'Lo guys. I watched Transformers: The Movie yesterday for the first time in ages, and I'd forgotten how absolutely gorgeous the thing was. The animation was beautiful - the opening scene witht the solar flares and Unicron flashing past, anyone?- and the music... whew. Anyway, the 'boots gets all soppy and does a shameless time-skip to get what she wants. Yah!

Jess: Yep! You didn't think I'd leave my boy out in the cold, did you? (Well, even if I did Skyfire certainly wouldn't...) Poor Derby - he'd been going crazy from the day he was 'born', so I can't help but feel sorry for him and Combine both.

Skins Thunderbomb: Well if Skins likes that, she'll really like this (hopefully.) No huge plot development (no plot at all, really...) no loonies running round causing trouble, just the 'boots being a hopeless romantic with no sense of realism. Wahay! I've sort of jumped a few years here, but it's worth it, I think.

I say again, a few years've gone by here - Cybertronian years, like every other time unit mentioned in this ;) - so it's been a while since the last episode. Short, but much over-the-top poetic silliness and fluff. From me, I mean - they haven't suddenly turned rabidly 'sue-ish. By the way, for those who are interested, the song in 'A very long day' is the new one by Atomic Kitten. I dunno what it's called, though - I mentioned it already in the review bit but I somehow managed to spell it 'Atomic Ktiien.' Yeesh. Anyway, off you go...

Epilogue: What's the story, Morning Glory?

Skyfire paced back and forward across the floor of his classroom, occasionally checking his internal chronometer was working properly. The white jet's patience had deserted him this morning - the pale light of Cybertron's sun drowsily painted the room with early sunlight, and draped lazily over the pacing figure as he went over the scenarios in his head again for the hundredth time that morning alone.

What can I say?...Maybe if I waited for him to say something first, that way I'd have an idea... What if it went badly - what can I do?...

Skyfire sighed and shut off his optics. Whatever he thought, however he planned it, he'd find out sooner or later. Maybe it would be best if he stayed here and waited for-

He started, head snapping round as he heard a wild, shrieking whoop split the dawn like a very familiar thunderclap - scrambling over to the open window Skyfire leant out as far as he could go and stared as he saw a brilliant scarlet-and-silver rocket streaking across the courtyard and hurl itself up into the air. The dazzling streamer burst into the sunlight and blinded the pale Academy with brilliant flashes of silver and crimson - darting across the sky like a triumphant proclamation, a blazing herald of the sun in his glory. Skyfire stood awestruck at the window, a mortal humble before Apollo incarnate and gazing at the radiance borne in the sky. In that one moment, it seemed that he had never seen anything so beautiful.


Starscream hurtled out of the hall with a triumphant yell, diving up into the sky as soon as he reached the courtyard and throwing himself towards the open window above him. As he soared out of the shadow of the Tower the sunlight hit him - refocusing his optics through the glare, he saw a blinding white figure appear blazing like a beacon at the window. The light was so bright the figure shone - an overwhelming brilliance that made sunlight on snow seem tarnished and supernovas dim beside him. The cry died on his lips and he stared, unable to look away, as the figure pulled him in and he went gladly - a willing moth to the light.


The moment only lasted for a few, brief seconds, but they never forgot the dazzling brilliance of sunlight in the morning. Starscream slowed as he came up to the window, never taking his optics from Skyfire as the scientist gazed helplessly back at him, both forgetting what Starscream had come for. The datapad lay ignored in his hand, the breathless silence lasting a brief eternity before the sun shifted and the blazing sunlight drained away, allowing them to regain their senses - both dizzy and blinking the white dwarves from their vision. Skyfire realised he was staring first and pulled reluctant optics from silver plating, his hands trembling slightly and a little stunned at the wave of reaction the sunlight had triggered - scarlet and diamond shining out from his memory banks and setting his sensors shivering. Starscream stayed a second longer, gazing at Skyfire as if there was something new but hauntingly familiar about the face he had known now for years - some silent answer to the question he had uncovered in the daylight but still couldn't quite understand. They stayed there for only the shortest time, a fraction of a moment, but when the world stopped spinning and snapped back into place there was something different - something strange and otherworldly that neither of them completely recognised or understood.

But the moment passed, as all moments do to stay sweet and fleeting in memory, and Skyfire pulled back into the room to let the silver jet in through the window. Starscream's optics flickered confused for a moment, before remembering why he was there and diving in.

"Well?" Skyfire said anxiously, staring at the datapad in his student's hand.

Said student grinned like a Cheshire cat and held it out face up, the stark green letters casting a dull light over Skyfire's pale face as he read "Candidate Starscream, final examination... passed - at Alphan level-! Starscream, this is wonderful!" he exclaimed. The flier couldn't hold still any longer and bounced into the air grinning and laughing like a lunatic. Skyfire held on to the datapad as if it held the Matrix itself and leapt into the air with him, laughing and yelling as Starscream did a mad, whirling jig before grabbing the flier's arms and swinging him around the room like a pair of deranged satellites.

By the time he was calm enough to stop spinning them wildly around the room, Skyfire's gyros were careering around so giddily he had to cling on to Starscream as they spun drunkenly in the air - not that the other was any better off. The younger mech was so disoriented he had to cling to Skyfire like a limpet and had no idea which direction was up anymore - not that it really mattered to a flier. As they rolled gently in the air, Starscream gazed at the upside-down floor and languidly reflected that for some reason he didn't mind the loss of his personal space - the flier had never been one for much close contact, but something about Skyfire made people trust him instantly. Starscream half-lay in his arms and felt totally, wonderfully safe.

I could stay like this forever and not mind it. I love this.

Scarlet optics widened as he realised what he'd thought. He stayed perfectly still, internals jumping and his mind racing as he tried to work out just what he meant, what he could possibly...



Starscream looked up at Skyfire, and started when he saw the scientist gazing back with the same half confused, half amazed expression Skyfire saw in his wide optics. As their optics met both mechs felt a spark, a brief, hot flare of warmth jump into life and flicker through their bodies - sensors suddenly alive to the slightest touch and hearing every beat of the other's fuel pump, every shift and sigh of movement they made was heard and felt by both.

This is...strange...

Starscream never took his optics from Skyfire's face, never broke the contact, but drew back slightly - Skyfire looked startled and a flare of hurt flashed behind his optics, but he reluctantly loosened his hold, dropping his hands little by little to let the flier go. Starscream felt a pang go through him - an aching sort of regret at the loss of the touch and the odd, wonderful warmth, but a half guilty surge of exhilaration at the scientist's reaction soared through him as he worked his arms free to wrap them tightly around Skyfire's neck and press in close. Skyfire nearly dislocated his neck staring at the flier - his optics wide and bright in shock and sudden jubilation as he now finally realised what had been fluttering at the back of his mind for years, growing in secret even from him until the one, perfect moment when they both understood. The scientist drew Starscream close and held him as if he would never let go, pure white enfolding scarlet and silver like the sky revolving with the sun in his arms.

I love you.

They never quite worked out who said first, or if they said it out loud at all - but said it was, and suddenly the world seemed both very strange and perfectly familiar - everything and nothing changed all at once, leaving them totally disoriented and utterly in love.

And every day after that, both fliers cherished the morning.

Squeee! (melts into a sappy puddle.) As ever, read and review. I tried to make it believable, if a bit poetic and drippy - you tell me.

Starscream and Skyfire are both © Hasbro, I think. The story's © me.