Chapter 1

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Buffy's POV

I don't know how many times I've watched her sleeping. Was it hundreds...thousands...millions...? I've lost count. Every time I watch her, I have this urge to hold her tight. Especially when she has her usual nightmare. But I can't...she can't even see me or hear me whenever I whisper comforting words when she feels down. All I can do is just look at her and do nothing... That's what a guardian angel does. Just stand there and guard. Do nothing...

My name is Buffy, and that's right...I'm an angel, which means that I'm dead. I really don't know how I died or what life I have lived. I remembered the time I opened my eyes and realized that...I was in a place where people were wearing white and have wings. I slowly stood up and realized that I have wings of my own. I looked around noticing that I don't know who I am and where I am. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked at the person. It's a man dressed in a white with the same wings that I have. He smiled at me...

"Welcome child...welcome to paradise..."

I didn't get it at first but then he explained it to me...that I died and was going to spend the rest of my life here. I asked him how I died but all he said is that I don't need to know it...that it's in the past.

It's nice living in this world. So many people were nice enough to invite me or be my friend. There are no worries or problems in this world. If you're asking if I met God...well I did once...when he said that I have to guard a new born child. He set out some rules too on how to be a guardian angel. He has only one rule... 'Never fall in love...' I agreed and the next thing I know...I was in the hospital...oblivious to the people. I was like a ghost being passed through by people. Even a pregnant woman who was obviously in labor passed through me screaming at the doctors...but where is her husband?

I followed the woman and after a long hour of laboring...she gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. The nurses placed her in the incubator while they try to place her mother in a room. I followed the nurses that carried the baby. When the nurse left I stood there smiling at the baby girl...her name was...Faith.

She and her mother lived together in a small house. Her father left them which really made me angry. They were fine but they needed money. They asked for help to Faith's grandparents. They accepted them and took care of them. But because of old age, Faith's grandfather died when she was only 3 years old. Her grandmother followed when she turned 5 years old, leaving both her and her mother alone in the house.

She was such a sweet kid. I remember when she was about to go to sleep her mother made her pray for her guardian angel. I smiled when she asked her mother in a very cute voice...

"Mommy...what's a guardian angel?"

Her mother smiled and held her daughter in her arms.

"They're special person who guards you all the time and tells you to do good things."

"But...where are they? Why can't I see them?"

"That's because you're not allowed to see them unless you do good things. If you don't do good things won't see them. Now...why don't you pray for them?"

She nodded and kneeled down with her eyes closed.

"Buffy...please bless Mommy and me. Protect us and help us all the time. And please can I see you so that we can play together? Amen."

Her mother smiled and tucked her in.

"Buffy? Is that what you're going to call your guardian angel?"

"Uh-huh. Do you think she'll like it?"

"Yeah but...why Buffy?"

That's the question on my mind. Good thing that her mother asked it. She smiled her cute dimples showing.

"Because Jana has a pet named Muffy...I changed mine into Buffy..."

Her mother laughed and I can't help but smile at her. I...I have a name. She named me. Now that I think about it...nobody ever called me besides child or girl... Her mother kissed her in the cheek.

"Night Faithy..."

She smiled and closed her eyes.

"Night Mommy..."

Her mother slowly walked out of her room turning off the lights. I sat down her bad wanting to thank her for giving me a name. She tossed around and faced me. She smiled and whispered...

"Night Buffy..."

I caressed her small cheek and leaned close to her giving her a kiss before whispering...

"Goodnight Faith...sweet dreams..."

I don't know if she heard me or not but she moved close towards me and smiled. Those were the good times that I remembered. She soon entered school and was doing fine. Sometimes she was bullied and well...she'll fight back ignoring the pain that she felt. That was the first time her mother was called at the principal's office. That night when she prayed without her mother and well...I can't help but smile at the cuteness of what she was saying. She's telling me what happened through out her day like I wasn't there... Well she doesn't know that right? That continued for years...her doing something and at night she'll tell me what happened. It stopped when she was 9 years old. I was sad when she didn't tell me what happened that day.

Maybe because she had grown out of it...still that didn't stop me from looking out for her. I was so occupied on her that I didn't notice that her mother was looking sick. I only noticed when her mother collapsed in the living room. Faith panicked and called one of her neighbors to help. It's a good thing that one of their neighbors decided to help them. She phoned the hospital.

She stayed with Faith in the hospital and learned that Faith's mother was suffering from leukemia and that she had only a few months till she'll die. Faith didn't know what was happening. When the doctors went out of her mother's room she immediately walked inside the room finding her mother awake and smiling at her.

