Chapter I

(Sasha's Point of View)

I pulled back and hit it with all I had. It howled in pain and fury and dove at me. I rolled swiftly to the right. When Amelia heard about this, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that Scroop would be the one locked in the brig. I darted away from him as he tried to land a blow on my head. I cried out as suddenly he grabbed my weak wrist. It burned like fire, and he twisted it.

"Sasha!" yelled an angry voice. I recognized it as Amelia. "Get off of her, Scroop, or I'll…."

"You'll -what-?" scroop sneered.

Amelia was shaking with rage. "Sasha, report to your cabin. IMMEDIATELY. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am."

I had long since learned my lesson on always calling Amelia 'ma'am' or 'captain'. I winced, pulling my dewrag down further and dashed away. The financers of the voyage would soon be here… And Amelia didn't want them to see me fighting with the crew. I remembered overhearing Amelia talking to Arrow. Their names were Jim and Doppler. Boys. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I flopped down on my bed, hoping the stabbing pain in my wrist would slowly abate. Then it occured to me that maybe they'd know something about what happened to Dad.

I peered out the door.

"Heave together, now!!" It was Arrow.

I closed my eyes for a moment then examined the ship and everyone on it. These people gave me the creeps! They were perps... Wow, they must've paid Amelia a lot to put up with this crew on her ship!

"How cool is this?!" I heard another voice and turned to see who or what it was.

It was a teenage boy with brown hair that hung in his face. He wore big baggy clothes. -He- was the financer of the trip?! I saw him stumble into one of the perps.

"Sorry about that! I didn't mean t-"

The -thing- made disgusting noises at him, ending with a final blast in the guy's face. I pitied him, I really did. Even if he -was- a boy. He blew a piece of hair out of his face, looking disgusted. I couldn't say I blamed him.

"Allow me to handle this!" A dorky man in a 'space suit' that I had seen kids play in announced. Some how he

talked to that -thing-, and apparently apologized. The creature, in fact, laughed in its own creepy way.

"I'm fluent in Flatula, Jim! Took two years of it in high school!" Ah, my suspicions were confirmed.

"Flatula." The guy, Jim I assumed, ran his hand through his hair, smiling. I did have to confess, he had a cute smile


The dork saw Arrow.

"Good-morning Captain! Everything… ship-shape?"

I snickered. Arrow…? Captain? Amelia would have that dork's head for that one.

"Ship-shape it is, Sir, but I'm not the captain. The captain's aloft!"

Jim and Dork looked up. I glanced up swiftly, too. Amelia was showing off… I smirked. She must be trying to -impress- someone. Hehe...They suddenly saw the feminine figure running along the cross section. She quickly leapt down, grabbing a rope and releasing it after swinging, and somersaulted in the air, landing on the deck, a proud smile on her face. Yep, typical Amelia. Jim and Doppler stared on, shocked. The lid to Doppler's helmet once again slammed shut. They looked at each other, not sure what to make of the captain. Dumbfounded. Ha. Amelia approached the officer, glancing briefly in my direction. I ducked back behind the door. I saw Jim shoot a fleeting look curiously at the door I stood in after Amelia's gaze was averted. I wasn't fast enough. Surely he saw me. I cursed.

"Mr. Arrow, I've checked this miserable ship from stem to stern and as usual it's--" she trailed off, then smiled.

"Spot on! Can you get nothing wrong?"

Arrow tipped his hat. I rolled my eyes. Those two...

"You flatter me, Captain." Arrow smiled.

Amelia smiled back and acknowledged his words with a small wink and hand signal. She the walked over to the dork in his ridiculous suit. I snickered.

"Ahh. . . Doctor Doppler, I presume?" she asked the flustered looking dork.

"Uh, eh, well- I, uh, yes-" Dopler the Dork stammered.

Amelia smirked and held a hand up in a false yell, obviously in mockery of his helmet and suit. I laughed scornfully.

"Hellooo? Can you hear me!" Amelia knocked on his helmet several times. Doppler became angry, and I laughed.

"Well, Yes I can! Stop that banging!" he snapped. Dopler tried to pull off his helmet unsuccessfully. Amelia grabbed a part of his bizarre suit.

