"Finally," Kyo said, "my long search is over!"

He finally found it, his own body, perfectly preserved by ice. Yuya was the only one whom he took along with him. That's because he fought with Benitora, Yukimura, Sasuke, Okuni, and hell, even Yuya. But she was faithful to him, like a disciple.

Kyo unleashed his Muramasa and sliced the ice in pieces, but not making his body inside have a single scratch.

As Kyo landed, his body fell to the floor. He returned his Muramasa to its scabbard and walked over to his body. He was able to return easily to his body. Kyoshiro was now in control of his own body, so was Kyo.

Kyo stood up and faced Kyoshiro who was now standing up. Yuya stepped backwards, knowing that they'll have a fight.

"I believe this is yours." Kyoshiro said, handing out Kyo's Muramasa.

Kyo took the sword harshly and quickly turned his back with an angry face.

"I'll let you go this time," Kyo said with his usual cold tone, "but remember Mibu, I'll get you for what you did to me. Let's go, Yuya."

"Wait!" Kyoshiro responded immediately, "Why are you taking Miss Yuya with you? As far as I know, she has her own freedom. Miss Shiina Yuya is a bounty hunter, not your personal slave."

Yuya's eyes widened with what she heard, she doesn't know her own feeling because it was mixed with disconcertedness, happiness and pity.

She soon felt a cold, tight grip on her right wrist, it was Kyo.

"She IS my slave, Kyoshiro. And she agrees with that, right?" he said, giving Yuya a death glare.

Yuya mumbled out with a weak voice, "Yes, yes I am. Kyoshiro, you don't need to fight for my dignity. I accept my fate, this is where destiny leads me. Goodbye."

Kyo had a smirk on his face and walked away with Yuya.

That night, they were able to find an inn near the forest. How did they get in? Well, let's just say Kyo threatened the owner. But since they only have one room left and it's the most expensive and the most spacious one, the owner decided to give it to them for free before Kyo cuts his throat off.

Yuya opened the sliding door and she saw a hot spring and a remnant of the forest, which was really, really small. She sat on the edge of the house, near the sliding door and looked at the crescent moon.

Kyo, in the other hand, was cutting off his long hair and made it look like the hair he had in Kyoshiro's body.

Someone knocked at his bathroom, "Kyo."

"What is it this time, Yuya?" he nastily replied.

"I'm just going to be at the hot spring, just in case you want to know."

"Fine, then go. You're distracting me. And after you go there, bring me a bottle of sake."

Yuya replied as she slowly walked away, "Certainly."

Yuya stepped into the hot spring and a towel was wrapped around her body.

Her green eyes glittered at the face of the crescent moon, 'Such a beautiful evening.' She thought.