Cards and Kisses Cards and Kisses
Part 3 of Walk this way
by: Satashi

Sakura landed in the dark park and let Tomoyo off before she changed her wand back to its normal self. Shaoran landed next to them and drew his sword. Tomoyo quickly went to the bushes to hide as she taped. The boy of the group looked toward his board and decided the card they were after was in the emperor penguin. Slinking into a fighting position he concentrated on his first attack.

"Sakura-chan...I'm going to attack first. Its only choice will be to dodge out the other side so be ready to attack it with whatever, okay?"

"Right... Be careful, okay?"

Shaoran nodded briefly before dashing at the bottom of the penguin and sliding with his sword pointed forward. Sakura heard an weird shriek and then saw a scorpion of some sort lash from the other side of the slide.

"Looks like it should be weak against thunder!" Kero shouted to Sakura as he pointed.

Sakura reached into her pocket and pulled the Thunder card. "Thunder! Become a force that strikes!" She threw the card in front of her and struck it with her wand.

Shaoran's hair started to stand up as he arose. A second later the thing in front of him was struck and then collapsed onto the sand, breathing heavily.

"Yatta!" Sakura shouted happily as she jumped in the air. "Got him!"


"Sakura-chan! Watch out!" Shaoran leapt from his spot and landed right into the path of the beam shot from the scorpion's tail.

Kero's eyes narrowed in realization. "Its Drain! The tail sucks your energy away!"

Shaoran thrust his sword down into the dirt at his feet and forced his head to concentrate on his target. "God of lightning descend!" He pointed at the beast and smiled wryly when the attack missed. The next thing he saw was the dirt rushing toward his face and blackness finally overtaking him.

"No! Shaoran!" Sakura cried out as she ran up to him and caught his head and placed it into her lap. "You idiot... why did you do that...? Shaoran...Shaoran, please don't leave me.... I need you.."

"Sakura!" Sakura's shoes grew wings and she jumped into the air and landed next to Tomoyo and gently laid Shaoran down. Kero soon arrived after words. " You gotta seal that thing before all of Shaoran's energy is gone. Once hit, it will draw out the life force until he's dead!"

Tears unconsciously came from Sakura's eyes as she ran back into the open with her wand raised above her head. "Windy! Firey!" She cried as she held the cards out. "Please!" More tears came down her face. "I don't have much time!"

"Hurry Sakura!"

"Help me seal this beast!" With a flip of her wrist she sent the two cards flying. An unseen wind brought them back to her just in time to be struck with the wand. Firey was the first to appear, followed by Windy. The fire took life onto Drain's body and was soon re-enforced by the wind. "Return to the guise thy were meant to be in! CLOW CARD!" Sakura jumped into the air and brought the wand down. The card formed at the tip of the wand and sucked the card into it. The card, in turn, went into Sakura's hand. "Shaoran!"

"He's okay!" Tomoyo called, waving her hand. "He's just asleep."

Sakura picked up Shaoran's head and placed it in her lap once again. Silently she ran her hand through his hair and looked at his face, not really focusing on anything. A tear dropped from her eye and landed onto his cheek, stirring him from his slumber. "Sh-Shaoran-kun?"

Shaoran's eyes opened quickly and he shot forward and drew his sword, immediately falling down again and almost impaling himself. He lay on the ground a few seconds breathing hard. A couple moments later Sakura turned him over onto his back and looked at his face. "Sa....Sa-ku-ra?" His eyes half closed. "So tired..."

"Of course you are, brat." Kero yelled at him after landing on his chest. "You took a full blast from his draining spell! If Sakura had waited another few seconds you would of been in a coma or even died! That is the stupidest thing you've ever done!" Kero angrily paced up to him and glared directly into his eyes. "Don't go suicidal on us now! Next time can't you tackle her or something instead of just taking the brunt of the attack!? How dumb are you!?"

Shaoran chuckled lightly. "I'll remember that...."

"Tomoyo-chan, can you call home and get someone to pick you up?"