"If I may, Doctor, this works so much better when it's-" Amelia began, smirking and suddenly turning the front of the suit 180 degrees. "-right way up and-" she continued, whirling Dopler around, grabbing an electric plug and jamming it into the front of the stupid suit "-plugged in! Lovely, there you go!" she finished, smiling in a satisfactory way. Amelia smirked again. Doppler looked annoyed and finally managed to get his helmet off. He grabbed the plug and waved it at Amelia. I couldn't help but grin.

"If you don't mind, I can manage my own plugging!" he fumed.

Amelia stared at the hand holding the plug for a moment, then suddenly gripped it in her own, giving it a vigorous shake.

"I'm Captain Amelia! Lately I've had a few run-ins with the Procyon armada; nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars!" she beamed, turning to Arrow. What a show-off.... I'd have to tease her about that later. I rolled my eyes. "You've met my first officer, Mr. Arrow! Sterling, dependable, honest, tough, brave and true!" Amelia gestured proudly at Arrow, who simply smiled.

"Please, Captain. . ." he said.

"Oh, shut up, Arrow, you know I don't mean a word of it." Amelia laughed.

I found myself smiling as well. Amelia grinned at Arrow jokingly. Suddenly both turned to Doppler as he cut in.

He cleared his throat.

"Excuse me! I hate to interrupt this. . . .lovely banter, but, may I introduce to you Jim Hawkins! Jim, you see, is the boy who found the trea -MMPH!"

Amelia had suddenly grabbed his muzzle and glared at him. Vicious little cat when she wanted to be...

"Doctor! Please!" she hissed, looking over her shoulder.

I saw she was looking at some of the shadier perps, who had perked up when they thought they had almost heard the word treasure. Morons. Amelia turned back to Doppler and let go of his muzzle.

"I'd like a word with you in my stateroom." She muttered.

I sighed and flopped down on my bed. The next thing I knew, someone was shaking me gently. I moaned and looked up to see Amelia, looking anxious. She smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry for what happened." She said.

I grunted in reply. I knew she wasn't sorry at all.

"You can come out to watch the launch if you would like to do so." Amelia nodded. "Just thought I would let you know."

I looked at her through narrowed eyes as she left. I waited a minute before slipping out the door, shoving my dewrag down further down over my head. I stared to the helm, where Amelia, Arrow, Doppler, and the helmsman, Turnbuckle, were standing. I threw Amelia a look of disgust and leaned gently back against the wood.

"VE ARE ALL CLEAR, CAPTAIN!" bellowed a little creature from the crowsnest.

Amelia looked up to Arrow with a small smile.

"Well, my friend. . . are we ready to raise this creaking tub?"

Arrow chuckled. "My pleasure, Captain." Arrow turned to face the bow of the ship. "ALL HANDS TO STATIONS!"

The crew began heading to their stations as Arrow continued giving commands. "LOOSE ALL SOLAR SAILS!"

I closed my eyes, his loud voice penetrating my consciousness and seeming to drive a nail into my skull. My headache wasn't helped. The riggers unfurled the solar sails, which began to gleam in the light. Jim watched with a look of excitement on his face. He accidentally bumped into a crew member at work, and they yelled at him angrily. I wanted to run up and pop them, but I didn't. I had obviously learned about fighting on the Legacy....

"Clear braces! . . ." yelled Arrow. The Legacy began to draw power from the solar energy filling the sails.


The mechanic and gunner, Meltdown, I think was his name, waited anxiously for the Legacy to get enough power to sail at full speed. Everyone began to float into the air from lack of gravity. Jim's baggy clothing billowed around him as he floated into the air. I chuckled. Amelia and Arrow raised several feet, keeping control of themselves. Doppler floated randomly. He appeared to be enjoying himself, however. He had hell in store. I grinned.

"Mr. Snuff!" Amelia ordered, "Engage artificial gravity!"

Snuff, the disgusting alien that Doppler was speaking in 'Flatula' to, saluted and turned on the gravity. Jim landed on the deck using his hands for balance. He wasn't half bad. To bad I'd be spending the rest of the journey in my cabin. Fudge. Amelia and Arrow simply dropped back to their feet. Doppler clanged to the deck, and, much to my amusement, landed upside-down. Amelia looked down at him, then turned to the octopus-like helmsman, Turnbuckle.

