Before the final chapter commences, I would like to state that the song "Home" by Michael Buble doesn't belong to me, as well as the OC Jack Cameron who belongs to fellow author Jack of Blades.

Beka Goldheart

After exchanging some final words and good-byes to Steven, Beka had made her way back out of the Meteor Falls and was on the road that would lead her back south toward Rustboro City. Standing outside in the mid afternoon day made Beka take in a deep breath of fresh air that gently blew upon the breeze and for the sun's gentle rays to beam down and absorb softly into her form. Everything felt so different to Beka now that she was handed her first defeat by Steven. The air seemed to feel a bit crisp around her, the sun seemed to shine a bit brighter in the sky, and the feelings of uncertainty that had brewed and swam within her were gone and drowned out. Beka took in a deep breath and sighed it out softly, she was a whole new person now and it was time for her to head back to Littleroot Town; her new home. She then reached down with her right hand and gently fingered upon Flygon's Pokeball, but then suddenly stopped; as if something was preventing her from taking hold of the Pokeball and calling forth her dragon.

"No," said Beka softly, "my Pokemon all deserve a long, good rest…I think it will be best if I take the journey back to Littleroot on foot. On my own…"

Beka gently laid her right hand to rest back to her side and then adverted her gaze back up to the sky.

"Well," Beka commented to herself, "if I'm going home…I mind as well get started."

Beka then knelled down and reached into her green messenger bag, rummaging through the many objects, and memories, that she held with that bag.

'I owe one to Professor Birch,' Beka thought, 'this bag he gave me has been a big help on my Pokemon adventure in this world and…'

Suddenly, something hard, yet bendable hit her gloved fingers and she immediately pulled the object out. Beka saw that she had grab a hold of the rim to Edgar's blue and white Pokemon League hat, with the light bluish-green design of the Pokemon League etched upon the front. Beka stared at the hat for a brief moment and thought:

'Edgar…you, as well as Brendan, May, Benen, Vanessa, and others, have been such good friends to me. Without you guys, I can't image what life would have been like in this world. We've had so many adventures together, both fun and serious in manner. But you Edgar…you seemed to be the most important, close friend that I could ever have…but I wonder…why did you leave without saying good-bye to me? Not even giving me a farewell hug? Was it something I said or did?'

Beka sighed softly as she gazed upon Edgar's hat and then, taking the front of the rim in her hand, she placed the League hat upon her head and snuggled it down upon her head; letting her strands of shoulder-length red hair wave down around it and blow softly in the wind.

"Well," she said to herself, "let's go…"

And with that, she began to make her way down toward Rustboro City...

"Another summer day
Is come and gone away
In Paris
and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know"

Beka had made her way down south and soon reached a small body of water beside her to her left. She stood there for a brief moment, gazing out upon the lake's surface and wondering about the other events and travels that had happened to her on her journey.

'So much has happened on my journey in Hoenn,' Beka thought, 'this is where all my firsts happened in the Pokemon World. My first acquirement of Pokemon, my first battles, my first experience in becoming a trainer. I know one thing is for sure, I've enjoyed every accept of what this world has to offer and I owe so much to this land…'

Suddenly, the sounds of a deep bellow filled the air that caused Beka to cast her hazel gaze upwards. She saw flying above her was a Dragonite, along with someone else riding on its back that looked awfully familiar to Beka.

"Jack?" asked Beka to her self as she saw the brown hair trainer.

Jack, who had happened to look down and see Beka walking along the road and staring up at him, turned to his Dragonite and said:

"Ryu, let's land!"

"Brao!" came the reply of Ryu as it folded in its small orange and light green wings toward its body and lowered itself toward the ground.

With a soft thud upon its draconic feet, Ryu landed on the ground near Beka and lowered itself down in order for Jack to side off of its back. After kicking his feet over to one side of Ryu, Jack slide off the dragon's back and landed with a light thud upon the ground.

"Beka," said Jack softly, "what are doing out here alone by yourself? Where are the others?"

"Oh," said Beka, "I came up to Meteor Falls to battle against Steven Stone. The others are back in Littleroot; I came up here by myself."

"I see," said Jack, "how did you fair against Steven?"

