(I am so bored. So, to add to my collection of new stories and sequels, I shall make a sequel to "The Resurrection of the Demon Blade"! Yay!)


The train ride seemed unimaginably boring for Ryo. He decided to eye the surroundings while Atsuko popped her fingers, irritating Yasuko.
Suddenly, the train slowed to a halt. "What?" Ryo muttered while Kagari glanced around.
Yasuko quickly jumped out of her seat and took a few steps.
"Where are you going?" Ryo asked. She shrugged. "I'm checking it out."
Ryo rolled his eyes and stood up, following Yasuko. Atsuko stared at them for a moment, deciding to exit as well, much to the protest to the engineer.
"A rockslide? When could this have happened?" Yasuko thought as she inspected the boulders.
Ryo walked up behind her. "Crap, we're stuck."
A sudden screeching sound broke the silence as a winged Hellspawn flew out from behind the cliff.
"Hellspawn?! Didn't we kill all of them?" Ryo muttered as the creature drew near.
Four shurikens flew and struck the Hellspawn's abdomen, bringing it down quickly.
"You should pay attention, might lose your head," Yasuko advised.
Ryo just pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.
Namiko walked quietly through the streets of Shinjuku, attempting to think of what to do next.
"Sensei Sadatake is gone, there's nothing left. What am I supposed to do now?" she asked herself quietly, her eyes suddenly following something through the air. It landed nearby.
Namiko darted in that direction, avoiding a few obstacles.
She heard a few yells, fearing the worst as she reached the Hellspawn as it attempted to strike at a young boy.
Namiko quickly withdrew the barren blade of Akujki, noticing its glow had diminished.
She shook it off and quickly stabbed the Hellspawn, forcing the blade through the flesh.
The creature screeched in pain, swiping its tail at the young girl.
She jerked the blade away and avoided the first blow, however, the second one caught her off guard, knocking her down.
Namiko gritted her teeth as the creature prepared to finish her off, however it suddenly stopped. A dark glow surrounded it, choking it.
The Hellspawn began to crack and break, as if the glow had frozen it.
It shattered, as if it were ice. Namiko shielded her eyes before looking up to see the boy outstretching his hand towards her.
She gladly took it, hoisting herself up.
"Thank you for helping me," he stated. Namiko nodded, taking in his wardrobe.
He wore a white shirt with a blue vest covering it. Black shorts reached to his knees, while a belt held it up.
Silver hair reached down to his shoulders. His eyes were a damp blue.
Namiko squinted, noticing the scar between his eyes.
"You're... welcome," she replied, a cold feeling entering her body.
The boy smiled as black clouds clustered in the sky.

9I know this chapter was a little short, it'll get better.)