Yay! Yet another wonderful story! - This one was based on a dream I had. Yes I really did dream this, believe it or not. I changed some stuff to make it story-worth, but the main idea was all from the dream. And I've changed my writing style to a more descriptive perspective. Enjoy!


Takaya threw herself down on the cold bus bench drawing a worn and tattered bus schedule from her old patched-up duffle-bag. She opened it, taking care not to rip the pages, and scanned it. After about a minute or two of reading through it, she found the right bus for her destination. Bus #32. She looked up from the yellowing pamphlet just in time to see bus 32 pull away from the stop.

Flustered, she jumped up from the bench, grabbed her duffel, and sprinted after the bus. A sudden gust of early winter wind blew her uncontrollable mass of black corkscrew curls in her face. Not being able to see, she tripped over her shoelace and fell face first to the pavement.

She stood up, her hands and knees stinging from the fall. She stared, out of breath, as the city bus ran a red light and turned a corner, out of sight. She blew a lock of curl away from her face, picked up her fallen bag, and started down the sidewalk, cursing under her breath. She would have to walk home again, seeing how she missed the bus.

She stopped for a moment, as snowflakes had just begun to fall. She leaned against a lamp post, closing her eyes. The feel of snowflakes on her face felt good after a day of working at the Laundromat.

A loud screeching sound caused her to open her eyes. She jumped out of the way of a long black stretch limo, landing on her hands and knees again. The car slammed into the lamp post she had just been leaning against. The hood ornament, a Blue Eyes White dragon, broke off the front of the limo and landed on the ground near Takaya with a soft clink. Takaya got to her feet and dusted herself off, her hands and knees were now bleeding a bit.

A tall man in a chauffeur's uniform jumped out the drivers' side and hurried over to Takaya. "Goodness gracious, are you okay?" he asked frantically.

Before she had time to let out a simple, 'I'm fine', the dark window of the backseat of the limo opened a little less than an inch, and out of the small gap came the cruelest, most hateful voice she had ever heard in her entire life.

"Hutchinson! Forget the imbecile and get to work fixing the damn car! According to my schedule, we should have been home by now!"

The driver, still apologizing, lifted the hood of the car, releasing billowing black smoke from the engine. Takaya took this as her cue before the voice in the car decided to direct its wrath at her.

Making for the general direction of the Children's Home, she rubbed her arms against the bitter cold of the late November air. The wind blew, chilling her to the bone. The once canary-yellow sweater she was wearing was thinned and faded from continual washings. Anyone could tell it was a hand-me-down.

"Maybe I should take a short cut," she mumbled to herself, glancing at her watch, then down the nearest ally. It was getting late. No one at the Bonnibelle's Children's Home really cared whether she came back or not, but she really hated being stuck outside after dark.

Although the sun was still far from setting, the streetlights above her flickered on, warning the approaching night. Takaya was resolved; either spend the night in city hall again, or take a short cut home, and she really wasn't looking forward to being chased by security guards again.

She pulled her flashlight and flicked it on as she slipped into the dark alleyway.


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