"I lost," said Beka.

"Oh," Jack said softly, "well, you win some, you lose some right?"

"Yeah," Beka said, nodding softly.

"Well," said Jack, "if the gang is back in Littleroot, I mind as well head over there as well. Want a lift?"

"No thanks," said Beka, shaking her head and waving her hand softly, "I think I'm taking the walk to Littleroot alone, but thank you for the offer Jack."

"Sure, anytime," said Jack, jumping back upon Ryu's back and then calling out: "Ryu! Let's Fly to Littleroot!"

"Brao!" called out Ryu, extending out its short wings, flapping them for a few seconds, and then making a powerful jump into the sky.

Beka watched as the two picked up a rising air current and then rode off South, in the direction she was heading in.

'Upon that Dragonite, Jack will make it to Littleroot in a while,' thought Beka, 'it'll take me about two days on foot, but what's the rush? Can't a trainer enjoy the scenery?'

Bringing the rim of the hat a bit lower over her face as she looked up into the sky, Beka smiled and continued the walk on…

"And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
"I'm fine baby, how are you?"
Well I would send them but I know that it's not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that"

Beka had then reached the outreaches of Rustboro City near dinner time and decided to take a quick break to eat and continue the journey to Littleroot. Stopping at the Rustboro Pokemon Center, Beka had given her Pokemon to Nurse Joy in hopes that she would heal her Pokemon back to full health. Nurse Joy was glad to do so and took Beka's Pokemon with her for healing. Knowing it would take awhile for her Pokemon to be fully healed, Beka decided to check out what was going on in the cafeteria for dinner. Beka, having order a bowl of ramen and a glass of sweetened iced tea, then took her dinner and sat at a table and began to prepare for her meal. After breaking apart her chopsticks, Beka gently rummaged through the broth of her meal, grabbed a hold of a few noodles, and then gently began to eat her piping hot meal gingerly. Beka then adverted her hazel gaze out toward a window that she was sitting near and stared out across the city; watching the golden sun silently dip below the buildings and skyscrapers of the urban forest and for the colors of the sky to ablaze in a glory of pinks, oranges, yellows, blues, purples, grays, and whites. The sky then began to remind her of something else, the colors swirling and mixing together as if they were in battle over who was more brilliant than whom.

'Well,' Beka began to think again, 'my journey in Hoenn was certainly one amazing journey…one that I really wasn't expecting…'

Beka then quietly closed her hazel eyes shut and began to elaborate on a certain role that mostly made up and brought her into the Pokemon World: assessing the role as The Emerald of Hoenn. With three teams of Magma, Aqua, and Sky upon her heels every waking second on her journey for a purpose of greed. World domination…destroying the opposing team in order to get that certain goal accomplished…capturing the 'key' to their plans…

As she thought of about the three teams of Hoenn, Beka quietly ate her meal and finished rather quickly. She then got up, proceeded to the main office of the Center, picked up her Pokemon from Nurse Joy, and then slipped out of the Center and made her way out of Rustboro City…

"Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I'm lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I've got to go home

Let me go home
I'm just too far from where you are
I wanna come home"

Nightfall had soon fallen and Beka was all alone within the depths of Petalburg Woods. It was here that Beka captured her first Pokemon, her Vibrava and Bagon. Beka had always wondered how come she was able to find two rare Pokemon like them in the vicinity of Petalburg Woods?

'True, they were never able to be caught with this forest in the game,' thought Beka, 'but then again, a lot of things have happened that didn't occur in the game or anime of Pokemon…'

After trekking about half-way through the forest, Beka soon began to feel tired and let out a soft yawn; in which she quickly covered her mouth with her gloved hand.

'Man…I'm kind of beat,' Beka thought to herself, '…maybe I'll just camp out here for tonight…'

Beka then began to look for a place to set up a small resting area. She soon found one in a clearing within the forest, showing the thick, out-stretched arms of the giant trees forming a circle above her head that revealed the majestic outing of the night sky. Beka, with a smile upon her face, set down her messenger bag on the ground and gently feel back in the lush green grass under her. The slender blades of the grass gently rubbed against her form and gave her soft cushioning to her body. Beka continued to advert her gaze up toward the night sky and the various celestial forms that dotted the sky. These included the luminous Milky Way that outstretched and casted like a white shadow, the faint glow of the moon as it began to slow wane away to a new moon, and to the hundreds of stars that dotted like heavenly diamonds.

