Pairing: Kaiba Seto and Mazaki Anzu

Summary: Life is good and full for the most deserving brunette couple of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Disclaimer: One thing I shall never miss is stating an endless amount of times how I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. All the credit goes to Kazuki Takahashi.

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"Can I see the ring again, Anzu?" Shizuka asked, with dreamy stars in her eyes.

Anzu sent the redhead a knowing smile and held out her left hand, elegantly displaying her engagement ring. It was the classiest thing she owned to date. A plain gold band wrapped around her ring finger adorned with a pink diamond, surrounded on two sides by three little white diamonds. It was absolutely breath taking. She couldn't for the life of her figure out how Seto had found such a stunning ring. He may have had impeccable taste in clothing, but when it came to jewelry, especially women's, he tended to lack.

Shizuka grasped her hand before dropping it with a sigh. "I'm so envious of you. You're going to have the fantasy wedding of every girl's dream."

"Don't worry about it hun," Mai told her, not even looking up from the bridle magazine she was flipping through, "Your time will come before you know it."

The redhead retaliated, "That's easy for you to say, Mai. You and Jou shocked us all by your spur of the moment wedding, and now Anzu's set for this August. As many hints as I've dropped to Togi-chan, he still hasn't proposed."

A snicker was heard from across the room where Mokuba and Yugi were camped out on the floor, playing video games. The second the girls began talking about wedding plans, Mokuba had suggested trying out the latest of Kaiba Corp. Games, much to Yugi's relief.

"You think we should warn Otogi about his girlfriends ideas?" The duel champion asked.

Mokuba kept his eyes locked on the television screen. "Nah. It's more fun to see him suffer." The young teen laughed when Shizuka threw a pillow at him, knocking the controller from his hand.

Anzu smiled at her friend's antics. Their small gathering of four was soon going to be a large gathering of nine? No ten people? Well it didn't matter, what was really important was the fact that they could all get together. Unfortunately on the guy's behalf, conversations tended to turn to Anzu and Seto's upcoming wedding. Thankfully it was the end of April and the dancer had just successfully completed her third year at York University. Now she had time to charge forward into all the chaos. But she wasn't about to go it alone.

"C'mon Shizuka. You guys are supposed to be helping me figure out your bridesmaid's dresses. Heck, I don't even know what color my wedding's going to be." To emphasis her point Anzu plopped a stack of magazines into her friends lap.

Mai waved her hand in the air to grab Anzu's attention. "Why not go with your favorite color. That's what I did."

The blonde had, surprise, surprise, held a tiny purple wedding. If Jou had had time to stop and think about it he probably would have put up quite a fuss. But then they were on a time limit, although the couple had never specified what.

"Why not blue? I'm sure Kaiba would like that," Shizuka suggested.

Anzu shook her head. "That's why I'm avoiding it."

"And how long do you want this marriage to last?"

"That's exactly why I won't be married in blue," the dancer adamantly told the entire room.

Mai sent her a knowing look. "Riiiiiiiiiight."

The friends fell into a comfortable silence as they scanned the magazines full of the latest fashions worldwide. Occasionally they would hear a whoot or groan of defeat from by the television. It seemed even Yugi was a challenge to Mokuba in his video game saga.

"Pink!" Shizuka piped up; sounding like she'd hit the jackpot, "Why not pink? It would match your engagement ring."

Anzu had already thought of that and to save her fiancé from embarrassment she decided against it. It was bad enough that the media was having a field day with their ill begotten info about their engagement. Hence why everyone was stationed at Seto's mansion. And yet pink still sounded very tempting.

She rested her chin in her hand. "Pink huh? I guess pink would be a nice color for a wedding."


All heads turned to look at Seto standing in the overly large doorway. He only paid half attention to the maid that took his jacket and briefcase, blue eyes remaining on Anzu. At last he had finally turned off his workaholic tendencies and was gracing them with his presence. It was about time too. The dancer had missed her daily form of entertainment.

Anzu gave Seto a curious glance. "What do you mean no?"

"I will not have a pink wedding," the billionaire said in his case closed manor.

She couldn't have cared less, but Seto wasn't aware of this. His part in the wedding seemed to start and end with the engagement ring. And on account of such things Anzu was set on having a little fun.

