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Chapter 1: Operation Dasimah

Jesse had been working all night to decrypt the records that Lexa had stolen from the Dominion, while they were being held hostage. She had went to the trouble of loading all the info on to a disk, before setting the virus to shut down security, allowing them to escape. Most of the stuff was very low-level security matters. A few thousand names of people who work for them, and those who the Dominion are looking to terminate.
On a hunch, Jesse ran the list of people who work for the Dominion and ran it through the mutant database. 5 names matched up, Mari Rosario, Lexa Pierce, Dasimah Imah, Max Laken, and Gerald Alejandro. Jesse grimaced as he realized that the new list, would have Lexa on the other list, to terminate her.
While looking at the other records other than Lexa's, individually, something unusual caught Jesse eyes, 2 weeks ago Dasimah Imah left her apartment in Los Angeles, and flew to Singapore. There was a large amount of money that had been sent to this girl, and it all pointed to the fact that the Dominion was paying her to do something big, and Jesse worried about how much trouble you can buy for 1.7 million dollars.

Lexa and Shal enter room .......

"Jesse did you get any sleep last night?"

"No, like normal," he said trying to hide his aggravation." I will catch up later. Lexa do you know a Dasimah Imah?"

"Not personally, but have heard of her, well her abilities anyway. She is like you worse nightmare, in a girl. She is elemental, and she can control water, fire, and electricity."

"Yeah, that's what it says here, but it also looks like they have modified her abilities, to include something else."

"Like what exactly?"

" I have decrypted that part yet." sounding aggravated, he and Lexa weren't seeing eye to eye on anyting at the moment, was starting to wonder what he ever saw in her.

In Singapore .......

A woman walks into her hotel room.She is about 16 years old, tall with long black hair. She was wearing a white spagetti string T-shirt, with black leather pants. She was exhausted from her day. She put her keys down on the end table as she walked into the room. She felt like she needed to sleep a week. She sat down on her bed. She was too tired to take a shower, so decided to put it off until tomorrow morning. She kicked off her boots, and laid back on the bed. Closing her eyes, and willing herself to sleep.
A sound from the door awoke her, as she bolted up. She opened up her new ability as a Psionic, and sensed the coming danger before they even got to the door. There were 4 of them, she could feel it. She looked at her window and realized the only way she would make it out alive, was to fight .......
Just then her door was kicked in, and 3 men with guns entered, and a fourth waltz through the bravely without a gun, he put a act like he wasn't afraid of her, but she could feel his fear. He screamed, " There she is get her!"

The first guy was tall and muscular, she hit him with a telsa ball, the second guy, similar to the first one, she hit with water, then sent a current of electricity at him.The other two would prove to be her real contest. While she was striking the second guy, the third guy came up behind her and grabbed her arms, pinning them to her side.

The fourth man, without a gun, walked over to her, smirking in this sinister way. "Well, aren't you a feisty one?" as he walked over and punched her in the stomach.
The guy that was holding her, wouldn't let her go. "Stop fighting it, I'm stronger than you, girlie." He was purposely holding her arms so she couldn't use her powers to defend herself.
Obviously, they didn't know about her modification. She slammed her head back as hard as she could, hitting the big guy in the chin, making him release her, she sent a Psionic star burst at him, stunning him long enough to send flames his way, and with a hard back kick sent the other guy flying into the wall behind him. And as he stood up, hit him with an electrical current so hard it through him out the window.

She looked around her room, walked over and grabbed a few things from her closet, put them in a suitcase. Then she walked back to closet, and reached back to the back of the closet, where her hand met steel. Grabbing it, she pulled the metal box out. Walked over to her bed, placed the steel box on her bed, and opened the lid revealing it had soft foam on the inside to protect the contents of the box, which were a gun, and 4 vials of greenish liquid .........

How to I get to Mutant X without them catching me? They have tight security... I know, I will just draw them to me. But I have to hurry before it's too late ....before they are able to stop me.

She took one last look and walked out .....

Just a few more weeks, and the job will be done. And I won't have to put up with people chasing me and trying to stop me from carrying out my plan ......look out world ...... Dasimah is gonna rock your world!

After weeks of planning they decided to send Jesse in undercover to get close to Dasimah and gain her confidence, and find out how she is involved with the Dominion. They had found her once, but when their contacts got there, something went wrong, and she killed them. It took another 2 weeks to relocate her.
Everything was all set, fake ID, fake passport, fake name to go with it. He was now David Kendall. Jesse arrived at the airport almost at midnight, carrying a duffel bag, he walked up to the travel clerk, one thing he liked about traveling late, no line.

"Yes sir, can I help you?" asked the young brunette woman.

"Yes, I need a ticket to Singapore."

"Is that one-way, or round-trip?"

"Round-trip, but don't put a date on that. Not sure when I am coming back."

"Very well, you can use this anytime in the next month."


" I need to see your passport."

"Right here."

" OK, here you go," she said after a few minutes, handing him back his passport, " and here is your ticket, you will be on flight 549, leaving in 1 hour for Singapore. Gate 4. Enjoy you flight Mr. Kendall."

"Thanks." he said as he took his ticket. He headed to the café in front of him, he needed coffee, bad. He should have gotten a nap earlier, but he had been to busy trying to make sure he had covered all his bases. From the info he read about Dasimah, she was a tough cookie, and dangerous. And seeing as how they didn't know her powers, Jesse was putting his life on the line, just to stop this girl, from succeeding in her plan, whatever that was.

As Jesse arrived at the hotel, it was nighttime and he realized he was exhausted. The flight had been long and thankfully uneventful. Jesse had managed a 3 hour nap. He was glad he had made reservations earlier the day before, cause he really needed to take a shower, and get some real sleep. As he walked down the hall toward his room, he started looking at the numbers on the door .....460 ........his was 466. And if his Intel was right Dasimah would be right next door to him, in room, 467.
He walked till he found his room, 466. He took the key out of his pocket and opened the door. He walked into a spacious room. He dropped his duffel bag to the floor.
He leaned back on his bed, realizing that if he didn't take a shower soon, he might not ever get one. So he got up, walked over to his duffel bag, and got out a pair of black boxers, and walked across the room to his bathroom. He was sore and stiff from the last few days.
He slowly took off his shirt, and dropped it to the floor. Then removed his pants, and boxers letting them drop to the floor. He walked over and turned on the water to the shower. He liked his water hot, so he waited for the steam to start rising before stepping in. As he stood there with the hot water coursing down his tight muscles, he couldn't help but relax, tomorrow he could worry, but tonight he could relax .........

His relaxation was interrupted by the blasting of a stereo. He could hear what he thought was the song "Bent" by Matchbox Twenty.
He turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. He grabbed the towel hanging there, and wrapped it around his waist. He couldn't help but grin, cause the music caught how he was feeling right then ...bent! Tired and bent, would be more like it. He undid the towel from around his waist, and continued to dry off, he then put his black boxers on. As strange as it sounded, Jesse thought the music would help him sleep, cause both Brennan and Shalimar play there stereos to loud.
He walked over to his bed, and laid back. His back was sore from the night before, he had double checked everything they knew about Dasimah, and all the bases to make sure he was covered. He just had one problem, still making him worry a little .........

Her records show that she was modified by the Dominion, but how? Was is simple fix-it cause of her DNA, I mean it is unusual for an Elemental to be able to handle any modification, without destroying themselves in the process ....case in point, Ashlocke ....... Well whatever it is, hopefully I won't find out the hard way what it is. But for now, I am going to sleep.

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