"Just beautiful…" said Beka softly, taking a deep breath of relief.

Beka then felt the faint coolness of a passing wind gently blow through the forest, causing the trees above to play their leaves in song and for the grass to rustle and join in to the Wood's music. With her gaze still to the sky, Beka thought:

'I wonder when Rayquaza will come? It said it was going to let me go home and visit my parents tonight…but where is it?'

Beka then let out another yawn, this one a bit longer and louder in the name of sleep. She then also felt her eyelids growing heavy in fatigue as if a silent voice was beckoning her to slip away into nature's greatest comfort.

'Well…' Beka thought, '…a…a little bit of shut eye…can't do me any…any…harm…'

Beka then completely drifted into a deep sleep, letting the darkness of her mind drift her into a dream-like state…into another plain of existence…another place called home…

The woods suddenly began to flash in a green aura, followed by the familiar call of the Legendary of the Sky, and then died away softly to the still blowing wind…

"And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life
It's like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
But this was not your dream
But you always believe in me"

Beka felt everything around her was flashing by her within her dream-like state. The darkness of the twilight-zone phenomenon flying past her like dark birds flying away from an unexpecting threat upon them. White flashes containing the memories of her experiences in Hoenn zooming by her like silent ghosts as she, surrounded in a thin green aura, was being pulled by some unknown force toward another end of this plane of existence.

Emerald…came the voice of Rayquaza into her mind, …open your eyes and welcome back home…

Beka immediately opened her eyes and she saw that she was standing upon a gray sidewalk. It was nighttime and the glowing hearth of a lamppost illuminated her form from the night. Beka looked down to see she was still in her trainer clothes and that she was still in her current form. She didn't change back to the old Beka…the old self from before she entered the Pokemon World…she was still, the Hoenn Beka…

"How-How come I didn't change back?" Beka asked herself.

"Because you have earned that," came a voice behind her, "with the travel that you have journey, you have not only gained friends and adventures, but also a new, fresh look…"

Beka immediately turned around and saw she wasn't alone. A young man stood tall and well built before her with green hair that seemed to have four points protruding from his sides, two pointed up and above his ears and two pointing down and back against his face, and was shoulder length. He also had dazzling golden eyes that hued a beautiful topaz under the night's glow and wore an ancient attire that was dyed green, long sleeved, and had distinct markings of Rayquaza all over it.

"R-Rayquaza?" asked Beka meekly.

"Yes Emerald," nodded Rayquaza with a smile, "I think it be best if I await for you here when you are ready to return to the Pokemon World and after all…I always wondered what a human form would make me look like. Always times for firsts, right?"

A soft, deep chuckle came forth from human Rayquaza's throat as Beka softly smiled at the now human Legendary.

"But enough of me," said Rayquaza, "Emerald…go and meet your family…"

Rayquaza silently lifted up an index finger and pointed toward something behind Beka. Beka turned and saw the familiar outline of a white house along a rocky driveway. Beka's heart nearly skipped a beat as she saw the house.

"Home…" said Beka, with soft tears beading from her hazel eyes and immediately made a mad dash toward the building.

Running up and jumping upon the wooden deck, Beka reached for the door handle of the front door and turned the brass knob. Seeing it was open, Beka turned the knob and dashed inside. She now stood within the kitchen of her home, the white painted room filled with a warm smell of welcoming, as tears of joy gently trickled down her face.

"I'm…home…" Beka said softly.

"Who's in there?" came the gruff voice of a man as his footsteps thudded toward the kitchen from the hallway.

"D-Dad?" asked Beka, calling out toward the voice.

Silence over came the atmosphere, which then followed up with the sounds of rushing footsteps and with the appearance of a man, in his late forties with salt-and-pepper colored hair that was thinning around the top, light brown eyes, and wore a white collared shirt and brown pants. The man stood there with a look of shock in his eyes and asked softly:

"B-Beka? Is that you?"

