A New Quest


This is a Zelda story so sit back shut up and READ.......... Thank you for that now here you go READ you better!!!



It was midday when 13 year old Link awoke under his favourite tree in Hyrule field;

Link: >yawn< Oh that was a nice nap,

Navi: >blinks and looks around realizing Link finally woke up and is talking< Oh yeah nice!

Link: >stands up< Navi you look terrible are you feeling ok?

Navi: >tiredly say's< I'm fine I'll live!

Link: Oh ok then hey I hate to do this to a Nav (short for Navi) but it's about that time when I go see Zel!

Navi: Why don't you ever let me come?

Link: I don't like you there cause you'll make fun of me!!!!

Navi: >seriously say's< Link I think it's time!

Link: What do you mean?

Navi: Well you found out your not a Kokiri didn't you?

Link: Oui! (that's yes in French)

Navi: Link I don't think you need me anymore! I think I should leave your a strong lad you can take care of yourself?

Link: >little tearfully< I guess so.

Navi: And plus I'm getting tired of being a hero's fairy I just wanna sleep in a nice warm house again and see my friends you understand don't you?

Link: Yes I do!

Navi: >tears< Well if you do ever need a fairy for a quest I'll help be back at my little home!

Link: >a tear in his eye< Sure bye Navi I'll miss you much!

Navi: >start's to fly away< And I you! >is out of eye sight<

Link: Bye! >Link walk the way the castle<


Zelda: But father you can't!

King: I can and I am! I don't want you to hang around with 'THAT' link one his bad news!

Zelda: You can't stop me!

King: Don't give me that! Listen I don't want you to be hurt your furture queen you can't be seen running around in mud covered clothes!

Zelda: DAD!!!

King: ZELDA!! Listen to me! I said I don't what you to play with link UNDERSTOUD?

Zelda: NO!!!!!

King: Don't get cheeky with me!

Zelda: I'm going out to play with Link! In the mud and I'm going to go on a mini Quest so BYE!! >starts for the door only to see it opening and link walking in hands behind his back< Oh Link HOW nice to see you isn't 'daddy'?

King: >mumbling< Yeah, yeah, yeah nice!

Link: Hi, Zel I got you these in the field >hands her a lovely bunch of beautiful different colored flower's<

Zelda: Oh why Link there lovely but you didn't have to!

Link: No let me finish and I got you this somewhere magical! >hands her a lovely pure gold tiara with a emerald in the middle<

Zelda: Wow that's very nice but Link you shouldn't have I mean!

Link: Zel take the gift and put it on then we can go and I'll show you were I got it!

Zelda: But........ ok thanx Link >on her way past him on her way out the door she gives him a light kiss on the cheek< Thanx. >walks out the door<

Link: >touches his cheek lightly with his hand were she kissed it< Hmmm. >a smile comes across his face<

King: Link?

Link: Yes?

King: Try not to get Zelda all muddy today she is to be queen and I don't want to my people to see her dressed like a.... well not royalty.

Link: I'll try sir!

King: OH.....

Link: I.... >Zelda walk's in wearing the tiara and a long golden dress looking lovely< Zel?

Zelda: Yes?

Link: That tiara's nice on you it matches 'em green eye's of yours!

Zelda: Why thank you!

King: Come here Zelda my dear let me see that tiara on you.

Zelda: Sure >walks over to let the king see<

King; Why that is nice where did you say you got it Link?

Link: I can't tell!

King: Well I guess you don't have to!

Link: Zel I don't mean to be rude but can we maybe go?

Zelda: Why of course bye daddy!

King: Bye!


Link: Zelda why did you kiss me?

Zelda: Well you got me a lovely gift. I hope you didn't mind me kissing you I'm sorry!

Link: NO!! don't be silly I don't mind!

Zelda: GOOD! Sooooo where we going to today?

Link I said I'd show you where I got the tiara from didn't I?

Zelda: Why so you did!

>Just then a Phoenix with a emerald at the crown of it's head flies down and was just about to grab Zelda<

Link: >push Zelda to the ground< Don't move it'll see you stay still!

Zelda: I'll try!

Phoenix: >speaks to Link va mind< Why did you take to tiara of wisdom boy?

Link: I didn't know it was that important!

Phoenix: Well it is now give it back!

Link: I can't!

Phoenix: Don't play with me boy!

Link: My names Link stop callin me boy!

Zelda: Ah link who you talkin to?

Phoenix: The girl she has it >the phoenix takes to the air and fly's towards Zelda<

Link: NOOOOOO!! Don't....... Zelda RUN!!!!!

Zelda: Link help!!!! >The Phoenix swoop's down and grab's Zelda in it's huge claws< LINKKK!!!!

Link: Zelda!!!! NO!!!!! >the Phoenix starts to fly away, as it does link runs as fast as he can after it but is no match to the birds huge wing's< ZELDA!!! >The Phoenix is out of sight. And Link is still running after it shouting< ZELDA....... ZELDA......... ZELDA!!!!!!!!!! >he trips and fall face down on the ground breathing hard< .................... no ........ Zelda....... >a horse can be heard coming towords Link<

Malon: >jumps off the still moving horse and lands beside Link the horse stops soon after< Link mate Link are you ok??????????

Link: Zelda >passes out<

Malon: I'm Malon! Link!!!


Ohhhhhh was that good????? Say if yous want more ok?