Tomoyo smiled at Sakura. "Of course. Take care of him, all right?"

"I will.." She pulled a card. "FLY!"

Shaoran was vaigly aware of being lifted and he drooped his arms over Sakura to make sure he wouldn't fall off. "Thanks... I appreciate all this."

Sakura nodded lightly. ' I should be thanking you Shaoran....' She closed her eyes briefly. ' Please don't make me worry like that again, okay?'


Sakura landed on her house and slid down to her window and pushed it open. Silently she crept in and closed her window after Kero came in. Sighing, she pulled off her cloths and thought back to Shaoran.


Sakura let Shaoran fall onto his bed and pulled off his shoes. "You sure your gonna be all right, Shaoran-kun?"

"Un." He replied sleepily. "If what that plush toy said was true then my energy was only sapped. If I sleep then I'll be fine, right?"


"Daijobu des." He insisted with a smile. " I'll see you tomorrow." He winked. "Go home before they find out your gone."

Sakura nodded slowly and pulled the covers over him. "Sleep then."

"I will."

Sakura turned to walk back to his window but stopped and turned back. The young boy's eyes were closed and by his breathing she could tell he was already in dream land. Sakura smiled lightly to herself when she saw the sleeping boy. He had changed so much over the years. From the snobby brat that she first met, to the caring boy she had started to like and now into the young man who was stealing her heart by the day. Although she could tell they were closer than most friends she didn't know if she was in love or if it was something else. Shaoran's breath raised and lowered his chest, making him look quite vulnerable. With out thinking Sakura walked over to him again and kissed his forehead. "Sweat Dreams, Shao-chan." She whispered.

~* End flashback*~

Sakura smiled to herself when she saw the piece of cake left for her and eat it happily while sitting on her bed. Giving he last piece to Kero, she trotted down stairs to get some tea. On the way she head her brother talking to Yukito. When she got to the kitchen she mixed her tea and put two more onto her green tray. When she walked back up she stopped in front of her brothers room and waited. Just as she edspected Yukito opened the door and smiled down at her. "Would you like some tea, Yukito-san?"

"Ah, Sakura-chan, domo arigato." He took the tray and let Sakura pick up her glass.

"I'm going back to my room, have fun you two."

"Un. Thanks again."

"No problem.^_^"

Yukito closed the door and walked back to his place on the floor and sat the tray down and took a sip. "You say she wasn't in her room?"

Touya nodded as he picked up his cup. "And now she's back and the front door is locked tight."

"Well she does have a key, right?"

"....Maybe I'm thinking into things to much.....She probably went over to Tomoyo's just like I thought."

Yukito nodded. "That's it. You just worry about her to much."

"Shut up."

Yukito laughed.



Sakura lazily pulled her alarm clock into the bed with her and covered herself with her blankets.

"Sakura....Sakura! Oi Sakura!" Kero pounded on her head. "Wake up already! Don't you have cleanup today?"

Sakura brought herself into a sitting position and wiped her eyes lazily. Yawwnnnn... "Arigato, Kero-chan." Sleepily she made her way to the bathroom and took a quick cold shower to wake her up.


"Ohayo!" Sakura greeted as she opened the door to her classroom.

"Ohayo, Sakura-chan." Tomoyo greeted from across the room.

"Tomoyo-chan! Your on cleanup with me today?"

"No, he is." Tomoyo pointed to a sleeping Shaoran. "I just came because I didn't think he would be able to get here on time."

"Oh, arigato." Sakura smiled and walked over to Shaoran "Ohayo, Shao-chan."

Shaoran looked up sleepily. "Sakura-chan, Ohayo." He yawned quite loudly. " I'll help out.."

"No, no." Sakura pushed him down when he got up. "Get yourself a few more minuets sleep."

Shaoran smiled thankfully up at her. "I'll pay you two back someday."

Sakura smiled at him. "You already did, last night." Shaoran winked and went back to sleep.

Shaoran sat underneath his favorite tree during lunch break. Having been well rested, namely first, second, and third class periods, he was ready for the rest of the day..... just without lunch.