Suddenly, from behind the man came a woman, in her late forties as well, with black hair, hazel eyes, and wore a blue dress, and looking out with the man as well.

"Beka?" the woman asked, with a deep trembling in her throat of uncertainty.

"Mom!" exclaimed Beka, with more tears streaming down her face.

Beka couldn't help but to burst into more cries of happiness to see her family and immediately ran toward them as they held out their arms to receive their missing daughter.

"Mom! Dad! I'm so happy to see you!" said Beka, as she ran into her parents' tight, loving hug and embraced her close to them.

The family of three, reunited once again, all began to cry tears of joy in the name of reunion and love.

"Oh sweetie," said Beka's father, "what happened to you? Where have you been?"

"Yes, please tell us dear," weeped Beka's mother, "where you kidnapped? Did you run away?"

"No," said Beka, "Mom…Dad…you're not going to believe this, but…I went to another world."

"Another world?" asked Beka's mother.

"Yeah," said Beka, "I went to the Pokemon World!"

Silence overcame the two grown-ups as they stared at each other with looks of disbelief at one another.

"Don't be silly Beka," said Beka's father, "tell me the truth…what happened to you? Seriously…"

"But I am telling you the truth," said Beka, "I am serious. I did actually go to the Pokemon World! It exists on another plane of existence!"

"Beka, please don't upset your mother and I over false accusation," said Beka's father, who was seeming to become hardened at the fact that his daughter was lying to him.

"But I'm telling you the truth!" exclaimed Beka, "I actually did go to a world with…"

"That's enough Beka," said her father, "let's…let's just put that aside for now and let's talk…"

"You…you think I'm lying? Don't you?" said Beka softly, staring at her parents in disbelief.

"Sweetie," said her mother, "what you're talking about is…just a silly old game that only small kids play with. Just a craze that took the world by storm years ago and is now dying out of existence."

"But," said Beka softly, "it's for real…"

"Beka," said Beka's father, "please, enough of the cover ups…tell us the truth, what happened to you?"

"I told you," said Beka.

"And it's a lie!" yelled out Beka's father, with tears of anger and sadness beginning to form from his eyes, "How can you even believe that some stupid kid's game actually exist? You're using this to cover the truth, aren't you? I bet that's what the kidnappers told you so that they can cover their tracks…you were probably harmed by them, weren't you Beka?"

"Dad! I wasn't kidnapped!" exclaimed Beka, trying her hardest to explain the truth to her father.

"Then why did you run away?" her father said, now brimming with rage, "What was so bad that you couldn't have simply talked this over with us? We knew you were having a hard time in school from peers and we tried to help you but before we could give to you our help, you simply vanished without a trace!"

"I didn't run away either!" exclaimed Beka, with tears streaming down her faceunder thepressure.

"THEN WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Beka's father yelled at the top of his lungs at her, causing Beka to slam onto the kitchen tiled floor and sob into her green and white gloved hands.

The pressure was hitting hard into Beka, knowing that there was no other possible way of explaining the truth.

"I don't know what to say…" said Beka, sobbing harder into her hands, "…what to do…what to prove to you the truth…"

Suddenly, after Beka spoke, a high-pitched popping noise filled the air and for a flash of warmth to occur beside Beka, followed by someone, or something, calling out in a deep voice:


'Huh?' Beka thought and then looked up to see her Fire/Fighting Element was standing tall beside her, staring at her parents with a look of protection in its eyes, 'Blaziken?'

"Wha-Wha…" Beka's father stammered out, standing there in disbelief and with his eyes widened at the strange creature before him, "What…is that thing?"

Blaziken then looked down and saw Beka on the ground upon her knees; staring up at it with her hazel eyes. Blaziken then got down on one knee and placed its right claw upon her shoulders and asked her, with its yellow and blue gaze fixed into a concerned look for its trainer:


"Oh…Blaziken," said Beka, leaning into Blaziken's chest and hugging her Pokemon for comfort.

Blaziken gently wrapped its thin, yet muscular, built arms around its trainer and held her in a comforting support.

"Beka!" exclaimed her father in fear, "Get away from that thing!"

