GensomadenSaiyuki: That's a rap! Okay, let's go off to lunch, minna-san! Great job, great job, everyone!

Yuya and Kyo went back to the studio, which was just the other room inside the inn.

And interviewer was inside the studio, waiting for Yuya. When Yuya arrived, she began...

Interviewer: Hi, I'm from a Reviewers' company and it's very nice to meet you here, Miss Shiina Yuya. So, how was the shooting?

Yuya: Hey! Oh, it's great! smiles

Interviewer: So, who were the casts here? The director? The title of the series?

Yuya: Well, of course, there's me, Kyo, Kyoshiro, Yukimura, Benitora, Okuni, Sasuke and extras including an old man backstage. It was great working with them! Well, I always do work with them anyway! chuckles The director and the writer is GensomadenSaiyuki and the title of the series is "A Frozen Heart and a Bleeding Heart".

Interviewer: I see, I see. Well, why is it entitled like that?

Yuya: Hmm, I think it was entitled like that because there's Kyo, whom we all know that has a heart of stone and there's me, who have these feelings for him but is afraid of telling him.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. We all know that you're getting married soon with Kyo. When is this?

Yuya: giggles Oh wow, my fiancé said it will be next week. Kyo's really excited about it.

Interviewer: This question is not in the questionnaire given to me, but I just want to know, how does your fiancé, Kyo, show his love for you?

Yuya: We make sure that we're fine, we make up for our mistakes and he shares his conflicts with me and many other more. Oh and did I mention that I love the way his red eyes stare at my green eyes? It's totally swallowing me whole! And it melts me.

Interviewer: Ah so Kyo is not cold-hearted like we all know him in the series, isn't he?

Yuya: He's very downhearted to his fans, really, especially kids. He has a sense of humor offset but serious onset. He once confessed to me that it was difficult for him not to smile while acting because he's really a jolly person.

Interviewer: controls her laughter after seeing the next question on her guide Anyway, Miss Yuya, could you please tell us and explain... Is Yukimura gay?

Yuya: laughs at the question No! No, he's not, honestly! I mean, okay, so he DOES look like a girl and ACTS like a GAY. But did you not know, when GensomadenSaiyuki finishes his cuts, he goes off the set and approaches his girlfriend near the camera and sometimes, he'll kiss her, making everybody stare and GensomadenSaiyuki say, "Hey, hey, do that off of my stage!" giggles And to be honest with you, when he does that, it makes me and Kyo jealous. smiles There was this time when Yukimura was kissing his girl and Kyo pulled me and kissed me, too. GensomadenSaiyuki laughed at the sight and commanded all the other crew to leave us, the two couples alone.

Interviewer: So what's the name of Yukimura's girl? Is she here? How old is she? Where does she work?

Yuya: Woah, woah! Slow down, girl, slow down! Anyway, I think Yukimura's girl's name is Riyeshi Nakano. She's not here and I don't know how old she is. But what I know is, she's three years younger than Yukimura, and I, myself, doesn't know Yukimura's age either. She works for a company; I think she's one of the customer care servers there.

Interviewer: I see. Oh well, thanks for having you here, Miss Shiina Yuya. We hope to see you again!

Yuya: You, too! Take care, okay?

Kyo approaches Yuya and places an arm over her

Yuya: Oh, it's my fiancé!

Kyo: Are we ready to go to our date?

Yuya: Sure! Let's go!

Kyo places a kiss on her forehead

Kyo and Yuya leaves the studio