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Chapter 4: Recruiting

Iwasaki Kohei was chattering with his friends when they all suddenly looked over his shoulder curiously and quieted down. He blinked at them in surprise and when he was sure something was happening behind him, he turned. He could see the stunningly beautiful lead singer make his way to them. He was confused. : :Surely Minamino isn't coming here, right?: : he frowned.

He had set his eyes on the boy the first day he even saw him and got only to the point having to talk to him, when he was forced to make that damn promise. Actually it was all the girls' idea, a reluctant one, and Masato had agreed without a second thought so he had no other choice but to agree also. Then again, Minamino never did show any interest on anyone, boy or girl. This made him worry that Minamino-san had already someone and today it was confirmed. He was awfully jealous, but tried his best not to show this to anyone. The red-head made his way actually to him and smiled that always warm smile that guaranteed to lift my spirits, no matter the situation and looked me in the eye with those absolutely intriguing green eyes of his. : :God, he's gorgeous.: : Was my thought. Then I noticed that Minamino was watching me with some concern. : :Did I just missed something?: : Evidently yes.

"Iwasaki-kun? Are you all right?" Minamino said again questioning.

"Yes, Minamino-san. I'm fine. What were you asking?" Because he surely was. And seemed worried that I hadn't herd.

"I was asking, could we talk a little?" : :Well, I was right enough. Aww, he looks so cute when he's worried! And of me! Wonder what he wants to talk about...?: :

"Yes, of course." I hurriedly answered, and maybe just too eagerly. Hope he didn't notice. Minamino gave an odd look, but didn't comment on it. We walked a little further away from the curious friends, but soon Minamino spoke.

"I and my friends would like to take part at the band competition, but we need another guitar. Would you be so kind and help us?" He asked looking pleading. "You can get a part of the reward if we win." He added hopefully. Of course I couldn't tell that I wanted something way different and that only the fact that he had asked, made me melt and say 'yes'. So I decided to answer something more simple.

"I don't need any of that. I'm glad just to play. And I would really like to see your friends, Minamino-san." I said waving a hand to dismiss any problems. He smiled so brightly at me, that suddenly I wasn't so sad about the promise. Gosh, if I get this for promising to stay away, why didn't I do so sooner?! He was so friendly with me and even ready to introduce his friends. Like I had become one over the two weeks we prepared this, after I had tried the very thing for almost two years! Luc-ky!

"That is very nice of you, Iwasaki-kun." : :The way he says my name... Oh, my god! I just have to find out who is he going out with! Maybe the 'friends' know....: :

"It's really nothing! Well, now: Who are these friends? Some from our school? What song are you playing? And do you have a name yet for your band?" I questioned him like a professional and started to walk where he had come from. He quickly took the pace and lead and answered just as pro as I had.

"They aren't from our school, I just know them. Wild wind and honestly I haven't even thought about it yet." We laughed a little together. This was funny. Then I raised my eyebrows in amazement.

"Wild wind, huh? You really have everybody else? This is hard to believe. That's one hell of a song. So you are singing again?"

"Yes and yes, we do. Believe or not. It's a great song, I know. Not just. Hiei is singing with me." Minamino smiled tenderly. : :Ouch! That really hurt! There is someone that can compete with his voice and he talks about this person so sweetly? I must meet this Hiei.: :

"Oi! Kurama! Is this him?" A sudden voice startled me from my jealousy. Somehow I knew it was for us. Especially after Minamino looked abruptly to the voices direction and smiled looking slightly uncomfortable. : :Kurama?: :

"Yusuke." He sighed to the widely grinning boy with slicked hair. : :I couldn't be. Urameshi Yusuke? The Sarayashiki High's worst delinquent? With Minamino?!: : He was dressed in a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a red train-coat. : :Ugh. Famous or not, doesn't this person have any style? Besides the I'm-so-ganst -look?: : was my firs thought. I was interested, though, for what Minamino had to say next.

"I told you to call me 'Shuichi' here." He said sounding tired. This was a whole new Minamino for me. So many expressions in ten minutes. Wow.

"Aww... Kurama. You're getting cold again." Said a really tall and ugly guy with orange hair besides this 'Yusuke'-person. He was wearing blue jeans also and some yellow sweater. : :Gods, why does he hang with these people?!: :

"Oh, no you don't." The red-head said suddenly, raised his hands in front of him and took a pace back away from the tall boy.

