I stood infront of the mirror. My long hair fell in soft curls about my shoulders, and my lavender dress fell in swirlies around my ankles. My purple heels made a soft click as I turned around, examining myself. I even wore makeup, even though I was totally opposed to that. I mean, what was the point of putting something on your lips that didn't taste good? And why make yourself look like you're blushing? Cripes! There was a soft knock on the door.

"Sasha....?" I heard my mother's voice.

Goodness, it was good to have her back. When I got back from the voyage, it turns out my father had returned and my mother had regained her sanity. She openned the door, her bright green eyes meeting mine. I looked a lot more like dad.... Mom was the pretty one, really. She had black hair and green eyes, and even though she was getting older she still looked quite young. It had taken almost a year to rebuild the Benbow Inn, in which we were in at that very moment.

Mother smiled slyly. "Jim's waiting. He won't cut the ribbon without you."

"Omigosh..." I rolled my eyes. Indeed over the 10 months we had been back we had gotten very serious, but he kept doing these silly little things like insisting on me being out in public and such.

"He insists. Sasha, he really does love you." Mother brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes.

"I know. I love him too. The whole -etherium- couldn't contain how much I love him." I smiled. "Let's go."

I walked out, my mother (wearing a pretyful maroon dress) following. I walked to the ribbon, where Mrs. Hawkins, Amelia, Morph, and a crowd of some Benbow residents stood in front of the door. A large red ribbon was in front of them. It was cut by Jim, and a good deal of cheering began. He looked over and smiled at me. The cheering of the crowd faded away, and Jim disappeared. It soon became dark and I started to wonder just where he was at. I sat by the window and listened to the crickets chirp. B.E.N. offered me a plate of cake, which I turned away politely.

I gazed around the room. Maybe Jim had slipped in without me noticing... My gaze settled on Amelia and Doppler. The sight of them together made me smile. Three female infant "kittens" were in Doppler's arms (Leah, LaTifa, and Julia), wrapped in pink blanets and Amelia held a "puppy" (Alexander) in a blue blanket. Amelia bent down and kissed the Alex on the forehead. He yawned sleepily and blinked awake, smiling.

Suddenly I jumped up as the front door bursted open alarmingly. Two constables, Robocops, whatever, wheeled in. I glanced to Mrs. Hawkins for an explaination, but looked worried too. Suddenly both constables rolled to the side, revealing Jim. Unlike when I first met him, his hair was cut, his earring gone, and he was wearing a white uniform. He looked down at himself and then smiled up at Mrs. Hawkins and I. I had seen him look cute before, but I had never dreamed he would be this handsome... Morph, who Silver had let Jim adopt, flipped in the air, turning into a medal with shooting stars on it, and pinned himself to Jim's chest.

Suddenly shanty-music started up. Mrs. Dunwoodie was using her multiple arms to play several different instruments. The crowd parted, leaving an aisle in the center of the room. Many clapped, while those forming the aisle waved lilies in the air in rhythm to the music, and I smiled slightly, looking down at my feet. I looked up, startled, as Jim took my arms and pulled me to my feet. He danced with me down the aisle. I smiled contentedly at him. He always knew when I was out of sorts, and just how to make me feel better. Doppler came up with Amelia behind us, spinning her around. She dropped gracefully and Doppler caught her, both of them smiling. Jim took my hand and lead me away from the crowd.

"Speaking of going down the aisle... Sasha.... I've only known you what... a year...? But I feel like I've known you my whole life. And I know, after spending so much time with you and feeling so strongly for you that you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sasha, will you marry me?" he said as he dropped down on one knee.

"I will." I beamed, throwing my arms around him.

That was the beginning of the end of my old life, and I was sure it would lead to nothing but joy in my new life with Jim. It was perfect... Just perfect.