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"Well I guess since Videl won't be able to do anything for now we can go do some thing else, that way Videl won't miss out on any lessons. What would you like to go do?" said Gohan.


"I really want to go to the amusement park! Ijust love the really big roller coasters!" Kagome said excitedly.

"Alright! It's been a while, the last time I was there I had to go with Vegeta and Trunks." Then Gohan picked up Kagome brida;l style and flew out the window.

'Wow, this is really amazing,' thought Kagome as she looked down at the tiny houses rolling by underneath her. Usually she would be screaming her head off when Inuyasha took this high, but for some unknown reason that she couldn't explain-- she felt safe. When she went to sneak a peak at Gohan she caught him looking at her, they both quickly turned away blushing like crazy.

When they got to the amusement park, Gohan, like the gentleman he is, paid for both of them. Kagome was almost a little kid again as she pointed to the really big roller coasters and going "Ooooh, Aaah" before bursting out with "Let's go on that one!" and then proceedeing to drag Gohan behind her over to the line. This carried on throughout the day.


They had a great time, Gohan won Kagome a HUGE Scooby-Doo plushie at a game of knocking down the bottles, so of course he won. They were on their way out of the amusement park when a fortune teller called them over. Gohan thought that this was just another scam artist and was about to keep on going, but Kagome stopped him.

"Come on, it'll be fun! Besides what could it hurt?" Kagome said as she dragged him over to another place for what seemed the hundredth time today.

The teller's tent was filled with various sents and oddly shaped bottles, and on top of that there was thousands of lighted canles. In the middle of the foom there was a small table and chairs. The teller was a female with big round glasses and curlly poofy hair (think of Professor Trellony (sp?) from Harry Potter)

"Come, have a seat. Let me read your palms." the teller said as she gazed down at Kagome's hand, suddenly a look of fear flashed across the teller's face and she jerked Gohan's hand under her nose.

"You both have very grave readings." she said in a solem voice. "I see a great evil wrecking havoc in the near future." she looked positively terrified.

"Beware the man with long dark hair and crimson eyes for he is the one who willbring so much evil and destruction." the teller screamed this frantically after Gohan, who had currently rolled his eyes thinking 'This is a load of bull crap.' and was dragging a wide-eyed Kagome out of the park.

'He's back...Naraku's back.' this was all Kagome could think of as she numbly felt herself being picked up into the air.


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