"South by southwest, Mr. Turnbuckle! Heading two-one-zero-zero!" Amelia called.

Turnbuckle began to turn the helm in his tentacle-like hands.

"Aye, Cap'n! Two-one-zero-zero!"

"Full speed, Mr. Arrow, if you please!" Amelia ordered.

Arrow leaned down to a small funnel to direct Meltdown.

"Take her away!" he yelled.

Meltdown grinned satisfactorily and engaged the Legacy's engines and thrusters.

"Brace yourself, Doctor." Smirked Amelia. I beamed.

Doppler rolled his eyes. Boy, he'd regret that. "Nyeh nyeh nyeh…" he muttered, mocking Amelia.

Suddenly the Legacy's thrusters kicked into full burn. The Legacy flew forward in a burst of speed. Amelia stood firm, ready for the change in force, but Doppler was thrown off his feet. As was I. I felt myself beining slammed back into the wall. "WOOAAAAHHH- OOF!" I heard Doppler yelp. I groaned, dragging myself to my feet. Jim was holding onto the rigging, but leaned over the side excitedly. He sees a large group of Space Whales, slang for Orcus Galacticus. Doppler stood on an extension of the bridge and lookedout at the creatures


"Upon my word! An Orcus Galacticus!"

Well, Duh. Did you think there wasn't life outside of your goofy little planet? Doppler pressed a button on his suit, and a camera popped out in front of him. He aimed the camera at the nearest Orcus Galacticus.

"SMILE!" He called cheerfully.

Amelia apparently saw him and tried to warn him. "Eh, Doctor, I'd stand clear of the--" she never got to finish that particular thought.

The Orcus Galacticus suddenly blew a spume of a greenish goo all over Doppler. Without a word, he snapped the picture. I burst out laughing, and Jim caught a glimpse of me. My face turned red. A glob of the goo fell onto Doppler's photograph. Amelia smiled a bit at this. Jim, who had been wandering around on the shrouds, jumped off and started walking towards me, hands in his pockets.

"Hello." I nodded at him, trying to appear bored so he would go away.

He nodded back, his eyes locking into mine. I shivered and broke eye contact.

"Yeah," he sounded even slightly suspicious, "Hi..."

"My name is Sasha."

"No last name?" he raised his eyebrows.

"None that anyone needs to know."

"Oh." He nodded, as if he understood. He would -never- understand. "Well, my name is Jim Hawkins."

"Yeah, I've heard of you. The one that found it." I tried not to give to much away so the crew couldn't overhear and understand about the map.

"Mm hm..." he said distractedly. "So you ever been on one of these ships before now?"

"I... live on this ship, kind of, when Amelia's captain. She sort of adopted me."

"What happened?"

"What do you mean?" I snapped.

He looked up at me, his eyes shadowed oddly by his bangs. "Your parents."

"That's not important." I scowled, crossing my arms and closing my eyes.


"You won't go away."


"Fine! But you'd better not make fun of me!" I snapped.

"Why would I do that? Your past has to be better than mine."

"Whatever. My dad went on a voyage to find Treasure Planet seven years ago.... He disappeared. Poof.

Not a trace of him. And my mom? Yeah, you really don't need to know that." I shook my head, not able to believe I was pouring out my past to some random freak.

"I know how it feels." he nodded, and I felt a little sorry for him.

"Why? I told my past to some random stranger, now it's your turn."

"My dad left a long time ago. Just took off on a ship without saying goodbye."

"Mm." I nodded. "Your mom?"

"She's at home, waiting for me. Not that it helps. The cops are always on my back at home."

At least he had a sane mom. He was being ungrateful about it, too! That little jerk... I remember the last time I visisted Mother. All she would talk about was the darkness in her head, and how little elves and pixies were in the padded room with her. I sighed, pushing a strand of hair out of my eyes.

"Did I say something?"

"No." I snapped. "No, you didn't have to say something." I knew I was being just as jerky as he was, but y'know what? I really didn't care! Ha! So take that, Hawkins-Le-Loser!

"Listen, I'm sorry."

"Whatever." I sank down and leaned against the wall, eyes closed. Mother. I still needed her. Why did she hafta go all psycho on me? I felt great annoyance when Jim sank down next to me.