"Dad! It's okay!" exclaimed Beka, now standing with Blaziken and trying to reassure her father, "Blaziken is my friend! It won't hurt me!"

Suddenly, a series of five more popping noises filled the air as well as five more flashes of light. Beka looked to see that her Pokemon had all released themselves from their Pokeballs on her belt and now stood around her in support.

"Fly-gon!" cried out Flygon in its shrilled voice.

"Sa-la-mence!" roared out Salamence in a draconic roar.

"Mi-lo-tic!" Milotic called out in its heavenly voice.

"Ab-sol!" called out Absol in its low, deep voice.

"Draaa!" Dratini called out in its high, cute voice.

Beka's parents stood there in disbelief at the various creatures that stood around their daughter. With a soft smile pressed against her face, Beka said:

"Mom…Dad…meet the rest of my friends: Flygon, Salamence, Milotic, Absol, and Dratini…"

The Pokemon all called out in their various tongues: "Hello", to Beka's parents and gently nodded their heads in respect and greeting.

"I don't believe it…" said Beka's mother, who had now stepped forward toward the creatures, "…they actually do exist…"

"Dra!" called out Dratini in happiness, seeing Beka's mother approach them, and then made a powerful slithering surge toward her.

Beka called out for Dratini to come back, but saw it was too late as it snaked up around Beka's mother and draped around her neck like a scarf; gently nudging her cheek. Beka's mother froze in disbelief for a moment, but after Dratini began nuzzling her cheek some more with its white snout, Beka's mother simply laughed softly and gently stroked the top of its head with her thin fingers. Beka breathed a sigh of relief to see that her mother wasn't freaking out to the Dragon Element. Beka's father also approached the group of Pokemon cautiously and then knelt down to Absol.

"Here boy…" said her father nervously, holding out his hand and rubbing his fingers together at Absol as well as making a beckoning click in his mouth for the Dark Element to come to him like a dog would.

Absol curiously cocked its black head at Beka's father's gesture and then slowly proceeded toward him. Once Absol got close enough, the Dark Element closed its crimson eyes, lowered its head, and made a welcoming bow to Beka's father; as well as lowering its scythe-like appendage toward Beka's father that made him cringe and slightly back away from the creature.

"It's okay Dad," said Beka, "Absol is just greeting you. Don't worry, its "blade" is just an appendage, it won't cut you…"

Beka's father saw she was right when he reached out and gently rubbed his hand against the scythe-like blade; feeling it wasn't filed to a point and that it was actually quite soft due to the tiny plush fur that covered it. Beka looked to see her parents were now starting to open up to her Pokemon as they greeted each one and was allowed to pet them for reassurance and it caused the trainer to beam a bright smile upon her face. After moments of welcoming, Beka's parents turned toward her and her father said:

"Beka…we're sorry that we doubted you in the beginning. We just…didn't know…"

"It's alright," said Beka, "I understood that you guys cared so much about me and that what I had said earlier might have caused you all to be angry at me."

"But I mean, look at you!" exclaimed Beka's mother in happiness as she examined her daughter, "Oh my Beka! You look so healthy and well fitted! You've lost weight so much and your hair has grown out so beautiful and lustrous! Now I'm jealous!"

This followed by the two females laughing softly and followed up with her father saying:

"Well, even though that attire you are wearing is quite strange, it looks quite nice on you sweetie. Heh, especially the cap!"

This followed with Beka's father gently tapping the rim of the cap upwards, causing the cap to slide back more behind Beka's head and for Beka to laugh softly.

"Thanks Dad," smiled Beka, "a very close friend of mine gave me this hat recently on my journey in the Pokemon World."

"So you made friends as well other than Pokemon?" asked her mother, "Oh Beka, I knew you had an out going side."

"Heh, thanks Mom," said Beka, gently scratching the back of her head, "yeah, I've meet tons of new and interesting people on my journey and I've made some very close friends as well."

"Well that's good sweetheart," said Beka's father.

Beka softly nodded to her father's complement and then stated:

"Umm…Mom, Dad…"

"Yes sweetie?" asked Beka's mother.

