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Can Love Really Transcend Death?

A Maison Ikkoku/Oh My Goddess Fanfic

Chapter 2: The New Resident

Kyoko Otonashi quietly sat down and picked up the romance novel she had been trying to read. She was thankful for a moment of peace after everything that had happened today. First she had broken one of her nails trying to open the coffee container. Then she had found Akemi Roppongi standing at the mailboxes in tears. When asked if there was anything that she could do. She found out that Akemi's father had broken his leg. And that she would be leaving for a few months to take care of him. After all of that had happened, she found out that not only had her favorite store gone out. But when she had returned home, hoping that a hot shower would help her unwind. She found a notice informing her that the water service for the whole block, would be temporarily turned off to replace the water main.

Releasing a long sigh, Kyoko thought that it couldn't get any worse. Then she remembered putting up the apartmentfor rent flyer that afternoon. Groaning, she placed her novel on stand next to her and leaned back into her chair. She REALLY didn't want to go through all that hassle and paperwork again for a new tenant. Shaking her head Kyoko wasn't going to let that ruin her quiet evening. Getting up she went into her small kitchen and got a glass of iced tea from the pitcher in the fridge. What she really wanted was a cup of hot tea to help her relax, BUT she couldn't since the water was off. Setting back down she picked up novel back up, and went back to trying to relax. Little did she know that her whole world was about to change greatly. That in the coming months, not only would she have a new tenant. But there also would be an event that would change her life forever.


The young acolyte glanced up from attending one of the many pools of tranquillity. She could have sworn that she just heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind her. Today was her first day alone attending to the pools at the temple. And to be honest she was a little nervous, she was afraid that she would do something wrong. Or forget to do something and dishonor herself and her family. Stepping out of the portal, Guardian found himself in an exact duplicate version of the temple he shared with Keiichi and the goddesses. He froze when he realized that he wasn't alone in the room. Out of all of the information that he was given, it appeared that the one little detail was left out. That the temple in this dimensional time frame was still being used. Guardian silently watched as a young maiden wearing the garb of a temple attendant finished her duties. As she gathered up her cleaning supplies, the acolyte could not rid herself of the feeling that she was being watched. It didn't make sense, why would she feel that way when she was the only one left in the temple. Accrediting it to nerves she stood up and turned to leave. It was then that she noticed that a young man was standing silently a few feet away from her.

Letting out a started shriek, the young women took a step back fearing for her life. "I-I-I 'am s-sorry b-but the p-p-ools a-are c-closed f-for their annual cleaning" she stated stuttering from fear. "Please forgive me for startling you Honorable Miko. But a young woman I met earlier told me to meet her here this afternoon. At first I thought you were her, But now it looks like she was having fun at my expense. I' am again deeply sorry for startling you so bad." Guardian spoke bowing to the young Miko, then turned to leave the temple. The young man opened the sliding panel, and walked through the doorway. The acolyte, who was still terrified from her scare, quickly gathered up her cleaning supplies. And started to quickly walk toward the doorway before anything else happened. But in her haste to leave, she had forgotten that the floors were still very slippery. It was then that she felt her feet slip out from under her and noticed the floor of the chamber hurtling toward her. All of her supplies went flying everywhere, and the thought of I' am going to die went through her mind right before she was about to hit.

Guardian felt a slight stabbing sensation in the back of his mind, as he entered the hallway. Over the years, he had learned that this sensation was a warning of events that would happen soon. Turning around, Guardian returned to where he had met the young Miko. He then realized, when he saw her slip on the wet floor and start to fall. That the warning he had received was about her falling. Guardian caught the young women in his arms, seconds before she would have hit the floor. She opened her eyes, took one look at who saved her, and fainted. Normally he would have passed her fainting off as a normal event, considering what just happened. But then reality hit when he realized that there was no way possible to explain what just happened. He couldn't have moved that fast to save her from falling. One second he was still at the entrance to the hallway, the next he was holding the poor women in his arms. It was also then that he made the discovery that his wings were visible and slightly glowing white. The only conclusion that he could come to, was that somehow his powers were activated when he felt that the young women was in danger. And that was how he moved as fast as he did to catch her before she hurt herself. Later the day as the young Miko regained consciousness, she found herself in the temple caretakers office. It was then that she heard a voice state "Looks like our sleeping beauty has finally woken up" Fearing the worst she checked herself, and found that except for the room spinning a little that everything was the way she remembered it before she fainted. "You gave us quite a fright there for awhile, young lady how do you feel?" The last voice that spoke she knew, it was the temple caretakers and he sounded like he was worried about her. "I am still a little dizzy, but other then that I feel fine"
she replied.

