I know you're all wondering when I will continue "Healing a Broken Spirit" and the answer is soon. I just had to get this out of my mind first. And be warned it's about an unpopular character. So sit back, grab something to eat or drink, and read on. -Randall Flagg2


"Send him in ogre."

"Yes Koenma sama."

The door leading into the office opened to reveal the figure behind it. In stepped a tall figure with pale white skin and long, well muscled arms and legs. His face was just as pale as his body. Tied over his head was a green bandana. Around his body he wore a thick belt and a green kilt of some sort or another. Fastened to the kilt was a pair of small scabbards which held two objects which on first glance appeared to be knives. Of course, they were anything but. His toenails were long and claw like. All of this added up to one odd personage.

The figure stepped towards the desk where the lord of the dead awaited. He had business here, according to what that ferry girl had said on the way up here.

"So you have arrived, Gama of the shinobi."

"Yes. Now what is it you brought me here for?" Gama was curious about what sort of fate awaited him, now that he was to be judged.

"Why to determine your fate now that you are dead of course. Why else would I have sent Botan to get you?"

"I know that Koenma sama. Now why don't we stop beating around the bush and get down to business?" Gama said, a bit impatiently.

Koenma narrowed his eyes slightly. "I suggest you be careful of what you say to me Gama. Remember it is I who determine what happens to you from here on out so be careful of what you say."

Gama crossed his arms. "Sorry".

Koenma sat up in his chair. "I have overlooked your files and list of achievements and I must say you are a definite hard case. Murder seems to be what you specialize in."

This time it was Gama who narrowed his eyes. "How dare you accuse me of murder! I do not murder people! I only killed when me and my fellow shinobi were ordered to do so!"

Koenma sighed. "I am sorry Gama but killing is killing and from how many lives you have taken in your job, you are classified as a murderer."

Gama growled deeply. How dare this person, regardless of how high he was on the foodchain, call him a murderer? A murderer killed only for the sake of killing and Gama had never committed such an atrocity. He only killed under specific conditions or when he was ordered too. And furthermore, a shinobi killed with honor. Murderers had no honor.

"Anyway," Koenma continued, "I have taken the time to determine what sort of punishment you should receive in retribution for your crimes and I have decided-"

"Let me guess." Gama sighed. "I am to receive one hundred of the strange punishment you call spankings, am I right?"

"You didn't even let me finish. I have come to the decision that since you feel no remorse for your crimes, you are to be sentenced to ten thousand years in limbo unless you would like to try the alternative."

Gama was silent for a moment. At last he spoke.

"What is this alternative?"

"You must spend a full week in the ningenkai. If you do that then I will allow you to enter a peaceful afterlife."

Gama's mouth dropped open in shock. "Surely you can't be serious! Do you even know how primitive the humans are?! Everything they touch they ruin!"

Koenma sighed again. "It's either that, or you can spend ten thousand years in limbo. The choice is yours."

Gama was in between a rock and a hard place. So these were his options. Either he could spend ten thousand years in the flaming depths of hell, or he could spend seven equally miserable days in the human world. It was a tough decision but at last he made one.

"Very well then. I will spend seven days in the ningenkai." Gama said in defeat.

Koenma smiled. "You understand that you are doing the right thing, don't you?"

"Spare me the compliments and just get on with it." Gama almost snarled.

"Before you go you must understand a few things Gama. There are certain rules you must follow in the human world. First of all, you cannot kill one single human. Should you do so, I will bring you back here and you will be sent straight to limbo." Koenma explained.

Gama smirked. "I guess I can follow that rule. Anything else?"

"Yes. You cannot use your spirit energy for any reason whatsoever. The same penalty applies."

Gama's smirk faded. That rule would be difficult to follow. Very difficult indeed.

Koenma snapped his fingers and a young woman with blue hair entered the room. "Botan? I have already made the preparations for his body to be restored to life. Take him back to hanging neck island right away! Chop chop!"

Botan bowed. "Yes Koenma sama. I will get right on it." She left the room, accompanied by the pale skinned Shinobi.


In the ruins of hanging neck island, a bright light appeared. It was gone as soon as it came. From beneath the rubble of the coliseum, a figure stirred. Then a pile of rubble was pushed aside and a tall figure stood up.

Gama of the shinobi lived once again.

To be continues...

I imagine this is the first Gama based story on the sight aside from the poem I wrote on him. Why doesn't anybody else write about him? I swear he is one of the most overlooked characters on the site! I thought he was cool myself so I decided it's high time somebody wrote a story on him! And as for my other story, IT WILL BE CONTINUED!!!! Keep an eye out for the update! -Randall Flagg2