"No lunch, Shao-chan?"

Shaoran looked up at Sakura and grinned. "Nope. To tired this morning to fix any."

Sakura sat down next to him and gave him a box. "Here you go. I figured you'd forgot your money, or would be to tired to fix your own so I brought extra."

Shaoran took the box and blushed lightly. Right now his stomach demanded more attention than his face. Both eat merrily until Shaoran picked up the familiar, almost inaudible pitch of a digital camera. After wiping his face he looked around before spotting Tomoyo a little ways off, filming. "Oi! Daidouji-chan! At least come over and visit if your gonna record!"

Tomoyo nodded and clicked off her camera.

Sakura hummed to herself as she walked down the hall to her seventh period class. Along the way a boy called her attention to him by waving.

"Kinomoto-san, how are you?"

Sakura addressed the speaker politely. Joe. He sat next to her in her science class. "Konichiwa, Joe-kun. I'm good, and you?"

"Pretty You wanna go out this Friday? I know a good place to eat that just opened."

"I, uh.."

Shaoran chose that moment to pass by. A few steps later and he turned and looked at the guy talking to Sakura. Although he didn't mind her talking to guys, not at all, he did mind it when they asked her out. ' What's it matter anyway?' he asked himself silently. ' She's not yours...'

"Keep waiting and you'll lose her."

Shaoran turned quickly to Tomoyo and blinked. "Wha?"

"Sakura is one of the popular girls in school." She informed him. "A lot of guys don't approach her because of you, but some know that your not an item and make passes at her. Like joe is. Its obvious she wants to turn him down right? But she is to nice of a person for that."

Shaoran turned back to Sakura, who was stumbling with the words. Before he knew what was going on he walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist. "Oi, Sakura-chan!" He looked at Joe and pretended to be surprised. "Oh, Joe-kun. How are you?"

Joe looked at Sakura's red face and then at Shaoran's. "Oh, I'm pretty good." He turned back to Sakura. "Never mind then , I didn't know you were going out. Ja ne then!" He waved as he left and approached Tomoyo, who smiled at him. Joe in turned winked at her and mouthed out 'Your welcome.'

~*Flash back*~


Joe turned at the sound of the voice. "Oh, Tomoyo-chan. What can I do for you?"

"Can you ask Sakura Kinomoto out this Friday?"

"Isn't she going with Li-kun?"

"Li-kun is to nervous to make a move, if you apply some competition he'll act and they'll get together!"

Joe thought about it. "All right then, you did loan me some money for lunch today. ..Sure! Why not?"

~*End flash back*~

"Sh-Shao-chan!" Sakura gasped blushing bright red. "People are staring!" Shaoran let her go and she turned around. "Why'd you do that? He was asking me out."

Shaoran blushed lightly and inspected the dirt on the floor. "Well.. I ...uh..."

Sakura smiled a the blushing boy and wrapped him in a hug and whispered in his ear. "Arigato, Shao-chan."

Shaoran's face switched to several darker shades of red but he smiled anyway and slid his hands around her. "I guess this is a cheesy way of asking you out, huh?"

She shook her head against his chest. "Uh-uh, Its okay. You finally did it at least."

Shaoran blinked. "What do you mean 'finally?' You could of asked to!"

Sakura backed away. "Well its the guy's responsibility!"

"Says who?"

"Says me!"

"Oh yeah?"


Both glared at each other for a few seconds before cracking a grin and laughing. "Looks like were both not good at this stuff, huh?" Shaoran asked, making Sakura blinked. "As long as its you, I'd like to learn.." He gave her a gorgeous smile that even flashed his pearly white teeth.

(Schweeeeeeeeet) ^_^

Several cheers rang through hte hallway and the two leaned in for a kiss. The boys were steady chanting "LI!LI!LI!LI!" While the girls were cheering for Sakura. When their lips touched several bets were collected on how long it would last. And, of course, Tomoyo was filming it all. ' I'll call this one Sakura and Li's first kiss. ' She smiled brightly to herself.

