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I think it might be nice if I put a little recap in here for those who don't really remember what's happened. Faye was kidnapped from her castle by Spike. Spike took her back to Paraíso Del Pirata, an island inhabited by Pirates and Creatures of the night. The Creatures attacked and killed Julia while she and Faye were out riding at night. Spike decided to blame Faye for this accident and locked her in her room with only a blanket, bed, pillow and chair. Felling bad for what he'd done, he sent an old seamstress into her room to help her make a new wardrobe. Faye then decided that her only chance to escape is to seduce Spike into trusting her. In the mean time, Vicious was hired to track down Faye and bring her back, the King promising him the throne and Faye's hand in marriage if he did so. Vicious was on his way to Paraíso Del Pirata when he realized that someone (later found out to be Spike) had destroyed the map to Paraíso Del Pirata. Vicious' ship was attacked by another band of pirates and Vicious easily regained the map to Paraíso Del Pirata. Now, on with the story.

Chapter 12 – Another Vicious Plot

1212121212121212121212Vicious' POV1212121212121212121212121212

As if Spike destroying his map wasn't enough, Mother Nature decided she had to pick a fight with Vicious as well. Off on the horizon, a threatening line of pitch black clouds loomed. The distant rumble of thunder caused some members of the crew to look up from their work to the storm they were approaching. A silence fell over the already stressful atmosphere of the ship as everyone looked towards Vicious.

Vicious sighed in the back of his mind as he began barking out orders for his crew to tie everything down and then secure themselves to their post. He couldn't risk losing anymore members, because of the last battle, he was already running with fewer crew than necessary. Vicious' cold eyes surveyed the crew one more time before he turned his back to them and stepped up to the Captain's wheel. "Jacques, why are you still here? Go and help the crew, now!" The poor first mate cowered under the orders of his frazzled Captain and hurried down from his post at the wheel to help the crew tie things down.

Vicious checked his coordinates with the map beside the wheel and began to plot a course around the storm. He smiled when he realized they were in the perfect position for a little pit stop in Tortuga. The Pirate City, Tortuga was a horrible place full of cut-throats, robbers, drunkards, outcasts, and prison escapees. Best of all, it had prostitutes. His men would be able to wait out the storm and sedate their many pleasures of the flesh at the same time.

No alcohol was permitted on Vicious' ship at any point at all. He demanded complete alertness at all times from his crew members. Because of this, his crew often revolted against him for being sober for such a long time. Then, once a large battle between them and another drunken pirate ship came, they thanked Vicious for keeping them alert and giving them an easy victory. Although his ways seemed to combine those of a royal ship and a pirate ship, he was still the most feared person on the seven seas, second only to Captain Spiegel.

Vicious turned the wheel a bit to the left as he began to start towards Tortuga. Their new destination would waste precious time he would have needed to capture the Princess, but he knew the storm would blow him completely off course and they could spend days trying to make their way back on course.

"Everything and everyone is secure, Captain." Jacques reported to Vicious.

"Good, and below deck?"

"Aye, Sir, everything is safe."

"Excellent, inform the crew that we are going to Tortuga to wait out the storm." Vicious glanced over at the young man and saw his eyes glowing with delight.

"Aye, Aye, Sir!" Jacques turned quickly on his heel and bolted down the stairs to inform everyone of this new, exciting happening.

The flashes of thunder chased them the whole way to Tortuga. Once they spotted land, the crew cheered and the thunder and lightning seemed to disappear behind them. A few hours after 'land ho' was announced some of the crew members jumped off the side of the ship and securing ropes to one of the many docks in the harbor.

Tortuga was bustling with energy just like always. Boozers were stumbling down the sides of the streets, some with ugly prostitutes in revealing dresses under their arms. Some smarter pirates proceeded down the shops of Tortuga; taking down a list of things that they would need to restock their ships. Outnumbering the smarter pirates were the pathetic excuses for human beings who found it a habit to sleep in the mud with the livestock after being kicked out of every inn on the island. Sitting on every overhang and roof were even more drunken pirates; some with a whore on each arm joining him in another drink. The drunken laughter and merriment was balanced out by jealous brawls between the men. One thing was for sure: this was a city of outlaws, and nothing would ever change that.

Vicious stationed watchmen on the ship and then dismissed the rest of his crew, watching as they each ran in their separate ways, some to the pubs, others to the inns, and a few running towards the shopping areas. Once his crew had dispersed, Vicious began his usual route through the streets of Tortuga towards the farthest building from the harbor.