"My hair still hasn't recovered the last one, so don't even think about it, Kuwabara-kun." He continued. What the hell was going on?! He was hanging with the two worst delinquents of Sarayashiki High?! : :Did I already mention that this was a whole new Minamino? Scratch that. This was a whole new person. With a name 'Kurama'.: :

The rest of his party seemed to follow the two first-ones. A very mixed-up group, if I may say. First came a person called 'Keiko'. She had a simple cream-colored dress with little violet flowers which was actually quite nice. : :Now if she would do something with her hair...: : She played the keys. I was amazed. She could really do that? Yusuke -guy seemed to be in with me and teased the girl about it, but got heavily on the head for it. I winced at that. They seemed to be involved. Then there came a sweet little girl to bow at me and was overly polite and was introduced as this Kuwabara -guy's girlfriend. How in the world had he gotten her? Mystery to me. She was in a nice blue dress, which went great with her hair. She was really beautiful in her little sweet way. No comparison to Minamino, though. Then a way too happy girl jumped in front of me to introduce herself as Botan. She had jeans too - fashion around them, maybe? - and a tight pink shirt. Then there was an elderly woman - though only five years, or so - smoking further away. She just nodded and said to be the oaf's (? Ah, Kuwabara. Right.) sister, Shizuru. Then I saw a shorter boy standing other side of the group hands crossed at his chest and dressed on all black except a white scarf. : :Well, here we go! Someone with a little sense on fashion! The act goes just too well with the dress. Well, this kind of person I've imagined Minamino to hang with. Not any rascals or bubbly girls.: :

Iwasaki made his way to him curiously. He just -had- to talk to this boy. If he was right, this was the other lead-singer. Strangely the other seemed to freeze at my actions. I just let it pass. This boy.... Fascinating!

"You must be the famous Hiei-san." I said firmly to him. He shot a quick look at me, as if I were ... Some kind of danger...? An enemy...? Weird act from a boy of his age. Seriously, he couldn't be older than I, now could he? Most likely younger. He glared the other group as if to blame them at my intrusions. He really had an act made to perfection. Then he glanced me again, now like he was bored, measuring me from tip to toe quickly, then resumed to watch somewhere else again. But I was set to make him talk to me. Come on! He was going to sing with -Minamino Shuichi-! I was curious.

"I herd you are singing too." I continued, despite the cold act. He looked slightly uncomfortable, avoiding my look. He had thought about it, right? This wasn't just some whim, was it?

"Are you sure about it? It's really hard to sing with Minamino Shuichi. He's a born talent granted a great voice." I said praising maybe just too much on Minamino. Nah, he deserves it. He's so great.

"Are you saying that I can't do it, boy?" Came a sudden voice from the spiky-head's mouth. It was so deep, that I really had to consider the age thing again. Okay, he could be older. But stop right there a moment: me, a boy?!

"I'm saying that I believe when I hear you. And mind, I'm no boy anymore."

"Hn. Sure. Whatever." He answered slightly amused. Then Minamino was there looking worried. I couldn't help smiling at him. It just came naturally. Then I realized that Hiei was suddenly looking at me frowning. He tugged Minamino's sleeve to gain attention.

"Fox, a word." He said and walked away. Was he really expecting Minamino to just follow?! Well, that's exactly what happened, but I was still shocked. Who was he to just order him around?! And 'fox'?

I looked them talking to each other. Well more likely, Minamino talked and asked and Hiei gruffly nodded or commented. They glanced once on my way, and I knew. Hiei had noticed. : :Damn! Just my luck to meet a perspective person, who firstly notices my crush immediately and is none other than my crush's boyfriend. Wait. Boyfriend?: : I felt a sharp jab in my chest. : :Well, of course. That explains.: : I thought of figuring if the others knew and turned to them. They were chattering something, but didn't seem to notice anything between the two talking. Hmm... Scratch that. Shizuru and Keiko seemed to watch them knowingly. : :Ah, girls intuition. Why, of course.: : I shook my head. There was nothing to be done anymore. Now I got to know that Minamino actually had someone and that (a slight relief) he had a -boy- friend, I was left with a broken heart. Well, not exactly. I knew this would happen, so I couldn't really complain. It was a loss, still. But what was I really expecting? Him to be a monk or something? He was that good looking and no boy- or girlfriend? Don't make me laugh.

"Well, then. Should we go the song over before the grand play? And you still need a name and to sign in before anything can happen, you know."

"Oh, don't worry." Yusuke came to me and slapped me on the back so hard that I almost flew over.

"Ups, sorry." He said sheepishly scratching the back of his head looking embarrassed. : :Don't tell me we have a guy in here that is super-strong and doesn't know to control his powers.: : I joked in my head grimacing to myself.

"It's nothing." I said and brushed my clothes straight. Funny enough, they all seemed to exhale like one. "Well, then. Shall we?" I continued looking around. They seemed to lighten up at this comment and everybody nodded looking enthusiastic.

"Where are we going?" Came a soft voice behind me. I turned to see Minamino smiling at me. I couldn't help smiling back. : :How can anyone be that good-looking?: : I thought. Then I felt a dark glare and turned to see Hiei sending me warnings. I frowned at him. I wasn't going to be scared of that little-- Oh, no... I was already being jealous. Therefore I decided to leave the staring competition and continue with the business.

