For those of you that have been waiting for the sequel to this popular story, have no fear. There is a sequel that is coming in the beginning of November. I have titled it "Every Heart," after my favorite Inuyasha song. I decided to put it as a story on its own because I think that this story is great as is. Here is a preview of the story:

--- Kagome allows Sesshomaru to come along on their quest to find the remaining jewel shards.

--- Miroku somehow manages to convince Sango that she should 'rehabilitate' him.

--- Shippo steps up as leader of his Fox Clan, and takes the responsibility of Rin as his ward.

--- Myouga must give up something very dear to him to unlock the key to Naraku.

--- Inuyasha finally finds a friend in a most unexpected place.

--- The group musters up every ally they can find in a free-for-all against Naraku and his minions.

--- There are seven – count 'em – SEVEN pairings in this sequel.

--- There are also 9 allies joining the core cast.

--- That is, of course, because there are about 7 baddies after them.

I have to say, this is my most ambitious story ever. I hope you guys are eagerly awaiting the return of this story, because I sure am having fun putting it all together. Of course, in the mean time, there is my other story; "Forest Full of Souls" to tide you over...