Title – First Impressions

Author name - Carol

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Rating - PG

Spoilers – None really
Disclaimer – If I owned JAG would I be getting this ready on New Years Eve? (It's either work on this or watch Lord of the Rings. Anyone else not get those movies?)

Summary - Meeting people the wrong way can really mess things up.

Author's Notes –

1. Since everyone is loving the 'warning labels' these days, I developed a new one. This FF comes with a "Limb Warning." A Limb Warning is when the author decided to step out on a limb and wonder "what if so-and-so blab-blab-blab." (In other words…major AP author's privilege was used) This also means to expect something different. (There I said the D word, is everyone happy now?)

2. Let's just 'pretend' half of Season 8 didn't happen and no one ever saw Season 9. So this takes place Season 8ish. Tiner still at JAG and Singer still alive. (In other words….it's been sitting on my computer for awhile…. and I finally decided to get off my butt and post it.)

3. Also thanks to Dae for working on this….the comma thing…I know…I know. You're still the best.

First Impressions Part 1/11

Harm's Apartment

Sunday May 25

9:23 AM

Mac walked out of Harm's bathroom wearing nothing but one of his blue towels. She smiled as she watched Harm sleep in the burgundy sheets. She slowly walked over to the bed and sat down near him. As she leaned over her lips gently kissed his.

Harm returned the kiss and opened his eyes. "Good morning." He ran his hands over her back, noticing the towel and her moist shoulders.

"Are you going to wake up today?" Mac asked as she started to kiss his cheek and neck.

Harm started to kiss her shoulder and neck. "I wasn't planning on it, but you're giving me one hell of an incentive to get up."

Mac pulled away from him slightly and gave him a sexy smile. "And what is the incentive that I am giving you?"

He ran his fingers across the top of the towel along her chest and grinned. "Knowing here you are on my bed, only wearing a towel. I could easily pull this towel from your body and have my wicked way with you."

Mac knew he was joking, but decided to play with him. "What's stopping you?"

Harm's eyes grew large at her comment before he regained his composure. "I know if I see you naked today I'll want to see you that way more and more every day."

"Something that should not be done in the first month of dating."

Harm gently kissed her lips. "Exactly, I'm resisting that urge."

"Are there any urges you're not going to resist right now?" She started to kiss his neck and upper chest.

Harm laughed. "Are you always this frisky in the morning?"

"Only with you." Mac moved her lips up his neck to his ear and gently tugged on it with her teeth.

Harm moaned and decided to turn the tables on Mac, so to say. He grabbed her, pulled her body on top of him and rolled in the bed so he was laying on top of her, causing her body to be wrapped in the towel and the sheet which was over him. "Two can play at this game."

"I was hoping you would say that."

Harm leaned down and kissed Mac. He forced her mouth open and met her tongue with the same passion she showed him earlier. The kisses they shared where hot and heavy, covered with their desire for each other. Harm moved his hands over her body, partly mindful of the towel covering her.

Mac carefully wrapped a leg around Harm's. Her hands moved across his back and boxer-covered bottom. She slightly shifted underneath him to give her mouth better access to his shoulder. In doing so she felt Harm's arousal against her thigh. "Good morning." She laughed.

Harm pulled away from her and looked into her twinkling eyes. "It's a normal male reaction to seeing the woman he loves almost naked in his bed."

Mac smiled at him ever more. "I am not complaining. That's the best compliment a man can give a woman."

Harm kissed her neck. "Remind me of that when I take a cold shower this morning."

Mac laughed as they continued their game of kissing and touching. The only words spoken were their names and moans from each other.

Meanwhile outside the apartment

"You're sure he knows we're coming today?" A man asked.

"Yes, Frank, I called him Friday morning at work and he said he couldn't wait to see us today," A woman answered with slight frustration.

"Trish, I just think it would be better if we called before we stopped by," Frank told her.

Trish took a deep breath and looked at her husband. "His car is outside. He knows we're coming. Knowing Harm he's probably still asleep." Trish lightly knocked at the door.

Inside the bedroom

Harm lightly tickled Mac's side causing her laughter to cover the sound of the knocking. Neither of them would have heard it anyway, because they were too lost in each other to even notice there was an outside world beyond them.

Outside the apartment

"Let's just come back later," Frank said as Trish dug through her purse.

"No, he gave me a key when he moved here. We'll let ourselves in and wake him up." Trish unlocked the door and the couple walked in.

End Part 1