"So what?"


"Yeah, ouch. Now go away." I rolled my eyes.

"You have a really bad temper."

"Or maybe meddling boys just put me in a REALLY BAD MOOD."

"Ah. Well, I think that no matter how big of a jerk you are--"

"Then you can always be the bigger one?"

"Will you please stop interupting me?"

"What if I don't?"

He shook his head. "Sasha, you're acting like a six year old."

"Well, you're a few fries short of a happy meal, at least I'm all there and not totally nosey." I snapped.

"Your elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor, ya psych..." he scowled.

"Shut up...." I mumbled.

"Did I say something again?"

I didn't reply.

"Dangit! I always say something wrong!" he jumped to his feet. "Well, I'm not gonna waste my time talking when I can be watching the launch!"

"By all means," I waved my hand dismissively, "If talking to me is wasting your time, go hang out on your own."

"Wait, Sasha!"

I had started to walk away but turned around impatiently, my hands on my hips. "What do you want?"

"That's not what I meant. I meant that I don't get to see a launch every day, and that I find it interesting. And I also wanna know why you won't--" he dashed at me and grabbed my dewrag, and I gasped, furious, "Take this off!"

"Because I like it!" I said angrily, jamming my dewrag back down. Truth be told, I was a cat just like Amelia, but no one really had to know that, now did they?

"It must run alot deeper than that. You're keeping a secret." he looked amused.

"Must you try to stick your nose where it doesn't belong so often?!"

"Must you be a snob?! Gosh, you are such a freaking psycho! Getting mad over nothing!"

"Listen, go away you ungrateful, inconsiderate, jerk!" I said, and to my own shame tears stung my eyes, "You have NO IDEA what being psycho or insanity is, okay?! So just.... just go and flush your head down the toilet or something, alright?!" I started to walk off. Jim grabbed my arm.

"Hey," he said gently. "I'm sorry. It seems you get really cheesed off at me when I talk about my mother or being psycho... So I'll try not to mention it anymore. I didn't mean to make you mad or insult you or whatever."

"Sure. Whatever... just... whatever..."

"Ahh, t'is a grand day for sailin', Cap'n! And lookit yeh! You're as trim an' as bonnie as a sloop with new sails and a fresh coat o' paint!" I heard Silver say, and looked over. Silver took off his hat, bowed, and grinned up at Amelia again. Amelia was quite obviously unimpressed and unamused.

"You can keep that kind of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver!"

I watched Silver's grin disappear like paint in turpentine. Morph suddenly changed into a small Amelia, placing his hands on his hips and mimicking her.

"Spaceport floozies, spaceport floozie- WAHHH!!!" Morph cried as Silver scooped him into his hat, pinning Morph to his head. Silver looked up at Amelia.

"Yeh cut me to the quick, Cap'n! I speaks nothin' but me heart, at all times--" Silver's hat suddenly flew off of his head and Morph squeaked from under it, "Nothin' but me hear-" I had to admit, I had grown quite fond of the little Morph. Silver quickly grabbed his hat and pinned it to his head again.

"A-heh!" Silver cleared his throat nervously.

Amelia suddenly up at Jim, who was still holding onto my arm. My face went bright red.

"And, ehm, by the way, isn't that your cabin boy, flirting with one of my crew members?" Amelia smirked at Silver, who suddenly looked as though he didn't know what to do. Then Amelia looked over to me mockingly. Silver attempted an explanation feebly.

"Eh, y- wh- oh. . . A momentary aberration, Cap'n! Soon to be addressed!" Silver turnned to us, his face suddenly stern. "Jim-BO!"

Jimbo. How nerdy. Nerdy name for the geek. That worked. Jim let go of my arm as if he had been burned. Silverwas suddenly smiling slyly. That old goof had something rotten up his good-for-nothing sleeve.

"I've got two new friends I'd like yeh t' meet!"

Jim looked around with a small smile on his face for the aforementioned friends, but saw nobody around. He looked at Silver questioningly, who smirked. Well, -that- sure as heck couldn't be good.... Rotten old cyborg...