"Well," said Beka, kind of hesitating at first of what she wanted to say, but then spoke with: "I kind of…need to…go back…to the Pokemon World…"

"You do?" asked her father, "But you just got here! We've missed you for so long Beka."

"I know Dad," said Beka, "but I don't think I have much longer until the way to go back to the Pokemon World is going to leave me…"

"Oh, I see," said Beka's father softly.

"I know this is all sudden, but I really want to go back to this world…it means so much to me and has done so much for me as well that I have to continue on my journey in that world in order that someday that I may be able to fully repay it," explained Beka softly.

"We see," said Beka's mother and then put on a bright smile, "well…if you really want to go back and fulfill your wish to this world…then go for it honey."

"R-R-Really!" asked Beka, her mouth gaped in surprisement and her hazel eyes opened in surprisement as well.

"Yes sweetheart," said her father smiling, "whatever makes you happy; we will be happy for you and support you in everything that you do."

Beka couldn't help but shed a few more tears in happiness and to fling her arms around her parents in a tight hug as her parents hugged their daughter as well. Then, an idea popped into her mind and asked:

"Mom, Dad. Why don't you come with me?"

"What?" asked Beka's mother.

"Come with me to the Pokemon World and live with me there!" said Beka with a smile.

"No sweetie," said Beka's father, "we can't."

"What?" asked Beka, a bit shocked at her parent's reaction, "But why?"

"We are needed here more in this world than in the Pokemon World," said her father, "and I think you are needed more in that world more than here in this reality."

"But…I…" said Beka, not knowing what to say.

"Beka," said her mother, laying a hand on her shoulder and looking her daughter in the eye, "you are growing up and becoming an adult. You have proved to us that you can take care of yourself and that you have taken a responsibility within the Pokemon World. I think it is about time that you can make decisions on your own Beka. Even though we can not come with you, we will always be here rooting for you and holding you close to our hearts; knowing that every day, you are making that world a better place to live, to grow, to flourish. Remember Beka, never let your dreams die because of being from another world and never give up on those dreams…ride them to the bitter or better end. Make us proud Beka," a smile beamed upon her face, "because we know you will."

Beka immediately became awe-struck by her mother's words and gently smiled.

"Thanks Mom," said Beka and hugged her mother even more.

After hugging her mother for a good while, Beka hugged her father as well and they held each other as well for a while.

"Make use proud sweetie," said Beka's father, "and know that we will always love you…now and forever…"

"Thanks Dad," said Beka.

Beka then turned and recalled all of her Pokemon back into their Pokeballs, clipped them to her Pokebelt, slipped on her messenger bag, and made her way toward the door. Beka reached to touch the door handle and then stopped. Taking one more glace back, Beka saw her parents staring back at her with soft tears brimming from their eyes. Seeing that sight, the stinging sensation of tears wielded in Beka's hazel eyes and she quietly held them back as she gently bit back her lip as if not to explode in emotion. Beka then turned back toward the door and turned the handle. As she bumped the door open, Beka felt the coolness of the night beckoning her into its dark hold. Beka then stepped out and then she heard her father call her. She turned to see her parents both smiling and for her father to say:

"We love you…Beka Goldheart…"

With her father calling her by her partial full name, Beka made a soft nod of thanks and said:

"Thank you…I love you both too!"

Beka then walked down the steps of the wooden porch and turned to see her parents were at the door waving to her good-bye. Beka waved back at them a good-bye as well and then turned to slip away into the night.

Mom…Dad… Beka's deepest thoughts touched her mind, thank you all so much for everything…I love you all…I'll miss you!

Beka then reached back to the lamppost where Rayquaza awaited.

"Ready?" asked Rayquaza, holding out its right hand toward Beka.

"Yes," nodded Beka, "let's go home…"

Beka reached out with her right hand as well to take Rayquaza's hand and as soon as her hand touched the Legendary's, a flash of green illuminated them both, followed with the legendary roar of the emerald dragon, and then Beka whited out…

"Another winter day has come
And gone away
And even
Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

"And I'm surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

"Let me go home
I've had my run
Baby, I'm done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home"


Beka awoken to the bright, warm feeling of the sun's rays slowly dancing along her face of the new morning. She slowly opened her hazel eyes to see that she was still within the forest of Petalburg Wood and that she was by herself…alone…

A soft smile pressed against her face as well as a soft sigh. Beka had finally had meet with her parents in the longest of time and allowed her to continue travel within this world and she was also glad that her parents had still remembered her and always will until the end…

"Well, enough of sitting around," said Beka, reaching her arms and hands up to the sky and letting out a good stretch, "time to hit the road!"


