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Chapter 8: Search and Rescue

Jesse was sitting at the kitchen table. He had been up since Am trying to sort all that happened the day before. He barely noticed when Shal came in the room."Morning Jesse."

"Morning, I already made coffee if you want some."

"Thanks, and I do." she said pouring herself a cup, and putting so much creamer in there that Jesse almost choked.

"Shal, why do you have to put that much creamer in your coffee?"

"Cause, it's the feral in me, I guess." she said as she sat down."What's got you in bad mood this morning, anyway?"

"Just thinking about yesterday. I still don't understand about the virus. And who is Mari? How did know what to do, and why was she here?"

"Whoa, enough coffee for you." she said taking his cup away. "First off, the virus is something the Dominion used to control mutants, cause mutants would die without the serum. The serum, was only given after the infected mutant completed some task for the Dominion."

"OK, I understand. Now who is Mari?"

"Mari was an original member of Mutant X with Lexa and Dasi, remember?"


"OK, Lexa found her a few days ago. It turns out Mari is the one who made the virus, and the serum. She, of course had no idea what it would be used to do."

"Or so she says."

"True, we have no way of knowing whether she knew or not."

"OK, how were you guys infected yesterday?"

"Dasi put the virus in our tea. You know the ginseng?"

"Yeah, but you don't understand, I saw her leave the virus, back in Malaysia."

"According to Dasi, she put the virus in the dropper bottle, and food coloring in the vials that she left behind."

"Well, that explains that. I have never been the observant one. OK, did you guys know what she was up to, the whole time?"

"No, we knew she had the virus. And we knew that she had possibly been reactivated. But just in case, we had Mari make the serum."

"I don't think I will ever fully understand, will I?"

"Yeah, you will, after you get some sleep. Anyway, you are over-thinking the situation!"

"I am sure you are right."

"Hey guys, there is something you need to see!!" yelled Mari from the living room. Shalimar, Jesse, Brennan and Lexa, followed by Dasi came into the room.

"What's up? Asked Brennan.

"I found Adam!"

"What?! Where?!" asked Shal.

"Here at this warehouse," she said pointed to the computer screen, "recognize it Lexa?" asked Mari.

"Yeah, it's old an Genomex warehouse. One of many the Dominion now use."

"We need a plan to go get him, you guys." said Shal.

"No, you don't! I can get in and out without getting caught. You guys can't!" said Mari.

"Wait, you don't know us!" said Shal angrily.

"The Dominion know you guys will try to rescue him, and they are probably waiting for you!"

"Well, let's not keep them waiting," Shal says as she turns to leave, Dasi reaching out and stopping her.

"Wait! You guys might be great fighters, no doubt! Adam wouldn't have you if you weren't, but hear Mari out, if she has plan that will work, with little risk, it would be wise to listen."

"Thanks Dasi, look, I'm not with the Dominion anymore. But .. they still trust me. And will let me in the warehouse. All I have to do is call, and say I need a meeting with the creator and ........"

"Whoa, you know about the creator?" asked Lexa. "How?"

"I worked more classified cases then you, Lexa. After they realized that I could be an asset to them as far as science and genetics go, they had me work one-on-one with him."

"That means, the other day, when I was telling you that Adam was a clone, you already knew!"

"Yeah, I did. I didn't know if I could trust you then, wasn't sure if you were still working for them, or what! Look, I'm sorry, not trying to lie to you here, but you never know who to trust!"

"Your right."

"Now, I will get in to see the Creator, and get Adam. While you guys go and check out the new Sanctuary."

"You mean you found it!" said Dasi, earning her looks from all. "What?"

"Adam told her, remember?" said Mari. "But we still need to password."

"I know it!" said Dasi.

"You do? What is it?" asked Jesse.

"I'll tell you when we get there. We will meet you there Mari, be safe!" Dasi said as she hugged Mari.

At the warehouse, a phone started ringing. "Hello?"

