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Beforehand: Before you go any further you must realise I use the JAPANESE names!!!!! I do not and WILL NOT ever use the pathetic NA dub names. Here is a name list for all those who have never seen the real Card Captor Sakura. Real names are on the left and NA dub name sare on the right.:

Sakura Kinomoto was changed to Sakura Avalon. (It is really pronounced Sa-kah-rah)

Shaoran Li was changed to Li Showron (Firstname, lastname switched; Spelling
changed. What was wrong with "Shaoran"?)

Tomoyo Daidouji was changed to Madison Taylor.

Touya Kinomoto was changed to Tori Avalon.

Yukito Tsukishiro was changed to Jullian Star.

Mei-ling Li was changed to Meilin Rae. (I guess two cousins 'engaged' isn't
Nelvana's idea of family values :))

Fujitaka Kinomoto was changed to Aiden Avalon.

Nadesico Kinomoto was changed to Natasha Avalon.

Kaho Mizuki was changed to Layla Mackenzie.

Rika was changed to Rita. (Oh, come on! They only changed one letter! Why not
just leave it as Rika, then!??)

Naoko was changed to Nikki.

Chiharu was changed to Chelsea.

Takashi was changed to Zachary.

Tomoeda was changed to Readington~city

Lasin was changed to Layzin ~Shaoran's board.

Also please understand that I am 17, so the censor rating may go up to Pg-13 or R for cussing or intimet scenes (nothing like a lemon ;-) Other than that, please enjoy this:


Shaoran leaned back lazily in his chair as the teacher spoke some foreign language to him. Even if he did speak Japanese, Math was a different subject all together. The sixteen year old sighed tiredly and laid his head down for a quick nap, which consisted of a few seconds before chalk hit his head and he was sent outside.

Sakura giggled to herself as the chestnut brown haired kid and best friend walked to the front of the class, bowed, and walked outside with a bucket of water.

Shaoran sighed and leaned against the door. Placing the bucket next to him he slid his hands into his pockets. ' Geeze, and its only first period....'

Walk this way
By Satashi
"Ever just have one of them days?" Shaoran asked his friend Takashi as they walked through the cafeteria line.

"Speaking of bad days, did you know that the first 'bad day' was by an ancient Egyptian king who.." Shaoran listened intently to the story as he filled his tray with several things. Shaoran even waited for Takashi to get done so he wouldn't miss anything. That was until Rita pulled him away, informing him it was another lie.

'Geeze, you would think I'd learn by now...' Shaoran smirked lightly to himself as he scanned the room for a place to sit. After a few moments he decided to eat outside. Crashing down onto a tree he chowed down on his rice and squid.

"Shaoran-kun!" Sakura greeted happily.

Shaoran looked up with a bite half into his mouth and addressed Sakura. "Oi." He stuffed his face more.

"At least invite me to sit." She scolded playfully as she plopped next to him and took a bite of his fried shrimp.

"H-hey!" Shaoran glared, blushing slightly. Sakura smiled happily at him, causing more blood to race to his face. 'At this rate I'll get a nose bleed..'

"Aren't they just the cutest?" Tomoyo asked her friends as she video taped the scene.

"Uh...Yeah." Chiharu answered as she sweat dropped.


Sakura blasted out of the school doors on her roller blades and smiled happily as the cool breeze slide around her face. Although most wouldn't like a cold breeze on a winters day, Sakura wasn't really what you would call normal, now would you? Passing several friends she called out her good-byes and skated home, passing Shaoran and flirt fully tapping him on his head as she passed.

Shaoran frowned lightly and called out to the girl "Oi, Sakura!" Sakura flipped around and skated backwards. "Don't skate into the wind!" ( I can see your knickers)

Sakura blushed brightly and forcefully placed her hands down to keep the wind from blowing her dress. A few seconds later she rammed back first into a wall, leaving her imprint.

"Baka." Shaoran grinned as he passed the girl on his way home.


"Jump back! what's that sound? Here she comes, full blast and top down! Hot shoe! burnen down the avenue Model citizen! She's the best for me! Don't you she's gotta love me! You'll lose her in that turn! I'll get herrrryaaa! PANAMA!"

Shaoran spun around, getting the cord of his guitar tangled around him and almost throwing his sunglasses off. Bringing one leg up and swinging his guitar he imitated most professional players. He was currently wearing socks, casual house shorts and a green tank top with the ying yang on it. Not to mention the expensive Oakey shades. In fact he was so tied up in his singing and playing he didn't hear the knocking on his door, nor the door opening after words.

The young boy was well into the second verse when he spun again and noticed his company. The music and vocals were stopped immediately and he let his mouth hang open for a few seconds before Sakura started to laugh her head off.

"Sa-Sakura! What are you doing here!?"

Sakura giggled more and closed the door behind her. "You asked me to come over a few days ago, remember?"


"Hey, um... Sakura-chan?"

"Un, Shaoran-kun?" Sakura turned around and looked at the blushing nervous boy.

"Um... Would you like to...uh.. Come over to my place this Friday? ..I ,uh, need some help in Math.. " He looked up and continued quickly. "But-I-would-understand-if-you-would-rather-not. I-mean-after all-you-still--"

Sakura cut him off blushing slightly "I would love to."

Shaoran blinked and turned a shade redder. "H-Honto ne?"

"Un." Sakura smiled brightly at him. "As long as you make me dinner to!"

"Ye-yeah!" Shaoran turned back to his normal color and smiled brightly. "I'd be glad to! Around seven then?"

"All right!"

~*End Flashback*~

"Um, yeah, I did say that, didn't I?"

Sakura nodded giggling. "Seems like you didn't make me dinner either, did you?" She pouted playfully.

Shaoran thought quickly. "Well the winter festival is still going on! Wanna go?"

"Hai!" She smiled happily at him. "Better change first though."

Shaoran looked down at his entire and blushed a light red. "Just one moment." He placed his guitar on the couch and darted for his room. A few moments he emerged wearing kakies and a light blue long sleeved shirt with a leather jacket over it. "Well, shall we?"

Sakura smiled like always. "Lets shall."


Author's notes: So how was the first part? Kinda short, I know. Next part will be seven pages at least, I promise. Sakura and Shaoran seem a little out of character? Gomen nasai, but I think that six years will change a person slightly, don't you? I won't ask you to review this story unless you feel like it is worth your time. If it is, then I would love it if you would. I even take story ideas. If you have something that you might think good in the next part by all means tell me! I should update this story daily so please check around 9:00 P.M. Central time for an update.

Here is a teaser for part 2:

Shaoran handed the soaking wet Sakura a towl and some of his cloths. "Your lucky if you didn't catch a cold. Its freezing outside."

Sakura blushed slightly as she adespted his cloths. "These won't stay on me."

Shaoran grinned at her in his own special way. "Just more eye candy for me. " Sakura blushed more and was about to give him her patented 'hoe' when he slightly pushed her into his room and closed the door. "Now get dressed before your brother finds out your not at Tomoyo's like you said and shoots me."