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Megami no ai—Goddess of Love

Omae o Kurso (sp?)—I will kill you (or so I'm told)

Shinigami—God of Death

Bishamon—God of war, justice and protector of the law. He is one of the Shichi Fukujin.

Kaminari—Goddess of thunder, known as the Thunder Queen and the Heavenly Noise.

Mawaya-no-kami—Kami, or deity of the toilet (tell me this is a joke)

Sambo-kojin—God of the kitchen. He is pictured with three faces and two pairs of hands.

Shichi Fujukin—Gods of Luck: Benten, Bishamon, Daikoku, Ebisu, Fukurokuju, Hotei and Jurojin.

Information about Bishamon, Kaminari, Mawaya-no-kami, Sambo-kojin, and Shichi Fujukin is from: http: Mechanic's Lounge

Chapter 3: Humane Heero, Inhumane Minako

Heero was eating his bacon and eggs and listening to Minako's half-hashed plan. To tell the truth, her basic idea was good, if she were planning to blow up an OZ base. She, though, had the totally wrong idea of Wufei. It really was a good idea on her part to enlist the help of one of the gundam pilots, but why hadn't she taken his advise and found herself another pilot, one that wasn't so anti-social?

"You don't know Wufei very well," Heero stated simply, interrupting a sentence.

"Ano? What do you mean?" she asked, him uncertainly.

"I mean, that your plan is better for the destruction of an OZ base, and I'd know something about that," Heero said.

"Well, great Bishamon, tell me what would you do?" Minako said.

He picked up his laptop and said, "I'll tell you later." He picked up a mug of coffee and left.

Makoto looked at her friend, who was staring at the door that had closed behind the pilot. Minako looked off into space with a dreamy expression on her face. Makoto giggled, knocking Minako out of her day dream, "What are you laughing about?"

"It's just funny that he wasn't even trying and already you are totally his," Makoto laughed.

"Am not, we're just partners in matchmaking," Minako said.

"Who's your partner in matchmaking?" Duo asked as he sat down. Makoto stood up to get another plate of pancakes before he took Minako's.

"No one, Mawaya-no-Kami," Minako said, daydreaming of a certain spandex wearing gundam pilot.

"What's Mawaya-no-Kami?" Duo asked as Makoto sat down his pancakes.

"He's the deity of the toilet," Makoto said. "My Minako-chan is growing up and learning her gods, finally."

"Deity of the toilet?" Duo asked, not sure what a deity was. "Does that mean I worship the toilet or I use it more than I should?"

"Am I Sambo-kojin?" asked an exasperated Makoto as she went to get Ami's breakfast. Ami was the only one that didn't have the same thing everyday, except for Usagi who sometimes never ate.

"Gomen, Mako-chan, I'll make it up to you," Ami shouted after her cousin.

Later that day Minako and Heero sat in his room. The two were talking about plans that would be carried out only in a few hours. At the stroke of midnight the two partners would begin to execute the carefully planned out thought. Very few things could go wrong, but one major liability was the fact that they were not cupid no matter how much Minako claimed to be the Megami no Ai.

Stage 1

First part of the plan, Heero would sabotage the Gundams, particularly Altron, in such a way that Usagi would have all of her mechanics working non-stop. But first Minako would have to distract Usagi enough to get her away from the Gundams and have any other mechanics chase after the pair.

Minako walked into the hanger and saw that Hotaru was messing with Deathscythe's scythe and Haruka and Michiru were polishing Heavyarms. "Hey, Usagi!" Minako yelled from the floor. "I got information you want!" Minako shouted waving a manila folder with a stack of papers in it.

Usagi looked down and saw the folder. Now, you couldn't call Usagi childish, but she had a major curious streak. Curiosity, after all, killed the cat, not the bunny. Usagi knew she had work to do, but she was curious about the contents of the folder. "Bring it up, Minako," Usagi shouted down.

"Iie," Minako said childishly, "you'll have to come get it."

This was Minako's way of getting Usagi to do something else. The others had observed over the years of knowing the blond crew chief that she never liked what Minako had in store. They saw the annoyed twitch, but watched as Usagi grabbed the lift cable and began to head to the floor of the hanger. "Don't move, Minako," Usagi said.

Minako saw Usagi's feet hit the floor and then turned around. "Catch me if you can!" Minako shouted as she took off at a run.

"MINAKO!" Usagi shouted, enraged as she sprinted after the fast blond. "Omae o kurso!"

The other's sighed and headed off after their boss in order to make sure she didn't carry out her threat.

Heero waited for them to leave before he emerged from the shadows and headed into the hanger. He didn't have a lot of time, so he quickly swung himself up to Wing Zero and melted the wires with a flame thrower he had brought. He was sabotaging his own mobile suit. He then went to Altron and nearly blew the entire gundam up. He than went around to the others and did various small things before heading back to his own gundam and doing more sabotage.

He heard the warning from Minako and left the hanger, pleased with his handy work.

Stage 2

The second part of the plan was the trap. Heero had to make sure all the other pilots got to sleep early. A few sleeping pills in their drinks at dinner was the plan, however he had to make sure that Wufei didn't get knocked out. Minako, on the other hand, had to do basically the same thing to the other girls.

Minako and Heero walked into the kitchen to begin their work. It had to be done at breakfast and before Usagi found out about the pair's handiwork. Taking out the sleeping pills Heero laid them out on the counter. "One pill is enough for them to be out for eight hours."

