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No such thing as Sailor Senshi, but the Sailor's are friends. Usa-chan is a bit OOC, but you'll find out why eventually. Haruka and Duo are also a bit OOC, but that is just to fit the story, soon they'll be normal again.

This story is going to be very confusing, as I'm starting in the middle of the tell. Think Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction, when thinking of how the plot line fallows.

The Mechanics' Lounge

By Anime Monster

A pair of legs hung out from the back plate of one of the gundams sitting in Peacemillion. The ship was heading for Libra, for what was hoped to be the final battle of this endless war.

The person could only be viewed from the knees down, but it wore tight fitting blue jeans on slim legs and high heeled black boots. Some very colorful words sprang out of the back of the suit in high pitched, fast Japanese.

Suddenly in English the voice shouted, "Wire Cutters!" A slim hand reached out of the back of the gundam and waited patiently for the wire cutters. "Dammit, where are those wire cutters?!" A few more minutes and the figure completely emerged from the suit, "Dammit, Minako, skiving off work again." She was slim and wore a tight fitting, grease stained white t-shirt. Her eyes were an endless blue that made her employees dizzy if they looked into them. Her blonde hair was up in a single long braid that snaked its way to her butt.

The blonde looked down from Altron Gundam, the one she had been working on, to see an argument going on.

The Floor of the Hanger

-A few minutes earlier-

A tall woman with short sandy blonde hair, cut like a guys, was busy working on a black mobile suit. She wore a navy blue coverall with 'Ten'oh, Maintenance' written on the back in yellow and brown steel-toed boots. Her blue eyes were concentrating on the communications array, which had gotten seriously bent out of shape last battle. (AN: You know the little gold V's on the head of the gundams, in this they're what enables communication.)

A boy, with long brown hair in a braid that hung to his butt, walked in. He wore black pants and a black shirt with priest color. He was fallowed by four other guys.

One had short messy brown hair, blue eyes and wore a green tank top with black spandex biker shorts. His feet were home to a pair of yellow sneakers and white socks.

The second had short brown hair with a ridiculously long uni-bang hanging over one green eye. He wore a green turtle neck, blue jeans, and black boots. (AN: I don't remember what kind of shoes he wears.)

The third had short, neatly combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore a pink shirt with a violet vest. He had on khaki pants and white dress shoes.

The last had shoulder length black hair in a tight ponytail, dark eyes, and wore a blue tank top with baggy white pants. On his feet were black slippers and white socks.

The braided boy looked up to the black suit with violet eyes and opened his big mouth. "Damn, Deathscythe HELL looks like someone yanked it through an opening the size of a car."

The black haired boy looked at the braided loud mouth, "And who's fault is that, weakling?"

"Well, Wu-man, it certainly isn't mine," 'weakling' said.

"And whose fault is it then, Maxwell? And don't call me Wu-man, my name is Wu-fei!"

"Maybe this ship's poor maintenance department?" Maxwell said.

That did it for the blonde woman working on Deathscythe HELL. She had been listening to the entire conversation.

"Excuse me," said a very ticked off blonde as she walked over to them from the direction of Deathscythe HELL, "but that poor maintenance department, includes me and my friends. And I'll have you know something, Howard would not have hired us if we were not the best mechanics in the universe."

"Yeah, right, then why is Deathscythe HELL in such bad condition?"

"Because, maybe the pilot doesn't know how to pilot?"

"Yeah, right, my buddies and I are the best pilots in the universe. If that happened to one of our gundams than it is the result of the maintenance department."

The other pilots were frantically trying to shut Duo up. Wufei was sharping his Katana with intentions of cutting off the braided pilot's braid. Quatra was trying to cover Duo's mouth and making slashing movements across his neck. Trowa was shaking his head. Heero was aiming his gun and about to say his famous words when…

Altron Gundam

The woman looked down, and shook her head, "Not again," she whispered to herself. The entire maintenance department was looking over at the arguing pilot and Haruka. Shaking her head she grabbed the lift and pulled herself down to the floor.

She saw that these were the five guys that piloted the gundams, and the one arguing with Haruka was the pilot of Deathscythe HELL which Haruka was working on.

"What the hell do I pay you people for? Get back to work!" everyone stared at the blond hair woman who had just shouted from the base of Altron, she was heading straight to the arguing pair. "Haruka, my office now, I'll join you in a moment."

The sandy haired blond eeped and ran in the direction of an office labeled 'Tsukino Usagi, Maintenance Crew Chief.'

The blond stopped in front of a girl who was running back to Altron. She was also blond, but had here long hair up in a loose ponytail held by a red bow. She was wearing a yellow coverall with 'Aino, Maintenance' written on the back in orange. "Minako, go grab a coil of insulated wire and meet me back at Altron in five." Minako ran in the direction of the wire.

