So like, this is Irvine Kinneas, hoping to pick up some fine ladies.

Irvine! What did I tell you about flirting on line!

Sorry, Selph. You know I didn't mean it.


Look, you know the only girl I really care about is you.

Really? Tee hee. That's so sweet.

So are we cool?

Well...... yeah.



Whatcha doin' on line, Zell? Cafeteria all outta hotdogs?

Shut up Kinneas! I DO have a life you know!

Sure you do. Chickenwuss.


Irvine, now look what you did, he signed off.

All the better. Now you and me can be alone, Sefie.

You can't really be alone online, Irvy. It doesn't exactly work.....

Irvine Kinneas, stop using this message board for chat purposes. It is suppose to be for garden announcements only.

Ah, Quisty come on. Everybody does it.

That doesn't make it right

Well no, but why ya yelling at me, and not Selphie? She's chattin too.

Is she?

Sure. Ain't ya Selph?

Sign off Irvine. Now.

You manage to piss off everyone who signs on, don't you?

Selphie!!!!!! Why didn't you say something when Quistis was on? Now she's all riled up at me.

I know. It was amusing.

Selphie, if you weren't so damn cute, I'd be really angry!

I'm cute? Tee hee, thanks!

Irvine, this is Squall. Quistis wants me to tell you to knock it off.

Heeeeeeeey! Squall, you haven't been on in forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yup! Booyaka! I have a question for you, Squall.

I'm not sure I want to answer.

Ah come on.


Well I'm asking anyway. I saw you walking to the Quad with Rinoa last night.

So? That's not a question.

Well... did anything, you know, happen?


Did it? Oooooooh I knew it did!!!!!!!!!

Selphie, I'm not going to answer that.

Squall and a girl? Maybe you learned something offa me at last. Didja make a move? Or did Rinoa make one first? She strikes me as the kinda lady to make one first.

Whatever. Stay away from these boards, both of you.

Well they're ya go, Sefie, YOU got him to sign off this time!

I just wanted to be alone......

You can't be alone online, you said so yourself.

Well then sign off cowboy, and we won't have to be online anymore!!!!!!

A/N Well, what did you think? It took me about a minute to write all that. You know, no pausing or anything, just opened up a new document when I was stuck on another story and started with the line So like, this is Irvine Kinneas, hoping to pick up some fine ladies and it just took off from there. A random little bit of fluff. If it's too confusing, please tell me, and I add screen names. I just kind of like it without, it made it more of a challenge for me to let the reader know who's talking. If it is too hard to follow though, I'll change it.