The warmth of the morning was now burning away into the mild atmosphere of the afternoon and the two of Littleroot was still as quiet and calm as ever. Sitting along a wooden fence-line area that was the boundary lines of Prof. Birch's Pokemon Laboratory was Brendan, May, Benen, and Jack as they conversated amongst one another within the bright afternoon day. Suddenly, May's sapphire eyes caught something in the corner of them and turned to see if what she had saw was true. When she turned, May saw a trainer with flowing red hair that protruded from a blue and white Pokemon League hat and wearing a green and white attire was walking toward the group. With a smile on her face, May called out:

"Hey! It's Beka!"

The guys looked up as well to see the trainer was heading toward them as well. The four trainers leapt from the fence and toward Beka for a greeting.

"Hey Beka," smiled Brendan, "good to see you again."

"Yeah," said Beka, "it's good to see you guys as well."

"So how did your battle with Steven go?" asked Benen, in which Jack didn't mention, when he meet the group, about Beka's battle result.

"I lost to him," said Beka.

"I see," said May, "then this makes this your first lost, right?"

"Yeah," said Beka, "but I'm not upset. I know my Pokemon battled their hardest and that's all that counts."

"That is true Beka," Benen nodded with a smile.

"So what should we do now?" asked Jack, who had now joined the gang.

"Simple," smiled Beka, "the Battle Frontier is coming up soon and I need to start training!"

"Okay then," said Brendan, holding up a Pokeball, "let's battle Beka!"

"Sure," said Beka, holding up a Pokeball as well, "let's get started!"

And so, the two trainers released their Pokemon before them and began to have a Pokemon battle as May, Benen, and Jack watched from the sidelines. And as this story folds to an end, another has yet to be awakened and told about the adventures of one girl who had dreamed away into the magical world of Pokemon and has become also known as…Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn…

Climb the highest of mountains,
Swim the deepest of seas,
Watch the stars in the sky,
And dream away from reality.



And so, Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn is completed.

And now, for the authoress' notes:

I would like to take this time and thank all of you reviewers and readers out there who have given this story a shot at reading. Thank you for your support! As a gift, I will now give you a quick review about the sequel to Emerald entitled: Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn II. Here it is:

With the Hoenn League over and done with, Beka Goldheart and her friends travel out to the Battle Frontier to take on the Frontier Challenge. New adventures, excitement, and trainers await our heroes in the small battling island, as well as new source of evil as Team Sky reappears with a new leader and a new purpose for "The Emerald". Not only will Beka have to face these new challenges from trainers and villains, but also she will have to face the challenges in herself as her heart is put to the test…

Thanks goes out to fellow authors Black Murder Heavangelon, Hollis-Hawk, Millennium Master, Jack of Blades, and Lucifier-Allheart for submitting and allowing debut of their OCs to this story. A special thanks goes out to Blue-Eyes White Knight-BEWK who not only submitted his OC, but also helped in contributing his writing talents to help create certain parts to various chapters in the story (specifically around his OC, Edgar Knight).

To fellow authors Miaya-Chan, Jordan R. Was Here, and Patinator, thank you for your OCs and I'm sorry that I couldn't get to put them in Emerald. I promise that they will be debuted in the sequel to this story.

Also, anyone out there a fan of Edgar Knight? Be sure to check out the prequel-type story that will be soon published called: Crystal: The Legend of Johto. With help from BEWK, the story will unfold around Edgar Knight as he starts off as a Pokemon trainer in Johto (which is seven years before Emerald) and with his friends, he travels throughout the region to compete in the Johto League, as well as discover the mysteries behind the Legendary of the North Wind: Suicune.

And so…with the ending of this story, I give you my good-bye for now and that hopefully, you'll stay turned in for the next exciting installment of Emerald!

Katie Legends