It was sad...her mother only lived for four months till she died. I was standing beside little Faith as she stood in front of her mother's grave crying. It was until her mother's friend pulled her away did she stopped crying. She stayed with her for only five months till she ran away.

She began to move to place to place trying to find a place to sleep for free. Sometimes she'll find a barn and would decide to stay there. Sometimes she'll stay inside the church where some of the priests would give her some food and clothes. I didn't leave her side even for a minute. I was just there at her side watching her cry at night calling out for her mother. I wanted to comfort her...that's the only thing that I can't do. I cried when she did. I feel so helpless.

Years passed and she turned 12 where she found some bad people who liked her. They teached her street stuffs like stealing and threatening people for money. That went on for five years. She stopped when she saw her friends mugged a lady with her daughter that ended up murdering them. She wanted to stop them but they beat her up instead.

She ran away again and headed towards a town called Sunnydale. That's where she is a motel...sleeping.

I opened my eyes as I stopped remembering the cruel things that happened to her. I sat down at the edge of her bed and caressed her. She's a brave girl though she is a woman now...she's still a girl at heart who only wants to find love and comfort. Something I can't give her...because I can't...I'm not allowed to...

She's been working at a bar serving drinks. The manager was nice enough to lend her a job knowing that she's underage to go to a bar. She's only 17 years old. So whenever she was asked about her age she has to lie and tell them that she's 18 years old. I was glad that she's earning money but...does it have to be a night club?

I sighed and just watch her do her job. I frowned when some men tried to flirt with her. She ignored them and continued working. I was surprised that she even met some nice people. I think their names were Willow, Tara and Xander. The Xander guy was flirting with her. She just smiled and flirted back. I frowned at what she did. I mean...why is she flirting with him?! I just frowned and sat near her watching their conversation. They really are flirting with each other...

Nothing happened to them...which I am thankful. But they kept on seeing each other together with Willow and Tara who were a couple. They look cute together dancing. I turned my attention to Faith and Xander who were at the bar talking. I sighed and suddenly felt bad. Maybe that's what Faith needs...a guy like Xander... I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart that I went back to heaven.

I laid down the garden which were full of flowers and looked at the sky thinking. I feel so alone...

"It's only normal that you feel alone..."

I looked at the person who said that and saw an old man without wings looking down at me smiling. I sat up and frowned a bit...

"Who are you?"

He smiled.

"I'm just an old man looking for his wings..."

He's looking for his wings? Why doesn't he have it in the first place? I raised my eyebrow confused.

"Why don't you have wings?"

"Why do you feel alone? We have so many questions that don't have any answer. That's why we look for them..."

I don't understand what he's saying that's why I just looked t him puzzled. Who is this old man?

"I told you...I'm just an old man who doesn't have a name...and I'm just looking for my wings..."

I frowned.

"I didn't say anything..."

"But you were thinking it..."

"You can read minds?"

He nodded still smiling.

"Yes...but that's not the only one that I can read..."

Okay...he lost me again. I'm not really sure what he's saying...

"Tell you what...I'll help you if you help me..."

I looked at him for awhile thinking of what to do or say. Should I help him or not? I shook my head and smiled. I should help people in need...that's what angel's do...right?

"Okay...I'll help you...but you don't need to help me. I don't have any problems..."

"Oh...I don't know about might find out what I'm looking for down below. Find it for me..."

"What is it?"

"My wings...I want you to find you do that?"

I just looked at him for a bit. That's a really weird thing to ask for... Did he really loose his wings below? Can I really find it? I realized that he read my mind again when he nodded and smiled.

"You can find it...I know you can..."

I smiled at him and nodded. I can do this...I can find his wings. Maybe that'll make me forget this loneliness that I'm feeling. I stood up and gave her a very wide smile.

"I'll do my very best and try to find your wings...wait for me okay?"

He nodded.

"I'll take you there..."

He waved his hand and a bright light blinded me...

No one's POV

The old man waved his hand and instantly Buffy was gone. He laughed a little as he looked at the scenery of flowers around him. A man with wings walked to him frowning a bit.

"Are you sure about this? You know that she'll..."

"I know..."

The old man glanced at his back looking at the man with wings smiling.

"We just have to have Faith..."

Buffy's POV

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself laid down on the bench of the park. I sat up and began to stretch. Feels like I've been sleeping for hours. It's almost sun set now. I wonder where Faith is. I shrugged that thought and decided to go look for the old man's wings... As I started walking I soon realized that I don't know where to look for his wings. I didn't even ask him where he lost it.

"I feel stupid..."

I sighed and tried to teleport myself to heaven again. It didn't work. I tried again and again but...nothing seems to be working. Maybe I should try flying... I tried to move my wings but...nothing happened. What the? I looked at my back and realized something...

"Where's my wings?!"