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-Raven A. Star

Several weeks later…

"Come on Raven, you know you have to."

Raven held the bird closer to her chin as she held it in a hug. "No, not yet. It's too soon! What if the wing isn't healed properly?"

Cyborg frowned. "Already did the x-ray Rae, and you know that the wing is all healed up."

"What if he's not used to the outdoors?"

Beast Boy stepped in. "Instincts Raven, it still has instincts."

"But what if…um…"

Robin tipped his head. "What if what Raven?"

Raven hated to admit it, but she had grown an attachment to Kcid. The first day she saw him she knew she would be in trouble for caring for him. But the soft spot for animals in need had gotten the better for her, and now she's having a hard time letting the wild bird go.

Kcid flapped his wings excitedly and chirped. The empath eyes shifted to the bird and she smiled slightly.

"Alright, let's do it."

The five Titans plus one (the bird) got into the T-Car and headed down to the park, the best place they thought to release their friend.

A few minutes passed with chatter coming from everyone except Raven. She held the bird close, so scared to let him go.

Everything that had happened only occurred because of a certain changeling. If he hadn't forced them outside they wouldn't have him fall into the ground. If he hadn't fallen into the ground Raven wouldn't have had to go up to the roof to get the megaphone. If she hadn't gone up to get the megaphone, she wouldn't have been smacked in the face by Kcid. If that hadn't happened, she would still be leading a slightly duller life snapping witty comebacks to Beast Boy's jokes.

She turned her head to the changeling who was busy chatting up a storm with Cyborg about which video games were 'the bomb'. She smiled at him, but he never noticed. She wanted to thank him, some how. But, then again, he would be even more into her soft spot and use it as his advantage.

Raven turned away and stroked Kcid's feathers. It was going to be the last time she would ever be able to do this. Unless Beast Boy changed into a bird and allowed her to do so, but then that would still be using that as his advantage.

"We're here."

Raven snapped out of her thoughts and looked at the surroundings. Cyborg was right, they were at the park already. She slumped in her seat and tried to hide the bird along with herself.

Kcid tilted his feathered head and blinked several times. Once again, Raven smiled.


Raven slid into her room and quickly closed the door and switched on the light. She placed the bird on her bed and dumped the books onto the soft mattress beside the flying creature.

"Next time, when I say stay in the room, I mean stay in the room."


Raven made a face and began to flip through the pages to catch up on her reading.

The bird waddled up to her and flapped its good wing to get her attention. She peeked over the book and sighed. Picking it up, she placed it on her lap and it stared at the pages as if reading along with her.


"Come on, Raven. It's time."

Raven snapped out of her remembrance and opened the car door. The reluctantly climbed out and stepped away from the T-Car. The other Titans followed her out as they made their way over to the field.


Robin stood in the doorway to Raven's room and just stared. Raven stared right back at him, her eyes slightly larger than normal. The bird in her hand tilted its head one way, then tilted it the other, waiting for something to happen.

Robin blinked under the mask and made a tiny grunting noise in the back of his throat. "Um…Raven…do you realize you have a bird in your hand?"

Raven blinked once and looked down to the bird. She then shifted her gaze back to her leader. "Yeah." She spoke with slight annoyance hinting in her voice.

Robin turned his head away as if he were inspecting her room. "Oh, okay…"

Long pause.

Raven sighed and placed the bird on her desk. "I know it's killing you Robin, so just say it now."

"Say what?"

Raven turned around and faced him with a raised eyebrow. "You know what! Don't play dumb with me."

"Okay, okay. Where did you get the bird?"

Robin was suddenly enveloped in a black aura and was pulled into her room. The door swished closed behind him and he stared at her in a panicky sort of way. "Sit."

Robin quickly sat down on the floor and stared at Raven with bug eyes under the mask. "Okay, let me start from the beginning." Raven hovered over to Robin with the bird. Sitting down in front of the leader, she placed the bird into his hands.

"Okay, remember how Beast Boy asked me to go up and get his megaphone for him because it was going to start storming outside?" She received a nod. "Well, when I went up, this bird was blown into my face and fell onto the roof. It suffered a broken wing."

"Why didn't you heal it?"

Raven narrowed her eyes. "Let me finish before asking questions…"

Robin sweat-dropped. "Sorry."

"I didn't dare heal it because I've never healed an animal before. So, I decided to take it in and care for it until it was well enough and the wing healed properly. I did some research on bird care and made a list of the foods that I'll get for it.

That's why I haven't been out with you guys lately, I've been keeping this bird a secret."

Robin gently petted the bird's back. "Why didn't you tell us? We could've helped you."

Raven leaned back and watched as the robin ruffled its chest feathers. "Well, for one Beast Boy would try to feed it tofu, Cyborg would try to feed it meat, and Starfire would feed it…Starfire food, and then they could become too attached and then could even squeeze it too tight in a hug or something and-"

"Sounds like you're getting attached yourself."


'Oh how right he was.' Raven thought to herself when she stopped at the top of the hill. The others stood on either side of her and was bidding farewells to the bird.

"So long little bird. It was fun knowing yah while you was here."

"Yeah, what he said."

"So long little creature of flight and cuteness! I will miss you!"

"Yeah, bye."

The bird looked up to Raven with a look seemingly saying 'Well, what do you have to say?'


"So, what's its name?"

Raven stared off into space. "I never gave it a name."

Robin looked exasperated. "Oh come now! You have to give it a name!"

Raven took a finger and began to stroke the robin's feathers gently. "But when something is given a name…you can become…attached…and then when it's time to let them go, you can't, because they've become more than just an animal, they've become a friend, a family member you could say."


"Come on Raven, you have to."

Raven held the bird up to her lips and she placed a small kiss on its head. She then held out her hands with him sitting on them. He flapped his wings several times, then took off in flight towards the open blue sky.

The four Titans cheered, but Raven's shoulders had slumped tremendously in five seconds. Sighing, she turned and walked back to the car.

The other Titans exchanged looks, but followed her back to the car.

Raven was almost to the car when a deer dashed out of the woods and ran into Raven, startled and terrified. It tripped both of them up, and they fell into a heap on the ground.

Raven winced as she rubbed her sore bottom. "Ow…" She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw the baby deer laying beside her licking its leg. She backed away from it, waiting for it to get up and run again, but it didn't move. It stared up at her helplessly and cried out.

Raven smiled. "Guys, I think we have a problem…"

The four looked over her shoulder which caused some eyebrows to rise.

Beast Boy shook his head. "No…way…does this mean I have to do the spy thing all over again?"

-The End-