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change in scene/pov/time.

The final battle

Many differences were put aside and alliances were made for the final battle against Naraku. Sesshoumaru finally accepted Inuyasha for who he is and stopped his attempts to get Tetsiaga from him. Also, he trained Kagome how to fight, so now she could even beat him without her miko powers. The West and East made peace and all four lands would fight under one cause, to aid in the destruction of Naraku.

in a large field with the forest surrounding it

It was a cloudy day, sure to rain, when the great battle began. The two armies stood a couple hundred yards away from each other. The tension was high and the soldiers were shifting their weight from foot to foot with anticipation. The Northern lands' archers were hidden amongst the trees surrounding the field. The Southern lands' provided camouflage and great battle techniques (think of the gorilla style used in the American Revolutionat least I think that's where it was used), along with their army. The Eastern lands' made the armor and the weapons, giving plenty to each soldier, along with their army. The Western lands' had all of their swordsmen right behind the cavalry, which they provided the great animals being ridden. In the cavalry there were not only horses, but also lower class dragons, phoenixes, and giant birds of prey. Each of these creatures were different sizes.

Naraku's army had descended from above and was now snarling on the other side of the field, waiting for their dark leader to signal them to fight. Everyone in Naraku's army was unimaginably vile and revolting in their own way. Naraku's army was composed of the foulest creatures to ever walk the face of Earth.

Both armies looked to have the same number of people on field, but in hiding who knows how many.

"Aaaahhhh!!" battle cries were now being yelled. And the two armies clashed together. Blood and arrows were flying this way and that while it poored rain ontop of their heads. Everybody was doing more than their part; Naraku's army was growing increasingly smaller by the minute, even with reinforcements. The shard hunting group was attacking viciously. Miroku was using his Wind Tunnel when ever he could along with the wards and seals, but Naraku's poisonous insects were making it difficult. Sango was tearing demon after demon apart with her boomerang and her sword with Kirara at her side helping in any way she could. Inuyasha was using the Cutting Wind taking out hundreds of demons at a time. Sesshoumaru was using Tokijin (sp?) and his poisonous whip to kill all who got in his path.

Kagome had made straight for Naraku soon as the battle began. They were now facing off at the far end of the field. I've got to stop him. He has done enough damage and I won't allow him to continue any longer! Kagome thought to herself. Suddenly Naraku had attacked with his tentacles and miasma, going straight for Shikon no Tama shards around her neck. She swiftly dodged his attack and sliced through his body several times with her miko powered sword in less than a nanosecond. Then she quickly snatched his half of the Shikon and purified it before he could regenerate.

Looking down at the remains of Naraku, she held up her hand, palm facing him, and forced his soul to come out while a crimson and yellow dragon shot up from the ground. The dragon latched onto Naraku's soul and pulled it down to the seventh level of Hell, where reincarnation was impossible.

When Kagome looked up, she saw everyone was staring at her. And she smiled.

"It's over. It's finally over." She said as happiness flooded her entire being.

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