Unmasking Sgt. Siler
A Multi-Fandom / Stargate Crossover
by Teri

Summary: What is the true story behind our favorite fix-it man, Sgt. Sly Siler? (Multiple Crossovers). Can we sort fact from fiction?

Disclaimer: Not associated with the owners or creators of any shows mentioned. No harm is intended to the copyright holders. This story was written for my own amusement and hopefully the enjoyment of others.

Spoilers: Season 4, "Upgrades"

Reparo. . .

Siler was walking up the steps towards the briefing room, as he reached the top he saw Colonel O'Neill who was still wearing the armband.

"Hey Siler!" Jack said as he patted Siler on the chest. A pat that was hard enough to send Siler over the rail and down the steps.

A little while later Janet had set his broken arm and made him promise to return to the infirmary in a few hours to check his concussion. He knew from experience that he would have to spend the night in the Infirmary for observation, but for now he talked her into letting him return to his work shop.

He pulled his now broken wand out. It had been in his back pocket when he had tumbled down the steps.


The parts of the wand reconnected and appeared to be good as new. He loved that spell. It worked so well on all forms of technology with no side effect.

"If only it would be so easy for his arm," he thought to himself. Janet was easily his first choice for alien diseases, but for things like a broken arm he just missed Poppy.

Word Count 197 – Stargate/Harry Potter

I hope someone enjoyed.

Written: 05/30/2006
Posted: 06/28/2006