Standing up from the couch Anzu slowly approached her fiancé. She walk with a little sway to her hips and gazed up at him from under her eyelashes. Add a bite of the lip and he was all hers.

"But Seto-sama, I thought you wanted it to be pink. After all you must have been hinting when you gave me this," she drew his attention to her ring, "Don't you want me to have my dream wedding? Just imagine getting married surrounded by pink carnations and babies breath. You and your groomsmen dressed in your light pink shirts and candy-striped ties. Such masculinity, right?"

Anzu stopped directly in front of Seto and kept her hands busy playing with his tie. She twirled the forest green silk around her fingers.

Obviously in tune with her ploy, Seto smirked. "Clearly you have been mistaken. Shall we strategize a second time?" he asked.

Yeah right. The billionaires idea of planning a wedding consisted of informing Anzu that he wanted it to be small and introducing her to a 'traditions are everything' wedding planner, with a nasal voice and light purple highlights in her hair. Looking back the hair had to be the only thing Anzu could tolerate about the woman. Seventy-two hours later she was minus a wedding planner and plus a taunting headache.

"If I remember correctly you left me with the freedom to do as I wish. I. Have. The. Power," the dancer yanked on his tie to bring his face closer to her level, "Seto-chan," She purred.

Anzu leaned forward and lightly brushed their lips together before giving in to the want. Seto wound one arm around her waist while the other hand cradled the back of her neck. The kiss wasn't as furious as most, with a gentle nibble of lip and stroke of tongue. Just who was seducing whom here? Clearly having taken the lead Seto broke for air.


No? No? No? . . . . . . Oh yeah!

"It was worth a shot," Anzu sheepishly smiled. Well worth a shot. "Your turn Mokuba."

The teen reluctantly put down his controller. "Do I have to Anzu?" he whined, understand exactly what she wanted him to do.

The billionaire had caught on to her second attempt just as quickly. Squaring his shoulders, he refused to look at his brother and took a small step backwards, then another. Looking behind him, Seto spun on his heals and as proudly as possible bolted for the stairs. Unfortunately Anzu blocked his path before he could make it very far.

"Going somewhere, Seto?" she asked, "I'm not done with you yet."

"Boy is that a line every guy wants to walk in on," a grinning Jou hurried into the living room and dropped his jacket on the couch beside Mai, "What did you do now, Kaiba?"

Seto glanced over Anzu's head at the blonde, the wheels in his head quickly spinning, "You want to be welcome here again, you can get me out of this."

Oh yeah, nice try. Jou lived for making Seto's life miserable. Not bad, but miserable. The amount of pranks he had played on her fiancé was endless. But the shocking part of all of it was the amount he had gotten away with scott free. Like when he added food coloring to Seto's coffee that left his tongue orange for a week, or when he convinced the newest maid's that Kaiba preferred being called Seto-chan and having his clothes smell like pine. Those poor, poor maids.

Jou grinned, "I don't even know what trouble you've gotten yourself into. Besides I've got my own key into this place. You couldn't keep me out if you tried."

"It doesn't take much to replace locks, Jou." Mokuba said, sounding remarkably like his older brother.

The dancer peeked around Seto, "Hey! Whose side are you on?"

Mokuba groaned when Yugi managed to beat him again. "Yeah, well I want my allowance."

"Why do you need an allowance when you've got your exploding back account? You're not leaving just yet, Seto." Anzu spun to grab Seto's arm when he moved past her.

Jou glanced over at Mai. "What I miss?"

"Hm?" she asked looking up, "Oh just Anzu trying to get a pink wedding," and returned to her bridesmaid project.

A contagious laugh made it's way from Jou, that had Anzu and Shizuka grinning along with him. He approached Seto, who's arm was still caught in Anzu's grasp, and slapped him on the back in congrates. "Does that include pink tux's as well?"

Bad choice of words. The CEO glared at Jou before storming over to Jou's jacket and digging through his pockets. Finding what he was searching for Seto tossed the jacket back onto the couch and held up his prize. Jou's key ring.

"Oi! Those are my keys!" Jou protested.

Seto smirked, and made a show of hunting for a certain key. "Not for long."

Jou growled and lunged at his friend, knocking them both to the ground where a scuffle quickly ensued. It was going to be an entertaining weekend.

The End……………..

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