Chapter 1.

A/N...Just some short, pure, 100% H and H fluff. You know you want it!

Hermione was sitting in a chair in the common room one evening doing potions homework. She smiled as a tired-looking Harry and Ron appeared through the portrait hole.

"Hey honey!" She said, as Harry came over and kissed her lightly. "How was practice?"

"It was good. We discussed new tactics, so the match against Hufflepuff on Sunday should go well." Harry said.

"Yeah." Ron grinned. "Let's just hope Fred and George put their practice on me tonight to good use on Sunday!"

"Oh stop sulking. It was funny!" Harry laughed. "Besides, they're only here for one match as guests!"

Ron just glowered at him, rubbing his arm.

"What happened?" Hermione asked.

"Fred and George thought it would be funny to whack the bludgers to me. They even got a hold of the quaffle at the end and chucked it at my head!"

Hermione and Harry just smiled at each other as Harry sat down. They looked up at Ron.

"Oh all right, I know when I'm not wanted. I'll leave you two alone." Ron said, walking off towards the boys dorms.

"How's the homework going?" Harry asked, pulling Hermione's chair closer to his.

"Nearly done!" She replied, giggling.

"Well then, Snape'll have to wait a while, won't he?" Harry smirked as he put his lips on hers and they shared a kiss.

Hermione pulled away after a minute or so. "I'm away to bed now." She smiled at him, running her hands through his hair.

"Awww, do you have to?" He said, pouting.

"Yes." She said firmly, kissing him once more and getting her books together.

"Can I come?" Harry asked innocently.

"No you cannot! I need sleep!" Hermione protested, giggling.

"Oh okay then." Harry sulked exaggeratedly. "See you in the morning!" He said, and, after a quick hug, made his way up to the boys' dorms.

He entered the dorm to find Ron, still awake, sitting on his bed reading a Quidditch magazine.

"Still up?" He whispered, for Seamus and Dean were asleep.

"Yeah, you?" Ron said, still concentrating on the magazine.

Harry shook his head and went to his bed and sat on the edge. "I really love her, you know, Ron?"

"Yeah. It's obvious!" Ron said, raising his head from the magazine to look at him. "That's over a year now, isn't it?"

"A year and a half". Harry said, looking out the window at the night sky. "I know we're only young and everything, but I know she's The One."

"You really are perfect together...even if you sickeningly rub it in my face all the time with all that kissing stuff."

"All right, all right! You know the best way to ruin a tender moment, don't you?" Harry laughed. "Anyway, I used to see you kiss Lavender, and I never complained!"

"Yeah, but that's different...this is you and Hermione."

"Yeah. Me and Hermione." He said, more to himself. "Just sounds right, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, shut up now." Ron said, going back to his magazine. Harry just smiled and changed into his pyjamas. Climbing into bed, he thought about Hermione. He couldn't believe they had been going out for so long, but he couldn't imagine life without her being his girlfriend, it was just part of life now.


After she had said goodnight to Harry, Hermione waltzed into her own dorm, twirling once when she got to her bed. She put down her books and turned to her giggling dorm-mate.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing!" Lavender giggled, joining Hermione on her bed. "I just think it's so sweet, you and Harry."

"Really?" Hermione blushed.

"Yeah! You're, like, the perfect couple!"

"We are, aren't we!" Hermione beamed, hugging her pillow to her chest.

"You've been going out, like, forever!" Lavender squealed.

"Yeah, a year and a half." Hermione mumbled, grinning.

"Awww!" Lavender squealed again.

"Yeah alright!" Hermione said, chucking her pillow at her.

Lavender shoved the pillow back off and trotted back to her own bed.

"I really do love him though." Hermione said into the silence.

"You're so lucky to have someone at least." Lavender muttered, her mood clearly changed from a few minutes before.

"Well...yeah..." Hermione started, unsure what to say. "But you'll find someone. You had Ron..."

"Yeah, but that didn't last. Nothing seems to last for me. My longest relationship was five months."

"You'll find someone, Lav." Hermione said, lying back in bed.

"Yeah. Night!" Lavender replied.