"Say 'hello' to Mr. Mop!" Silver tossed a mop at Jim from behind his back; Jim caught it sulkilly."And Mrs. Bucket!" Silver tossed a bucket at Jim as well, who sighed and rolled his eyes as Silver laughed at his own joke. Silver was a jerk; I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Considering I was 5' 2" and weighed 98 pounds, that wasn't far. But that's not the point!

"Yippee." Jim said saracastically. I decided he was not a butthole, he was the whole butt.

"Hey, you need some help?" I asked, pitying him.

"Sure. Whatever."

I went, retreiving a second mop from the storage room.

"So... Um..."

"Yeah, I got your 'Mr. Mop'!" Jim muttered angrily. Apparently he didn't even notice I was there. Wow, he just really didn't impress me.

Suddenly a huge crew member, Hands, pushed past Jim, who grunted a little as he's shoved. He rubbed his chest where Hands pushed him. Not that it hurt him. Oh no. He just had a bruised ego. Men. Hands turned around and glared at Jim with a slack-eyed gaze.

"Watch it, twerp!" Hands said.

Jim stared at him, disbelieving of his utter rudeness. Heh. I got news for ya buddy, it's every man-- or woman-- for his -- or her--self. Suddenly Jim noticed a few crew members whispering to one another. He listend to them curiously. Suddenly one of them, Meltdown, noticed him, and motioned for the others to stop talking. They glared at him. Uh-oh. I got into a fighting stance. Jim moved the mop once, attempting to appear at work. One of the crew members, Oxy, glared at him.

"What are you lookin' at, weirdo?" Oxy snorted.

His head seemed to scuttle off of his shoulders. I grunted, disgusted. A face appeared where his stomach seemed to have been. The head was an entirely different crew member, and his name was actually Moron. I am dead serious. This was just -gross-.

"Yeah! Weirdo!" Moron said in a whiney, high-pitched voice that hinted he was talking through his nose.

Jim stared at the two, somewhat confused and somewhat disgusted. Yeah, I had to agree with him. Suddenly he looked up as he heard a hissing noise coming from above him in the rigging. I gasped. It was Scroop, crawling down and smiling at him sinisterly. He comes down to Jim's level and hisses in his face. To my horror, he looked to me.

"I see Amelia's playing favorites... she would have locked me in the brig for the remainder of the journey, had -I- started it."

"You -DID- start it, Scroop." I scowled.

"Mind yer own business, brat."

"Why, ya got somethin' ta hide, Bright Eyes?" Jim said challengingly, stepping infront of me so Scroop couldn't see me. No, no, NOT a good idea, Jim...

Scroop held onto Jim's collar and pulls him closer. "Maybe yer ears don't work ssso well!"

"Ugh, yeah, nn!" Jim acted like he was gagging, "Too bad my NOSE works just fine!"

Scroop suddenly looked furious. "Why you impudent little-!" Scroop suddenly lifted Jim up by his shirt collar and slammed him against the mast. The crew suddenly got excited by the hint of violence coming, and cheered Scroop on. I was horrified.

"Any last wordsss, cabin boy?" Scroop snapped open one of his creepy claws that took the place of his hands and dug the sharp end into Jim's neck. Jim tilted his chin up to avoid the sharp point.

"Hey, put him down!" I said shrilly. "Or--"

"Or what? You'll pop me with your little dagger? Oh, I'm terrified! Quivering!"

"I said DROP HIM!" I shrieked, driving my dagger into his claw.

Scroop shouted in pain and pulled his claw away. He dropped Jim and held his claw defensively, glaring at me venimously. "I'll --"

Mr. Arrow suddenly walked up to us. Thank God! "What's all this, then?" He asked angrily, gazing around at the crew. "You know the rules! There'll be no brawling on this ship! Any further offenders will be confined to the brig for the remainder of the voyage!" Arrow glared at Scroop in particular. "Am I clear, Mr. Scroop?"

Scroop glared at him, but obviously thought better of talking back. He turned back to Arrow, still sneering.

"Transparently." he hissed.

The crew all headed off to their duties again, talking amongst themselves. Only Jim and I were left. He looked to me, quite clearly embarrassed.

"Hey, I, ah, uh.... Thanks."

I smiled at him. Suddenly I heard a bang, and Silver walked out of the door down to the kitchens, then quickly bent down and picked up the mop, glaring at Jim. He pointed at the mop.