"Yeah, this is Mari! Tell the Creator, that I am on my way!"

"Will do!"

One hour later ...........

Mari got out of her car, and walked to the warehouse. She had swore to herself, she would never have anything to do with the Dominion ever again. And after she rescued Adam she was going back to New York. She knocked on the door, and a guard holding an automatic rifle opened up the door, "Password!"


"Enter." he moved aside. "Name?"


"Sir," he said in his walkie-talkie. "Marisol is here to see you... Yes sir! Go right up!"

"Thanks." she said as she headed toward the lab, knowing that is where Adam and the Creator would be.

"Marisol! So nice to see you again. Adam, I believe you know Mari."

"Yes, I do. Hi, Mari." said Adam. Adam looked like he hadn't slept in days. He had been staring at that computer screen so long, Mari could swear she could see codes in his eyes.

"Hi, Adam. Sorry I can't stay long, but we have a problem."

"Oh, like?"

"Dasimah, she failed. I need to make more virus, and I was hoping you would let me borrow Adam."

"Adam? Why do you need him?"

"Because I need a virus, tailored to Dasi's DNA. So I can kill her!"

"You can have him, for one day! Then you have to return him!"

"Fine, and if you want, I can stay and help you too!"

"That will be great, hurry, before I change my mind." said the Creator.

Outside the warehouse, in the car ...............

"You OK, Adam?"

"No, and you might as well kill me, cause I have no intention of helping you kill Dasi!"

"Glad to hear it," she said, taking pleasure in the shock on his face. "I don't work for them anymore, and that was my resignation! We have found the new location for Sanctuary, and we are to meet Mutant X and Dasi there."

"Thank you!" he said as he leaned his tired head back. Before Mari knew it, he was snoring.

"Where is Mari?" asked Shal, for the millionth time.

"She's coming!" said Dasi. She was getting tired of all the anger she was feeling coming from the feral. "And speak of the devil!"

"Sorry I'm late." Mari said.

"Where's Adam?!" asked Shalimar.

"Behind me! Chill!" she said, as Adam came up behind her. Shal was relieved to see him. She walked over to hug him, as mad as she was at him, he was still like her father, but better. "Welcome home, Adam." said Brennan behind her. And for once, he sounded sincere.

"OK, can we please go inside!" said Dasi. She was excited. Ever since she was 15 and found out about this place she had wanted to see it.

"Sure, as soon as you punch in the password." said Jesse. As he watched over her shoulder as she poked in H-A-M-I-S-A-D.


"My name back wards, silly ....Dasimah!" she said laughing.

The steel door opened, and they entered. They looked around and were amazed to realize that this Sanctuary was nearly an exact replica of the old one, except for, and this made Jesse very happy, it was even more high tech, and a lot bigger!

"Adam? How many bedrooms does this thing have?" asked Lexa.


"Great, enough room for all members of Mutant X, and the new ones," Lexa said, getting questioning look from Shal and Jesse. "That is if Mari and Dasi want to come back!"

"I would love too! I have missed it so much!" said Dasimah.

"Me too, even though I should say no, and go home, I missed being apart of Mutant X. This feels more like home!"

"Then it's settled," said Lexa. During the last few months since Old Sanctuary was destroyed, she had been unwittingly letting herself do something, she hadn't done in a long time. Relax and let people see her true self.

"Guys, I have some good news for everyone," said Mari, and after she knew she had all their attentions, she continued, "I know all of you were worried about your expiration dates, and I have to tell you, you can quit worrying."

"What?" asked Shalimar.

"I tested Dasi after I gave her the serum, you know the one for the virus, cause well I knew for a fact that her expiry date was ... today!"

"I'm dying?" asked Dasi.

"No, apparently the serum that counteracts the virus, also restructured your DNA. And apparently healed whatever was wrong with the structure in the first place."

"Are you sure?" asked Dasi.

"Yes, and me and Jesse tested you guys blood this morning, and you guys are also going to be fine."

