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Soda was real quiet on the way home; it almost seemed as if he was thinking. Soda doesn't really think much about stuff, he just does what he thinks he should do. And sometimes, he messes up that way.

Two-Bit seemed a little quiet too, and it was like a really awkward situation. Usually, you couldn't get Soda or Two-Bit to shut up. I wondered if Soda was still thinking about Sandy. I mean, you read all these novels where a girl is terribly in love with this guy and then the guy doesn't love her back and she gets all teary-eyed and can't stop thinking about him. I wondered if the same applied to guys. Or maybe guys are just too tough to let emotions run them over. I don't know. Maybe I'd ask Soda or Darry one day.

We passed the place where we buried Dally and Johnny. Usually if I walked with Soda or anyone, we'd make a huge circle to avoid this place. Maybe it triggered too many memories and maybe they all wanted to me to forget, but avoiding the place didn't help. They didn't know I still went there to talk to Johnny some times. So what if he couldn't hear me? It beat talking or crying about him and sometimes it felt as though he was really there. Yeah, I still cry about Johnny. I mean, I don't let Soda or Darry know, cause they'd call a doctor or something, like the time Mom and Dad died. I still get nightmares about them too.

Suddenly, Two-Bit looked up from the road he had been staring at and swore. He must've remembered Dally and Johnny's graves were here. Soda must've remembered too and he looked at me real worriedly.

"Pony, you okay?"

I shrugged, "Yeah, I'm okay."

Soda stared at the two markers we had set up and walked towards it. Two-Bit and I followed. Soda lay on the grass next to Dally's marker and stared up at the stars. Two-Bit had sat on the patch of grass next to Johnny's marker, rubbing it fondly and tracing the engravings Darry had carved. I sat down at Soda's feet, staring at the grass. I didn't want to look at the grave which held my best friend's bones.

Soda didn't say anything. Two-Bit was pulling the grass out from the ground and throwing it forcefully away as if he were really angry. Two-Bit takes anger passively. He doesn't really burst out like Dally or Darry.

I was getting sleepier and sleepier and I guess I must have dozed off. Soda had woken me up and had dragged me home. I supposed Two-Bit must've left on the way or something. I can't remember.

I think Soda dropped me once or twice. I woke up with a few bruises and about two hours too early for school. At least I would be able to see the sunrise. Maybe it would make me forget. Maybe it would make Cherry forget about Dallas too.


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