~*Funny Epilog, just for teh heck of it*~

It was now two months later. Sakura's family still has no idea of her new boyfriend. Shaoran edspeacilly didn't want a certain brother to find out. Sakura, on the other hand, was spending more time over at Shaoran's apartment. But today, however, She finally talked him into coming over to her place.

"You sure this is okay?" Shaoran asked nervously. "I mean, what if Touya comes home early or something? What if that plush toy of yours decides to barge in? ....What if Tomoyo records us through the window and someone at school gets a hold of it? I saw this one movie called Road Trip where..."

Sakura cut him off abruptly with her lips on his and pulled him on top of her on the bed. When she broke the kiss she smiled seductively up at him. "I don't care if she plays it in front of the school, We haven't had a serious make out session in a few weeks now."

Shaoran blinked. "And I thought I was the aggressive one in the relationship..." This earned a laugh from Sakura and spited Shaoran to tickle her in his favorite spots (her sides you hentai! ^_~)

After rolling around and playing for the most of the afternoon both started kissing more and Shaoran started light touching. Very light. So light in fact it started to aggravate Sakura. "I swear your the shyest" a kiss. "Boy in the world!" Another kiss.

Shaoran blinked. "G-gomen.."

Without warning Sakura started laughing again and teased him none stop. Finally Shaoran pulled her into a deeper kiss and explored her mouth, making Sakura let out an unconcess moan.... And then their was a knock at her door.

"Sakura? You in there?" Touya asked from the door. "Your supposed to make dinner tonight." He knocked again. "Sakura?" He opened the door and stepped in. "Man ,Sakura, clean your room." Sakura smiled and laughed nervously at the damage she and Shaoran had caused since they got there. "And don't you usually make your bed in the mornings? Not getting lazy are you?"

Shaoran held his breath from her closet, praying to Dende that he would leave soon.

"Uh, yeah, sorry..hehe."

Touya looked at her for a moment and then trailed his eyes across the room. "Not hiding anything are you?"

Sakura could feel her palms sweat. "N-no, what makes you say that?"

Touya gave her a look and then stepped into her room more. "What is it?"

Shaoran took a small breath and almost screamed when Touya looked directly at the closet door. Since Sakura had one of the kinds that had several slanted pieces of wood going across, one on the inside could kinda see out but not vice-versa.

Step by step Touya walked to the closet and slid it open quickly. Shaoran dove out silently and jumped into the air behind him. When Touya spun around he saw a sweating Sakura standing by her desk and nothing else. "Wha...? I could of sworen I saw something dive out..." He turned several times, confused.

"N-Nothing! I'll get started on dinner in a second, okay?"

Touya eyed her but left the room anyway. When the door closed Sakura sighed and pulled out the float card from behind her back and Shaoran quickly fell to the ground, making a soft thump.

"I thought I was gonna die..." He said, gasping for air.

Sakura giggled and pushed him toward the window. "Get going before he comes back."

Shaoran kissed her one last time before jumping backwars out the window. Sakura smiled brightly to herself and picked up the picture of her and Shaoran on the rollar coaster ride. The picture showed her hugging Shaoran tightly with her eyes closed tight and her mouth open in a scream. Shaoran had his mouth wide open in a huge smile and his eyes sparkling. Sakura felt a small blush on her face, knowing that he only smiled like that for her.

~*The End*~

Notes: I just couldn't resist the translation of Sakura's 'Hyan' to 'Schweet'. I don't remember which fansuber does this but I always get a trip out of it. Oh, and sorry if any Dialog sounded like an osaka accent. I'm from the south so I "kinda" use that accent in my writing. ^_^ As always review if you think its worthy of your time. I always read every review and it means alot to a writer when you let them know you like it or not. I'm starting my next story 'Sleepless Night' Soon so look forward to it! And I promise to update it every day!Picture of the roller coaster was inspired by niki-chan's review. Kudos to you Niki-chan!