On his way, many of the pirates chose to avoid this silver-haired menace; others, who were either to drunk or to brave for their own good, thought that it would be funny to run into Vicious. Those people were rewarded with a quick sword through the chest. Vicious sighed as a sword was lifted from the shadows of the alley beside him and placed at his throat. "Well now, what do we have here, the traitor Pirate Prince?" A hoarse voice chuckled from the shadows.

"Show yourself." Vicious demanded of the mysterious cut-throat.

A man nearly three times Vicious' size stepped from the shadows. His large body was hardly covered by a vest and a pair of shorts that were much too small for him. Across his face and chest many scars were spread, each having its own story to tell. His left arm was branded with the mark of the pirate sentenced to death and above that burn was a tattoo signifying him as the Pirate Goliath. "What are you doing in Tortuga, Pretty Boy?"

Vicious almost pitied the poor soul who stood before him. As his icy eyes scanned over his opponent, his right hand leveled over the hilt to his sword. "That's none of your business, Goliath."

"Aye, it is my business. You see, in your absence, I was named the new king of Tortuga. With Captain Spiegel and you out on the seas each chasing after some girl, the title was free game. Now, I don't want you on my island. Unfortunately, the only way I can keep you off, is by killing you." He pressed the sword harder against Vicious' neck, causing a thin line of blood to appear beneath the blade.

"Just how do you hope to kill me? You know that you're no match for me." His fingers tightened around the hilt and in the blink of an eye, Vicious had drawn the katana from its scabbard and had swiped it around, knocking the opposing blade away from his neck back towards its owner.

Goliath chuckled again, "Impressive, I can see why you were so feared." Goliath took that chance to run at Vicious, blade at the ready and strike at him. Vicious easily blocked his attack with a flip of his katana. The giant made another approach at his opponent and this time Vicious took a step back and blocked his swing. With each new approach that Goliath made, Vicious took yet another step back. Soon Vicious found himself back against a wall, cornered in the expansive city of Tortuga.

Goliath made his final approach, his sword poised to go through Vincent's heart. With a quick spin, Vicious swapped places with his foe and ended up behind him. Rushing forward, Vicious swiftly sent his katana through the neck of Goliath. The giant fell.

Leaning down and whipping the blood from his katana onto the shirt of now dead Goliath, Vicious surveyed his surroundings once again for anyone that might be following. Upon slipping his katana back into its sheath, Vicious continued on his way.

Not long after the battle, Vicious found himself at his goal. He lifted his right hand up to knock on the door and wasn't surprised to see it open before he was able to make the first sound upon it. "I was expecting you, Captain, please, come in." An old gypsy lady stepped aside, holding the door for him while he entered into the room.

"Claudia, how have you been?" Vicious asked politely as he looked around the room. In the corner there stood a large fireplace. The fire burning in it made the room almost unbearably hot but it was necessary for the cauldron sitting in it to stay boiling. The walls were lined with shelves, each shelf containing a different item. Some shelves were holding pre-bottled potions, others ingredients for potions; Vicious didn't even want to know what was in some of the jars.

"As well as can be expected, Captain, please, have a seat." The middle-aged woman flourished her arm towards one of the overstuffed chairs sitting in the middle of the room. Vicious gladly accepted her offer and took a seat by the unusually large crow sitting atop his perch. "Now, you are wondering if Captain Spiegel has double-crossed you, am I correct?"

The fortune teller never ceased to amaze him as she took a seat across from him at the small, round, fabric-covered table. "Yes, that's right, he boarded my ship and-"

"And ruined your map to Paraíso Del Pirata…Yes, I know. What do you have for my services, Vicious?" The gypsy looked him over expectantly.

"The same as always," he threw a large bag onto the table which opened to show it was full of gold coins. "Now, answer my questions."

She sighed, "You know, you wouldn't have to pay me anything if you would just-"

"You see the future; you know I won't sleep with you, Claudia." His voice and face were emotionless as he stopped the subject.

"Yes, I know." She turned towards her crystal ball, "the Captain did plan on double-crossing you when he heard about you being promised the throne for finding her, but he now blames the girl for the death of Julia." Vicious felt his heart sink into his stomach, the girl that he and Spike had always fought over, dead? "He is waiting for you, but he will charge you more for the girl."

After a few more moments, Vicious collected himself and looked back at the fortune teller, "How can I get rid of him?"

She looked at him as if she couldn't believe what she'd just heard. "Vicious, only you will be the one to be able to kill the Dread Pirate Spiegel."

With a nod, Vicious stood up and excited the small house and made his way back to his ship, he would get the Princess and the throne. But now he would kill the Pirate who stole her as well…or he would die trying.


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