Minako held a hammer, "We have to grind them up so they will dissolve in the drinks faster." She folded the pills into a paper towel folder and started smashing them with the hammer. About five minutes later she showed Heero her handiwork. "How much should we put into the drinks now?"

"A teaspoon, I guess," Heero replied and began putting the amount in his teammates' coffee mugs.

Minako followed suit. "Interesting mugs," Minako said looking at the three mugs that Heero was filling with coffee. They were white with chibi-super-deformed gundams on them.

"Duo bought them for us," he said embarrassed as he poured himself a mug of coffee in a black mug with chibi-super-deformed Wing Zero on it.

Minako finished filling the mugs that belonged to the girls. Ami's was baby blue with the symbol of Mercury in a darker blue. Rei's was red with the symbol of Mars in purple. Makoto's was green with the symbol of Jupiter in pink. Hotaru's was purple with the symbol of Saturn in black. Haruka's was navy blue with the symbol of Uranus in yellow. Michiru's was aquamarine with the symbol of Neptune in a darker blue-green. Setsuna's was black with the symbol of Pluto in maroon. "Won't coffee negate the effects of the powder?"

"It's decaf," he said.

Duo bounced into the kitchen and shouted, "Makoto-san! Are you in here? I'm hungry!"

"Hey, Mawaya-no-Kami, here I made pancakes," she said bringing out the cup with a chibi-super-deformed Deathscythe on it and a larger stack of pancakes.

"Why do you continue to call me that!" Duo shouted, "thanks," he added as she placed the pancakes and coffee in front of him.

"You'll have to figure that one out on your own," Minako said heading back into the kitchen where Heero was hiding out.

Rei and Makoto came in and saw Duo eating breakfast. "Who made breakfast?" Rei asked.

"Minako made pancakes. MINAKO, GREAT PANCAKES!" he shouted towards the kitchen.

"Hey, I made you cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs, Rei. I also made steak and sunny side up eggs," Minako said bringing the said food out with the coffee.

"I'm fearing the state of my kitchen," Makoto said looking at the kitchen door.

"Don't worry, I didn't make a mess and I cleaned up what I used," she said placing the food in front of the two mechanics.

This is how it went; Heero actually was doing the cooking, after Minako nearly melted the frying pan. Heero would make the food and Minako would take the food to the people claiming full responsibility for making the meals. Heero had held his breath when Makoto and Rei had started questioning his partner. When she waved off their questions, he felt she would have been able to stare down an OZ interrogator.

The coffee and subsequently the food made it to their targets and their targets ate and drank. He had a feeling that Trowa and Duo might have thought the coffee was different tasting, but they shrugged it off onto a different brand.

About a half hour later the ones that drank the sleeping powder headed off to bed saying they must have not gotten enough sleep last night.

Stage 3

The third part of the plan was the most error riddled part. Minako and Heero would have to work on the gundams with Wufei and Usagi as they were the only ones that weren't asleep. Heero and Minako would focus on Wing Zero while they hoped the other two would focus on the major damage to Altron.

Of course Murphy's Law doesn't stay quiet for long.

"NANI KUSO!" Usagi shouted when she entered the hanger after eating a breakfast that Minako had prepared.

Heero, Minako, and Wufei covered their ears as hundreds of very colorful swear words, the first ten would have even foul mouthed Duo blushing, poured out of her mouth. When she was finished Minako turned to Heero and said, "I didn't know there were so many swear words in the world."

Heero, who's emotionless mask had fallen with the first twenty, just nodded mutely. The three looked over at Usagi who was out of breath but not finished venting her frustration. Suddenly she smiled evilly. "Well I have a feeling as to who did this, and I have a feeling of who helped him."

The two partners blinked and stared at the woman. The same thought ran through their head, 'HOW!'

"Well as punishment for their crimes, I will force them to single-handedly fix their mistakes. Heero and Minako," the three others froze, but for different reasons. Wufei was in shock that Heero would do that to his own gundam. Minako was scared stiff from Usagi's rage, which she had seen on more than one occasion. Heero was shocked because she had found out. "You two are responsible for cleaning and repairing all of the gundams that Heero sabotaged last night while Minako distracted me. I only have one question, why did you two do this!"

"A good waitress never reveals his secrets," Minako said. Everyone blinked and stared at her. "What?"

"As Ami would say, 'a good magician never reveals his secrets,' not waitress," Usagi said laugh manically as she pushed the two saboteurs into the hanger.

Wufei went off to vent his anger at Heero on his punching bag.

In the hanger

All of the gundams stood in ridiculous ballet postions complete with pink tutus and paint covering them. Wing Zero was doing the splits with pom poms in its hands. Deathscythe was standing on its tip toes with its hands out to the side, like a fairy. Heavyarms and Sandrock were facing each other each on one toe, opposite toes and hands pressed together. However, most ridiculous was Altron which had a large pink bow on top its head. It was doing a tip toed squat of some sort with it's hands in their air pressed together in the same way.

"GET TO WORK, SLAVES!" came the shout of Usagi, which reverberated off the walls of the hangers. How'd Heero manage to do all of that to the gundams was beyond everyone, but no one was happy when they saw the state the gundams were in, eight hours later.

"HEERO!" the voices shouted out at the 'Perfect Soldier.'

End Chapter

A little humor at the end.

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