"I though of going the song through before the performance. And those who aren't going to play, could came up with a name and get us signed." Actually I was just dying to hear Hiei sing. But this was good too. So they were a little in sync before going in front of people. But it was still nagging me. What had that spiky haired boy told to Minamino?! The red-head seemed to act just the same. Did that mean that he had already been aware of me? : :I guess I'll never find out...: : I sighed to myself and brushed my long blue hair. (A/N: Think Trunks. That kind of long.)

"Sounds like a plan." Minamino answered. They all agreed to go to the school to practice. The music-class served our purpose perfectly. Now I just had to hope that we had enough instruments since a great part of them were at the stage.


I wiped the sweat of my forehead and breathed heavily. It went great. They were just absolutely great at playing. And everybody seemed to know how the song went. This I call talent. Though I was a little disappointed. Hiei never agreed to sing. He said he'd sing only once and if we wanted the second lead singer it better be at the performance. Even Minamino couldn't turn his head. Or should I say 'Kurama'. It seemed that they just didn't remembered his name and insisted to call him that. And weird of all: He responded to that name like it really was his. I should ask this from him sometime, but not now. Yukina and Botan rushed in at that exact moment.

"We got it, we got it!" Botan yelled swinging a piece of paper at her hand. Everyone gathered around them and even this sweet Yukina-girl seemed to be exited. Her eyes shone brightly as she explained eagerly. Botan was way too out of it.

"Your name is 'Rose vs. Dragon'." Yukina started. I was confused and not the only one. Yusuke and Kuwabara were changing looks. Minamino, however, seemed to realize because he was blushing slightly.

"It's to stand your competition." Botan explained excitedly to Minamino and Hiei. Shuichi's red deepened slightly. I was looking something absolutely new.

"I don't consider myself as a 'rose'." He said steadily, face hidden. Was he that embarrassed?

"Well, we could've used the 'fox' instead," again the 'fox'. What was that?! "But since you have red hair and green eyes and you seem so..." Botan stopped abruptly when Minamino looked her coldly. He was mad? The blue-haired girl swallowed hard but seemed to decide that she could end her sentence.

"You look frail like a rose. And as beautiful. It's a perfect name, if you ask me." She said slightly exasperated. Then she glanced at Hiei, who seemed to be on Minamino's side and added quickly. "Yukina thought so too, didn't you Yukina-san?" She asked the smaller girl.

"Yes, I think it's perfect for Kurama-san." Yukina nodded affirmative. There was a funny expression on the face of the boy with the white starburst. Like he was between the tree and the bark. These people were confusing me more the minute.

Then Hiei seemed to make a decision. He moved slightly off of Minamino's side and looked sly.

"It does describe you." The boy said quietly. At this point Yusuke and Kuwabara couldn't hold any longer and fell on to the floor laughing their heads off.

"You...do...play with roses...a lot." Yusuke managed to squeeze out between fit of laughs. Minamino's fists clenched. : :He likes roses?: : I made a mental note to myself.

"I can understand the rose" I started. They all looked suddenly at me as if they had completely forgotten about my existence. I wouldn't be surprised even if they had. They obviously had some kind of a group-thing going on, in witch I wasn't included. I felt slightly jealous to the others for being so close to Minamino.

"But why the dragon?" I ended questioning. I could find traces of panic and worry on Yusuke's, Keiko's and Botan's face, Kuwabara and Yukina seemed puzzled of my question - though different reasons, I'm sure -, Hiei was his usual enclosed himself and I couldn't read Minamino's smiling face at all.

"He has a tattoo." Shizuru said calmly behind me. I turned to her, searching for more explanation. I could swear Yusuke looked even more panicked and Minamino was frowning slightly before he smiled again.

"He has a dragon tattoo on his right arm." Shizuru cleared. I shot a quick glance at the spoken hand and saw the first time that it was bandaged. The long sleeve of the cloak and his positions were until now covering it. : :Must be a resent tattoo for it to be still bandaged.: : I thought to myself.

"So this is a fight between the two of you?" I asked to clarify things more, looking both Minamino and Hiei back and forth. Hiei tensed up slightly and seemed unconsciously raise his chin in proud, when Minamino just nodded affirmative. As I was adjusting to the idea, Yukina spoke up again.

"So your name is 'Rose vs. Dragon' and you are performing the last. It's about in five minutes." She finished. That got everyone's attention.

"In five minutes?" Yusuke asked slightly exasperated. Hiei growled at him in warning, but Yusuke just waved his hand to him.

"Yea, yea. I didn't mean to be offending, but we've gotta hurry. We are performing in five minutes!" He said hurriedly to everyone and collected his jacket and a plectrum. They gathered their things - I had everything already with me - and we moved fast out of the school and behind the stage.

I looked at the group around me. How on earth was it possible for the two worst felons of Sarayashiki High and their girlfriends and a model student with great looks and his boyfriend to be one big group of friends? Well, that could be figured later. We had more important matters at hand. It was now or never. Our turn was next.

Then the song ended.


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