"Jesse, you didn't say anything?" Shal said punching him in the arm.

"Mari wanted to surprise you all."

"Well, she did!" said Brennan. Walking over giving Mari a hug.

"Well, I am going to need all your help in making more of the serum, for the mutants in the underground."

"We are all yours. For the next week or so, anyway, then we have to get ready to fight the Dominion." said Lexa.

"Good." said Mari.

"We need a name for this place, don't we?" asked Shalimar.

"What? Why not just call it Sanctuary?" asked Brennan.

"No, I agree with Shal, it needs it's own name." said Jesse.

Adam looked at all of them, amused at all of them for bickering like little kids. He had been too much the last few months, not to enjoy this moment.

"Hey wait! Adam, how did you name this mountain?" asked Shal.

"Adam didn't name the mountain, Shal." said Brennan.

"Actually, I did!"

"What?" asked Brennan.

"Well when I tell you, how I came up with the name, you all are going to be shocked. Ekcolhsa, is Ashlocke back wards."

"What?!" said Shal. "You named this mountain after that monster!"

"No, I don't know how to tell you this, but ....." he paused. "Jesse, you remember when you were Wolf Lake and that car came and crashed through the diner?"


"The car was driven by Aaron Michael, better known as ...... Michael Aaron Ashlocke. Gabriel's brother. And my........"

"Your what?" asked Jesse.

"My son!"

"Your son? Does that mean, Gabe was your son too?" asked Shal.

"No, just Michael."

"Did Gabe ever know?" asked Jesse.

"No! At least I don't think so, he never said anything."

"Where's Michael now? I remember going to hospital to kill him, for what I thought he had done, kill Jesse! But I never found him." said Shal.

"I sent him back to Wolf Lake, to help protect someone."

"Then he's a mutant?" asked Shalimar.

"Yea, like Jesse, if I remember right." said Brennan. He remembered Adam telling him and Emma that.

"Yes, your right." said Adam. "We can talk about this later, but right now, you guys choose a name for this place, and tomorrow we get busy putting an end to the Dominion."

"I know a name!" said Mari. "The Haven!"

"I like it! Said Brennan. He would agree with her, if she said his pants were on fire. thought Shal.

"Me too!" said Jesse, Lexa, and Dasi at the same time.

"Yeah, I love it too," said Shal as she realized she was outnumbered anyway.

"Then The Haven it is!" said Lexa. "This deserves a toast!" Lexa figured Adam had wine somewhere in the kitchen, and she was right. She poured some for everyone, and Jesse was appointed to do the toast.

"To our new members, Mari and Dasi, we are sure we will break you two in well in the next few weeks. And to Adam, welcome home. And to Mutant X, once again we have risen from the ashes!"

One Week Later .........

Mari walked into the lab where Adam was busy working. Her and the other members of Mutant X, including Dasi, had spent the last few weeks getting the the cure out to the underground mutants, she still couldn't believe that she had cured the expiration problem. "Hey Adam, what's you doing?"

"Trying to figure out how you figured out how to fix the genetic structure."

"You want the truth?"

"Yes, please."

"By accident!" she said walking around him, looking through the microscope, "But I will give you my notes."

"Thanks, you know I can't help but wonder why ....."

"Why what?"

"Why I was created. I mean I know I was created to help the Creator, figure out th DNA mistake he had made years ago, but know ....that you have solved it, I wonder what my purpose in life is now."

"Adam, you could look at it in a different way."


"Adam, the Creator created you, you created me in a way. I mean, if I wasn't a mutant, I might not even care about genetics. So what if I fixed that problem? There will be plenty more where that one came from."

"Your right. I just have to forget that I am a clone, and go back to being just ...Adam."

"You will never be that man again, Adam. You are different, and maybe that's a good thing."

"How is that a good thing?"

"Cause, ever since you made us mutants, you have failed to understand what we feel like, manufactured. Like we had no say in our lives. Now you know how we felt!" she said as she left the room.


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