A turquoise hair woman with sea green eyes looked worriedly over to Usagi. She wore a sea green coverall with 'Kaioh, Maintenance' in black on the back. "Don't worry, Michiru, I won't dock her pay, this time." Michiru nodded and turned back to her work on Heavyarms.

Usagi stopped in front of the gundam pilots, "Do you wish to lodge a complaint on our service? I'm Tsukino Usagi, Crew Chief, and I don't like people arguing with my crew members."

"She started it," Duo said.

"Correction," Quatra began, "you were saying that their work was unsatisfactory and she must of overheard, since she is the one working on your gundam."

"If you wish to speak with me about the problem, step into my office. But please wait until I finish speaking with my employ."

Usagi turned on her heal and walked to her office. About a minute later Haruka came out, nodding and saying, "It won't happen again."

Duo walked over to the office. "Come in," Usagi said, before he knocked.

"I'm sorry to say, but this must be short," she said as soon as he got into the office. On her desk were the blue prints to Wing Zero and she had her eyes glue to them. "We're swamped from the last battle, and I'm short some members, since they're working in the engine rooms."

"Um, are you guys really the best?"

"Yes, Howard would not have hired us to work on Wing Zero, Deathscythe HELL, Altron, and the other mobile suits that come in here, if we were not."

"So the fault is my poor piloting?"

"No, your gundam is one of the best out there, compared to Zero and Altron, that is. I would say, you guys got swamped in dolls, am I right?"

"Yes, we were battling about a hundred."

She nodded, "Please, allow us to do our work than. I've moved Haruka to Sandrock and Mizuno Ami to your gundam. That should fix the problem." Through the conversations her eyes never left the blue prints. "Now, I know why that one is so hard to fix," she muttered to herself scanning over the blue prints. Duo got up and left, shaken by the power that young woman showed.

A minute later and she left muttering something about, "Zero system" and "Baka, scientists."

Gundam Hanger

-Hours later-

Usagi sat on the shoulder of Altron sipping soup out of a cup (ie. Those Cambell Handheld Soup) "I guess, I'll have to pull an all nighter," she whispered to herself as she sipped her soup. Altron was nearly completely repaired, but looking across the hanger at Wing Zero, which hadn't been touched all day and she knew that a challenge was ahead for her.

A young violet haired woman with violet eyes was leaving the hanger. "Hotaru," Usagi shouted down to the woman in a violet coverall with Tomoe in black on the back.

Hotaru looked up, "You want me to start the pot, now?"

"Hai, Hotaru-chan, you read me to well," Usagi said a smirk on her face.

Hotaru sighed, hoping for a smile from her boss, "I'll start it right away." The young woman walked into the office and got to work on the pot of coffee. Usagi's past had been horrible. The other seven women that worked for Usagi had all come to be her friend differently, but Hotaru had always been Usagi's friend.


A smiling girl, with long blond hair in twin odangos with the rest of the pigtails hanging down to the small of her back, ran to catch up to a violet hair girl, the same age, yelling, "Hotaru, wait up!"

The violet haired girl, slowed a bit and looked behind her, "Usagi, were late already."

A 1000 watt smile was her answer.

End Flashback

'Better times for sure,' Hotaru thought as she remembered their innocence back then. 'We were both happier.'


A slightly younger Usagi, than from the present turned the corner, Hotaru next to her. They were going to investigate the possibility that Mamoru had been cheating on his wife.

It had been an arranged marriage and Usagi was pregnant from it, already (the pair hadn't been married for more than a month). Usagi had fallen in love with 'Mamo-chan' as she called him.

Minako had come to Usagi the day before and told her that he saw Mamoru kissing another woman. Usagi been shocked, and Hotaru said that they'd check it out together.

Sure enough they turned the corner and saw Mamoru kissing a red headed OZ soldier. Usagi walked up to Mamoru and slugged him good across the face, she was shot for it by the soldier.

Hotaru raced her to the hospital only to find out that Usagi had miscarried and that she was in a coma. Hotaru was allowed to see her, though.

Hotaru looked at the blond, with her long hair braided, so that doctors had it out of the way, when they operated on her to remove the bullet. She sat down next to the girl and whispered in a low voice, so low that the monitors in the room couldn't hair her, "We will get OZ back for this, plus a hundred times."

Usagi woke up and had a blank expression before replying, "I'll make sure OZ pays for taking Mamoru and my baby from me."

End Flashback

Hotaru finshed starting the coffee and left, eager for sleep and dreams filled with the Usagi, that died the day her unborn child did.

End Chapter 1

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