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Chapter Seven: Shivers

Dinner was almost exactly as she imagined it to be. She was lead into the overly extravagant dining room by a graying lady dressed in a black and white maids' uniform, who only addressed her as "miss." She was lead to a long table covered in red velvet, and set strategically underneath several crystal chandeliers. On one end of the table were 3 straight-backed chairs, two of which were already filled with the bodies of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba.

"You're late," said the older brother, not abandoning his usual glare. "You were supposed to be down here five minutes ago." Takaya bit her tongue to keep from saying anything as she walked all the way down to the end of the table the two were sitting at. She sat herself across from Mokuba, who was swinging his legs happily beneath the table, blissfully unaware of his brother's rudeness,

"Now that our guest has finally arrived, why don't we bring in the food?

As if they had been rehearsed, the maids and butlers sprung forward with plates of food Takaya had never seen before. The butler who has sat hers in front of her had said something along the lines of "Feelay Miyone." Never mind knowing what it is, she thought as she picked up the fork and started to eat. I can't even pronounce it!

While they ate, Mokuba talked full speed about a kid in his class at school who liked to eat paste. "One time, he dared me to eat some," he jabbered, "buy I said no, and called him a glue-eating sap like you told me to, nii-san!" He beamed up at his older, who nodded his approval over his dinner.

"Good for you," he said, taking another bite.

Takaya didn't feel this was something to be too proud of, but seeing as the only reason she was being allowed the stay there was because of Mokuba, she kept her mouth shut.

Swallowing his food, Seto tapped his wine glass with a spoon, a measure Takaya thought quite unnecessary, seeing as they were all sitting next to him, and cleared his throat. "Hagima," he said, purposely mispronouncing her name, "I would like you to take note that we will not be eating together like this every night. Unless you have been notified, you will eat in the kitchen with the hired help." He paused, looking at Takaya as she glared at her gleaming silverware. "You do understand what I'm saying don't you?"

Silently steaming, she nodded her understanding.

"Good," he stood up and turned his back on the table. "You will be shown back to your room," he added, leaving the table.


Seto typed away on his laptop late into the night. It was like this every night, and sometimes well into the morning. He had to get up early tomorrow, so he couldn't stay up all night. At 3:02am, he closed his laptop with a stifled yawn and made his way to bed.

He silently drifted down a flight of stairs and through the dark halls. Turning corners and passing through large empty rooms, he knew the hallways by heart. Rounding a corner, he bumped into a wall.

"Damn," he whispered, rubbing his nose. "Took a wrong turn." He opened a door to he left and found it was not another hallway. It was a bedroom. He heard a rustling from the bed and walked over to it, his eyes already adjusted to the dark. He saw a few black curls peaking out of the edge of the sheets. He pulled them back to reveal the small and fragile form of Takaya.

Her normally relaxed expression was hard and tightened. Her lips were line-thin and almost white. Upon further inspection, Seto found she was curled up in a ball, shivering despite of the many blankets she was beneath.

He sat on the edge of the bed and tucked a loose curl behind her ear, and immediately felt her flinch away, and tighten up, emitting a feeble squeak.

Frowning, he stroked her hair, which was matted to her head in a cold sweat. Little by little, she relaxed, and little by little, Seto's frown turned into a soft smile.

Standing up, he felt a something bulge in his pocket, and pulled out the small gleaming Blue Eyes White Dragon. He gently wrapped Takaya's fingers around the small figurine, and left the room, softly closing the door behind him.


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