84 to 27. FBI is joining the chase.'

A high pitched siren now filled my ears.

"Damn it!"

I can out maneuver the police car. But that FBI vehicle, which appeared to be a BMW, would be harder. They had better training… equal to mine.

"Kagome, third switch to the right, hit it!"

She did as soon as I said to.

'F84, the van seems to have sprung an oil leak… a large one at that. 27 has lost control!'

'This is CIA. Listen carefully. That vehicle belongs to Treadstone 71. They have extensive training. Use extreme caution. We are sending out a chopper and another vehicle to intercept the van. Look for a silver and dark green car.'

"God damn it!"

"It's not that bad… is it?" Kagome asked. Clueless… then again she didn't know.

"That silver car can blow us right off the road. It's called a G-6155 interceptor. I've driven it once. It has extensive weapons and the drivers are second to none. This just got a lot harder."

I looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see the car shoot out into traffic.

'G-6155 is on scene and picking up chase.'

'Copy. Shoot to kill.'

I weaved in and out of traffic. Followed closely by the speedy car.

How can I slow it down… what was it's weakness… bulletproof, traction, offensive weapons… it has everything… it's low to the ground… Wait! That's it! Magnet mines! It's only weakness is under it!

"Kagome, second button to the right. On my mark."

She was ready. "Now!"

I herd the 'beep' sound. Followed by a female computer voice.

"Mine Attached. Detonation device ready."

"Mine?!" Kagome said in disbelief. "As in boom?!"

"Not us. Him." I paused. Taking a quick turn off the exit ramp.

"Computer, detonate device!"


'G-6155. System failed! I'm out of the chase!'

'F84, I have lost the suspect due to crash of G-6155.'

I could picture that old man yelling in his seat now.

Serves you right.

I pulled into an alley way, flicking three more switches. Making everything disappear and the van change license plates and color. I picked up a radio in back.


"This is Delta to Corkin. Listen carefully. This is your last chance to leave me alone. I do not want war… but if you leave me no choice… I will come after you. You, Sara, and DeChamps. Do I make myself clear?"

"Damn it!" Corkin yelled. Throwing his radio across the room.

"I will not lose. Sara, activate them all!"

Sara's eyes went wide. "All of them sir?"

"All of them. I want Delta in a body bag by the end of this week!"

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