"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit," Summer picks up the closest thing to her, a ceramic toothpaste holder, and slams it against the wall in front of her. Feeling slightly relieved by the burst of anger Summer throws more of the breakable things in her bathroom against the wall, until she feels completely drained of anger and sinks to the floor sobbing.

Rosemary, the housekeeper that had worked for her family since Summer was a baby hurries into the room, glances around at the damage and quickly hurries back out undoubtedly to get Summer's father. Summer should care, she should be quickly hiding all evidence and making up a lie before he can get here. But she doesn't care, let him find out.

"Summer, what's going on?" Neil Robert's appears, as predicted staring at his daughter. Venturing further into the glass covered bathroom Neil approaches his daughter and crouching down he stares at her. "What happened sweetie, did they find your boyfriend? Has something happened to him?"

Summer shakes her head as a response.

"Then wha-" Neil stops as he glances around the room and his gaze settles on the pregnancy test on the counter. "Oh God, Summer."

"Daddy," when Summer looks up at her father she has a broken look that Neil Roberts has never seen in his daughter.

"We'll figure this out," Neil assures before wrapping his daughter in a hug.
"I think I know what I want to do." Summer announces as she walks into the living room where her father is watching television with her step-mother.

"Really? What?" Neil had spent the last couple of days tossing ideas out to his daughter who was determined to have and raise her baby. He loved his daughter but didn't know if he was willing to bare the embarrassment of having a teenaged pregnant daughter.

"I called Mom," Summer states, the statement alone sounds foreign on her lips. "I think I want to move in with her."

"Your mother?" Neil is surprised by the statement, he hadn't spoken to his wife in nearly 10 years and he had no idea his daughter was in contact with her either. "I had no idea you even spoke to your mother."

"Only once a year, she sends me a letter every year on my birthday and I've always had her phone number. I'd never used the phone number before today, but I called her and explained everything to her. I just needed a female perspective, she was the one who offered that I move to live with her."

"I don't even know where she lives!" Neil exclaims.

"Pennsylvania," Summer responds. "In Harrisburg."

"You're going to move across the country?" Neil demands, standing up.

"Daddy, we both know they are going to tear me apart if I stay here. Teenage girls don't have babies in Newport, ever."

"I don't think moving in with your mother would be the best choice for you."

"You said I could make this decision on my own, I'm making a decision. I want to move with Mom."

Neil shakes his head and sighs, "if that's what you want, I'm not going to stop you, but I think you're making a mistake. What are you going to do about that boyfriend of yours?"

"I'll leave him a letter telling him I've got, but I'm not telling him I'm pregnant." Summer states and she can't help but think 'take that Cohen, you're not the only one who can disappear with only a letter.'

"Not going to..."

"Neil, leave the girl alone. You promised her she could make her own decision about everything," for the first time in her life Summer's step-mother was sticking up for her. "If she doesn't want to tell Seth she's pregnant then she shouldn't have to tell Seth she's pregnant."
Summer stares at herself in the mirror, she didn't know why it was important to her what she wore to take the letter to the Cohen's house. Seth wasn't home and she didn't even have a guarantee that one of his parents would be either. But somehow it had taken her hours to pick out the denim capri's and simple white spaghetti strap top, a normal Summer outfit for her. She didn't understand why it was so important, it just was.
Ringing the doorbell at the Cohen's house Summer shifts uncomfortably back and forth, eyes focused on the welcome mat and letter clutched tightly in her hands. "Summer," Sandy is the one to open the door. "You did get my cell phone message."

"Cell phone message?" Summer is startled by the greeting and can only muster up enough thought to parrot back Sandy's words.

"You didn't get it?" When Summer shakes her head Sandy grins, "well good, I get to give you the news in person."

"The news?"

"Seth called," Sandy's smile grows, "he's on his way home. He'll be here in two or three days."

"He's coming back," for a whole second Summer gets excited but in an instant her heart sinks. "I won't be here in two or three days."

"Oh, are you going on vacation? Seth'll be disappointed but..."

"Actually, no." Summer responds, "I explained it all to Seth in my letter, if you could just give it to him..."


"I'm sorry Mr. Cohen," Summer's eyes fill with tears. "I have to go."
"I can't believe you're leaving Summer," Marissa looked terrible and Summer couldn't help but feel guilty for leaving her best friend behind when she was so torn apart. But Summer knew that if she stayed in Newport there would be no way she could help Marissa.

"I know, this is just something I have to do, you know?"

Marissa nods, "yeah I guess I do. My dad's thinking of moving to Arizona, he has some family that lives there, I might go too. Mom and I just can't make it work, you know living together and Caleb's willing to let me go. So when's your flight leave?"

"First thing in the morning, we've got to leave the house by 5:30. I just hope I'll be okay to fly, I've been feeling kind of lousy lately."

"You should see the doctor when you get to Harrisburg, you probably have the flu." Marissa states.

"Yeah maybe," Summer felt bad about lying to her best and oldest friend. But the drinking that Marissa did at parties could lead to her inadvertently blabbing something she wouldn't under normal conditions and Summer couldn't risk that.

"So what's your mom like anyway?" Marissa questions.

Summer shrugs, "my best guess is she is somewhere between your mom and Kirsten, probably more like Kirsten, they did grow up together. I'm going to miss you Coop."

"I'm gonna miss you too, Summer. I hope things are better for you in Pennsylvania. You find whatever it is you need."