Author's Note:
Ah, welcome to my newest fic. : ) Will contain some humor. This was inspired by a movie I watched, so, enjoy! I am now going to put the disclaimer in. Oo'

-Raven A. Star


"Come on everybody! Go outside! I wanna show you something!" Beast Boy pushed everybody out the front door and closed it with him still inside. "Look for me at the roof!" The sound of rushing feet were heard.

Raven stood on the ground with her arms crossed and stared up to the roof. "I don't see him. Maybe he fell while we weren't looking or…"

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I AM PROUD TO PRESENT THE BB AND RAE CIRCUS!" Beast Boy's voice came out through the megaphone on the roof.

Raven raised an eyebrow and uncrossed her arms. "What is he talking about?"

Beast Boy continued to speak as if he didn't hear her. "I shall attempt a feat that no one has dared do before! Jump from the Tower and have Raven safely catch me!"

Raven looked up and snorted. "The heck I am…"

Getting ready, Beast Boy placed the megaphone onto the roof and did a few stretches. He then jumped off and began to fall, laughing as he did so.

Raven only stood and watched as he continued to fall down towards her faster and faster. Starfire begins to grow worried. "Friend Raven, aren't you going to catch him?"

Raven snorted under her hood. "No."

Robin fiddled his fingers as he continued to fall. "Um, Raven…"

Beast Boy was a few feet from the ground now. He waited for Raven to reach out and get him but instead continued to fall into the ground. There was a thud as he went a few feet into the ground, creating a Beast Boy outlined pit.

Cyborg, Robin and Starfire looked in with Raven and looked at the squished in the dirt changeling. He poked his head out and glared at Raven.

"Ow, Rae! You're supposed to catch me!"

Raven smirked and turned her head up to the air. "I don't remember saying that I was ever in any circus."

Beast Boy stuck his foot out of the hole and it began to twitch. "Ow…my leg….my body…I'm in utter pain…"

Raven snorted. "Well, I am not healing you."

Starfire reached down and grabbed Beast Boy's foot and dragged him into the Tower. He cried in pain as she smiled to him innocently.

"Do not worry Beast Boy, I will heal you with my Tamaranian medicines! They cure anything! But for some reason, the next day the creature is always still and never moves. I wonder why…"

Beast Boy tried to turn to grab the ground. "Help….me…."

Raven rolled her eyes under her hood and walked in after them. By the time she arrived, Starfire was already in the kitchen making the medicine she had told them about and was smiling and humming. Robin was sitting on the arm rest of the couch watching as Cyborg applied rubbing alcohol to the scraps and cuts on the changeling.

Raven hovered in the air behind the couch and watched as Beast Boy twitched every now and then when the cotton ball touched a wound. His eyes watered and Raven couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

A crack of thunder was heard suddenly from outdoors and Robin walked over to the window and looked out. Placing a gloved hand to his chin, he spoke his thoughts aloud. "Looks like a storm's gonna hit."

Looking up, Beast Boy narrowed his eyes and stared into Raven's purple eyes. "Since you won't heal- OUCH- me, can you at least get my megaphone so it doesn't get ruined in the rain?"

Rolling her eyes once again under the hood, Raven hovered and levitated herself through the floors of the Tower to the roof.

When she got to the roof, she looked around to spot the megaphone very close to the edge. Walking over boredly, she bent over and picked it up only to get smacked in the face by something being blown in the wind. Wiping her face, she opened her eyes to find a little bird on the roof of the Tower laying still with it's eyes closed.

Cautiously, Raven's hand glowed and the blackness trailed out of her finger and poked it. The bird's head flew up and looked at Raven helplessly. It climbed to its feet, and started to flap its wings but the left one suddenly stopped and the bird seemed to cry out in pain.

Kneeling, Raven placed the megaphone on the roof and picked up the bird. Without pinching her with its beak, it allowed her to hold it. Raven inspected the wing that didn't move.

'Seems like it broke its wing…on my face….' She was about to heal its wing when she realized that she had never tried it on an animal before and it could be dangerous. Not taking a chance, she made up her mind.

"I'm going to take care of this bird." The bird, which was actually a robin, looked at her and seemed to smile and say thank you. Picking up the megaphone, Raven walked to the stair way and walked down the stairs to her room.

Opening up her door, she walked in and placed the bird on her bed. "Stay here."

'Great, I'm talking to a bird.'

She left the room and walked down the stairs to the living room. Walking over to the couch, she handed Beast Boy his megaphone. "There."

He smiled. "Thank you Rae…now, can you do one more thing for me?"

Raven crossed her arms and forced herself to not roll her eyes. "What?"

"Give me a get well kiss."

Raven's eyes widened and Cyborg doubled over in laughter. Robin turned and tried to hide a smirk (unsuccessful). Starfire heard and clasped her hands.

"Oh Raven! Please do! If it would make Beast Boy well…"

"If I kiss him, I'd probably blow him up. Sure, I'll do it."

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "No!" Pause. "Err, never mind the kiss."

Raven smirked and walked into the kitchen. 'Ha, plan backfired didn't it boy?'

Raven froze when she saw the little robin hopping along the counter to the sink. Looking back, she saw Starfire still humming and mixing up her medicine. Raven lunged at the counter and grabbed the bird and hid it in her cloak.

The loud tweets came through and Starfire looked over. "Raven, why is your cloak tweeting?"

Raven closed the beak to the bird with her fingers under her cloak. "Um, I don't know what you're talking about."

The bird began to squirm making it harder for Raven to keep it quiet. Starfire only shrugged. "Perhaps it was my imagination."

Raven opened up the cupboard and grabbed a small dish. She then opened the fridge door and grabbed a bottle of water and collected a few slices of bread. Raven quickly walked by Starfire and flew up to her room, and closed the door quickly and dropped all the items on her desk. She gently placed the bird onto the desk and scolded it.

"Bad bird."

'Great, I'm talking to birds again…'

She pulled out her chair and seated herself. She pulled open the drawer and pulled out her medical kit. "Let's take care of that wing, shall we?"