"Jimbo! I gave you a job! An-"

"Hey, I was doing it until that BUG thing--" Jim began defiantly.

"BELAY THAT! Now! I want this deck swabbed spotless!" Silver yelled and looked at Jim warningly, and continued, more in chastise than threat, "And heaven help ye if I come back an' it's not done!" Silver looked up at Morph. "Morph! Keep an eye on these here. . . pups! Let me know if there be any more distractions."

Morph burbled in obedience, then suddenly whirled around in the air, giving himself large, over-sized eyes and keeping them trained on Jim and I. Jim rolled his eyes and sighed. I felt about the same way. It was dark by now. We tried to mop quickly but efficiently, and Morph had turned himself into a miniature version of the mop, and squeaked and slid around the deck at a much faster pace than Jim and I, obviously enjoying himself. He slid over Jim's boot. Jim smiled as Morph turned back into his cute pink self and hiccupped a few bubbles.

"Well this has been a fun day, huh? Making new friends?. . . Like that spider-psycho!" Jim said to Morph sarcastically. Jim waggled his fingers like a spider to demonstrate the creepiness of Scroop. I agreed whole heartedly.

"Huffah!" I said, showing my enthusiasm of being Anti-Scroop. Morph turned into a small version of Scroop and copied the motions of Jim's hand.

"Huffah. That's a new one." grinned Jim.

" Spider-psycho! Spider-psycho!" squeaked Morph.

Jim laughed as he watched Morph. "A little uglier." grinned Jim, still chuckling.

Morph looked thoughtful for a moment as the small Scroop, then suddenly he drastically charicatured the evilness of Scroop, laughing maniacally and giving a deranged, cartoonish look to Scroop's face.


I burst out laughing, and Jim grinned. "That's pretty close."

Morph smiled and shrugged as the comically-evil Scroop. We all heard Silver coming back up to the top deck, and Morph abruptly turned into a pink blob of silly putty again.

"Thank heaven for little miracles! Up here fer an hour an' the deck's still in one piece!" he said, his voice falsely cheerful, and I felt like giving a good pop on the head. "Didn't yer pap ever teach yeh ta pick yer fights a bit more carefully?" Silver asked eventually, concerned.

Jim stopped smiling then looked down and began mopping again without answering. I knew just how he felt; it was a raw nerve for me, too.

"Yer father not the teachin' sort?" said Silver slowly.

Jim looked a bit angry and upset, but was doing his best to seem nonchalant. I could see past that, seeing as i was in the same boat.

" . . . No. He was more the. . . taking-off-and-never-coming-back. . . sort."

Silver got a look of understanding mixed with his concerned one. He didn't understand... no, not at all.

"Ohhh. . . sorry, lad." he said quietly.

Jim shrugged, but didn't make eye contact with Silver. "Hey, no big deal. I'm doin' just fine."

Silver looked at Jim, inspecting him for a moment. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Is'at so...?" he asked disbelievingly, then turned to me menacingly. "Now, Sasha! I know yer a guest of the captain, but that's the second time today yeh got into a fight with Scroop. I trust there won't be any more problems, Sasha?"

"No, Silver." I snapped. "I'll be the perfect little angel because one of the crew members is a total creep and a jerk."

"Well, I wouldn't be saying that if I were you, because the cap'n has put yeh in my charge as your punishment for fighting, Sasha, and, like it or not I'll be poundin' a few skills into both yer thick heads o' to keep you two outta trouble!" Silver tapped Jim's forehead as he said this.

Jim looked just as outraged as I felt. He appeared to be about to object, but Silver cut him off, smiling slyly. What a sleeze.

"From now on I'm not lettin' you outta me sight!" Declared Silver.

"You can't j--!" Jim began.

"You won't s'much as-- " Silver counted on his fingers, "--eat, sleep, or scratch yer bum--!" He slammed his cybernetic fist onto the side of the Legacy to make a point. "--without my sayin' so!"

Jim glared at him, in complete opposition. "Don't do me any favors!" He spat sarcastically.

Silver grinned and quickly put an hand on each of our shoulders, "Oh, you can be sure of that, you two! You can be sure of that!"