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Namida o nagasu:Shed tears for me


(Hiei's p.o.v)

I stared out an open window. Yusuke's apartment window. I watched

as different assortments of vehicels passed by,and the one-to-two humans

walk to wherever they desired to go. Then,I heard familiar shouting from

down below.

"YUSUKE!",Keiko shouted as she chased him further down the cement


"C'mon Keiko,ya know I didn't REALLY mean to...well,kinda."

"You JERK!!",she yelled as her hand collided painfully with his face.

Then I noticed something. He didn't react with some comment,he just

looked at her. I watched as he slowly grabbed her hand,and pulled her


"I'm sorry,Keiko.",he said with a charming smile.

"Yusuke,your such a suck-up.",she replied to him,giving off an infatuated


"A good suck-up?" he asked.

"Yeah."She said with a dreamy smile as Yusuke placed his lips softly on


I was disgusted. Why would they ever desire to do such moronic things?

I continued to watch them play in the now completly emptied streets;

continued to watch their happy faces as they were basked in moonlight.


My heart is taking

A light that was fading

Its a pain always plauging

This voice never-ending


I looked away,for I could not bare to watch it any longer. I stood myself

upright from the windowsill,walking towards the kitchen to get myself a

glass of water.

As I walked past the fridge,I stopped. All over the fridge was pictures

of Yusuke and Keiko,with rare group pictures of the rest of us,...,even

me. But what caught my eyes the most,was the couple. Every picture

contained happiness,so much,that even I felt it as I glanced along the

magnet frames.

I glared at the pictures,for even giving me such thoughts.


Lulling me into dreaming sleep

Hurling me into waters deep

Upon a cold grave the tears would seep

But for my soul one would never weep


I heard the door be thrown open,and I quickly escaped to the window

so they would not see me. I ran,seemingly teleported,to a nearby park.

I didn't fled to my normal branch that I useually slept upon,but rested

against the trunk of the tree.

I sighed,looking towards the ground. My eyes caught hold of my kantana,

the brilliant blade in which I had used to slay so many in my harsh life.


Scarlet and Crimson stain my name

Pain in darkness a mere game

In this life,what is one to gain

Is how quickly it could come to an end


I slid the blade from its sheath,admiring its sharp features as I held

it infront of my face.

'What have I done to deserve to live,in all that I've done to deserve to die?'

I thought coldly.

I felt myself smile calmly as I held the blade near my veins.

'I could end it all now....end it for good...be it heaven or hell that I belong.'


Balancing on the thinist thread

A soul walking amoung the dead

Hearts so fond of the haunting dread

Into the darkness I was lead


The blade was so close to cutting through my skin,I could feel the cut

that wasn't even there yet. I was finally ready to do something I had wanted

to do for so long,it hardly seemed real.

"Sir,what are you doing?" asked a little,brown haired,blue-eyed girl.

I looked coldly at her,and she stared happily into my eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked her.

"It looked like you were gunna cut yourself." she said,stumbling on her

words abit,as if she were going through the process of learning to talk.

"And you care why?" I asked coldly.

"Doesn't that hurt??" she asked innocently.


"Then...why w-wouwld you wanna do it?" She asked,looking at me with

concerened eyes.

"Because I want to.You wouldn't understand."

By this time,I was getting annoyed with her presence,a presence that still

binded me to this world. I wanted to get it over with.

Then,I saw a young woman walk up behind the small girl.

"Rai-lyn,where have you been!I've been so worried!Don't ever walk off like

that again!" she cried,wrapping her arms around the small frame of the


"Sissy,I've been here with this nice man!And you know what?He said he

was gonna cut himself!!",Rai-lyn said with a bubbly voice.

"He what?Rai-lyn,quit making up stories! I'm so sorry sir,she's been

watching alot of movies...." Then I saw her eye my blade. I watched

her eyes grow wide as she pulled Rai-lyn closer to herself.

"Your going....to.....suicide....?" she said in a stutter.

".............Hn.......",was my only reply to her until....

"Coward.",she said coldly.

"What did you call me?Unless you want death with me,you'll shut your


I watched her stand and tell Rai-lyn to walk to the car. She walked over

and sat next to me.

"Whats your name?" she asked quietly.

"What does it matter?" I questioned back. She looked over at me.

"Look me in the eyes,and tell me why your doing it." she said,not

even in a commanding tone.

"What does it matter?" I repeated.

"Fine........."she sighed,and then,something I never thought I'd ever see in

my life. A tear slipped from her eyes....a tear for ME.....


Is there really a light within the dark

Set in black stone from hearts far apart

When everthing in life seems so wrong

You have to see the shooting star in the long run


I saw her get up,and start to walk slowly away,but then,she looked back at

at me.

"I'll pray for you,man in black...." she whispered.

I watched her walk away,until I could not see her anymore. I looked back

at the now uninviting blade. I pulled it back,and thrust it into its sheath.

I walked back to Yusuke's apartment,hours have passed by now. I knocked

on the door. I heard some rumaging around before the door handle

actually started to jiggle and open.

"Hiei?!What are you doing here?DON'T tell me Koenma has the

nerve to call me this late at night!" He complained groggily.

"I'm 'spending the night'. I need you to keep me,sane,till morning."

I said coldly,adding on,

"If you tell a soul,I'll kill you,....,slowly."

"O.K,whatever,c'm in....Hey,whaddya mean 'sane'?",he asked.

"Hn.",I walked past him,and I sat on the same windowsill.

'I won't be called a coward by anyone.I'll prove to her I'm not.'


I'll follow the light the best I can.

I won't fall to any man.

My will is strong

Where my heart is so lost

I know I'll find where I belong



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