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Rainbow Over the Moon

Chapter 1; Harry's Typically Boring and Utterly Predictable Summer

Harry Potter's summer had been less than what one would call fun. He had, yet again, been stuck at his Aunt and Uncle's prim, spotless house in the most boring, neat and uninteresting street in Little Whinging. Harry sighed to himself and flopped back on his bed, after looking for the fiftieth time to see if Hedwig had returned, and pondered this particular summer. At least in previous years, meaning before he had known Albus Dumbledore, he had been able to wander around the town and play in the park for a while, whenever he had been free from chores and had outrun Dudley. This summer, however, it wasn't particularly wise for Harry to leave the house. Harry, nor his Aunt - if he were fool enough to ask her, knew exactly where the end of the wards were, so Harry presumed, he might be able to take a small wander down the lane.

For now though, Harry stared at the stain on his ceiling that had been caused by a minor explosion from the chemistry set Dudley had been given when he was nine. His room was bathed in orange light from the streetlamps outside, which created strange distorted shadows across the floor and walls of his 'bedroom' (it was really just a storeroom for things Dudley no longer wanted). Harry reflected for a moment on how strange, like the shadows, his life had become when he was at the Dursley's. During the daylight hours he acted like a normal muggle, just like he was supposed to, in front of his uncle and aunt. But by night, like now, he waited 'til the wee hours to receive mail from the owls sent to him by his friends, particularly the ones he now considered family. Actually saying that, most muggle children his age weren't worked to the bone by their aunt and uncle, so maybe he wasn't normal in any sense.

At that precise moment a small, brown bundle of feathers flopped onto his lap. Howel. He was no Hedwig, but still a better form of life than Harry considered the Dursley's. Howel was the owl who normally brought him mail from Professor Lupin, who he had been in contact with since his third year. However, as he read the letter attached to the owl he realized that this piece of post had come from Sirius Black, his godfather.

It read:

'Dear Harry,

How are you?

I am at Professor Lupin's! Ow! He hit me. He says you call him Remus now, good, I was wondering how long that would take. Professor, snort.

Ok, so now you know to not slag him off in your letters as he will most likely read them over my shoulder! No, Remus! He does not normally slag you off! Look what he made me write!!

Anyway! Lets ignore the grouchy werewolf. He hit me again, Harry!

Are the muggles treating you right? If not, then what's one more crime to add to my record? I would love to hex them all into next Thursday!

Speaking of next week, I have 'persuaded' Dumbledore to allow you to stay with us for the remainder of the summer starting next week. Remus has knocked a load of protection wards and all that stuff around the house. I'll explain later how that works. It's boring, yes, but it's important.

Have your stuff packed to go on Wednesday night. If the muggles have locked it away or something stupid like that, then gather what you can and I'll get the rest when I come to bust you out.

I sent you some Sleeping Draught. Try (I said try) to drug them at dinner on Wednesday. DO NOT GET CAUGHT!!

I will see you on Wednesday 'round midnight. Remus is being a spoilsport and won't let me heroically break down their front door and sweep you off to safety! He hit me again, Harry, make him stop!!


Sirius and the abusive werewolf. Ow!

PS: Harry, it's Remus, I'm not abusive! And I would like to heroically bust you out too, but somehow, I feel you would prefer just to get away from Surrey than have some failed, yet spectacular rescue attempt? Ok then, see you Wednesday kiddo. Love Remus.

PS: Me again! Ok, I was harsh…Remus is loadsa fun! Really…you will see the dark side of Remus Lupin soon!!!

Thanks for that Paddy, I'm sure he thinks I'm some evil beast now…oh wait, I am.

I meant the fun Marauder I knew. Not Professor Lupin. Ow…he hit me again.

Ok, that time I really did hit him…besides, I would like to think I was a pretty fun professor? Right Harry?

Nuh uh, not allowed to bring the kid into it…this is between me and you, Professor.

Then why are we writing it on Harry's letter!!! Ok, sorry Harry, be ready for Marauder escape attempt extraordinaire on Wednesday. Love Remus. And Me!!!'

Harry laughed to himself. The letter was like listening to a rather absurd conversation between his godfather and former professor. Sirius' way of casually mentioning drugging muggles and breaking down their front door really was amusing. Remus' letters normally left him stuffing a pillow in his mouth to stop him from laughing out. The werewolf was hilarious and a lot more fun and Marauder-like than he often let on and Sirius claimed.

He hoped he could stay awake until midnight on Wednesday. He usually woke up from some nightmare in the middle of the night and would reply to any post that the owls had brought him. But the way the muggles were working (and feeding) him, he would probably start to sleep straight through the night and become practically catatonic by Wednesday.

In eagerness he packed his trunk and slid it under his window, his eyes all the while drooping shut. He fell asleep face down on the bed. The last vaguely coherent thought that flitted through his mind being that he hoped he wouldn't suffocate with his nose squashed into his pillow the way it was.

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