Then all of what happened came back to her, the young man startling her, her slipping, the same young man saving her but he now had wings like an angel would have had. It was then that the voice she first heard spoke again, "I am deeply sorry that I started you that bad Miss, I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I am just glad that I was close enough to save you from falling when you slipped." The young priestess turned and found herself looking into a pair of worried brown eyes. The young maiden gasped as her mind put together the reason why the young man had returned so fast and the reason she thought she saw him with angel wings. Noticing that the care taker had just stepped out to help a visitor, Guardian softly caressed the attendant's face and quickly spoke "Yes my beautiful Miko your eyes weren't deceiving you. Everything you thought you saw before you fainted and the reason behind my quick return you are correct about." At hearing the young attendant's gasp of astonishment, he noticed that she was now looking at him in deep awe. He continued "I have a very important mission here in this world and I would be honored if you would help me with it." The young women was in shock at all that had happened to her today. First she was deeply honored by the caretaker who informing her that she would be taking care of the sacred pools by herself this year. Then she had been scared by the strange young man, who later saved her from slipping by catching her when she fell. And NOW she finds out that the young man who saved her was a angel and that he needed her help! After regaining the ability to speak, the young women stated that she would help him. Smiling the angel leaned over and gently kissed the young maiden on her silken cheek. "I knew that I could count on your help precious" he stated watching her face blush a deep pink.

"What is your name my honorable Miko?" the angel softly asked the bashful young women., "Keiko...Keiko Takahashi" the young women spoke refusing to raise her deeply blushing face up to look at him. Reaching down the male angel tilted the young miko's head, so that she was looking at him. "My name is Guardian Miss Keiko, and I find it a deep honor to meet such a beautiful women with such a breathtaking first name. By this time the poor young miko's face was a cross between the color of a setting sun and that of a deep red apple. Never before had a male given her such a nice compliment, and now here a male angel named Guardian was giving her so many compliments that she didn't even know what to do. Reaching up Guardian started to softly caress the young women face, "my precious would you like to know how you can help? He asked as he watched Keiko look up at him with her deeply flushed face and nod with curiosity sparkling in her eyes. "I need for you to tell no one of my presence here. If any one found out the truth, my mission would be seriously compromised. I know that I can trust you not to tell anyone can't I? As Guardian finished he started to look deeply into her beautiful eyes, as he waited for her answer. Keiko shyly nodded that he could trust her and started to demurely look away, but found out that she couldn't. There was something almost hypnotic about his eyes that made her not able to look away. The longer she looked into them, the deeper she felt she was sinking into his warm brown eyes. It was then that she felt a strange tingle and feeling of warmth and kindness spread through out her body.

The young Miko gasped when she felt a presence touch her mind. And as a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation washed over her, she heard a voice speak the words "Thank you my deeply precious Keiko" in her mind. Keiko knew that as long as she lived that she would never forget her visit with Guardian, the male angel who saved her life. By this time the caretaker had finished with the visitor and returned to the room. He was surprised when he found only the young miko sitting on the floor with a look of sad longing and a light blush on her face. After asking her what happened to their guest, he found out that the young man had left only a few moments before. But before he left he made sure that she would be alright sitting there, he then told her goodbye and gently kissed her on her cheek. As he stood there the young miko sadly sighed and stood up, the old caretaker thought back to a time long ago when he was that young. He remembered how it felt when he had his first crush, so after finding out that the pools were all clean. He gave the young Miko the rest of the day free to do what ever she wanted. Later in the day he found her where he though he would, staring into the meditation pond and softly sighing.

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