Just say you hate me because I know you all do, don't say you love me because I know it's not true.

John had left soon after, claiming that it would take hours to get home and he was hopping for at least a half an hour of sleep tonight. He climbed out the window and ran off, telling Chris to think about his offer, but he would understand if he said no. Chris had curled up in bed and found it impossible to go to sleep. Too much was on his mind. There were a million things to think about, but his mind was blank. Too much to think about. His little mind couldn't take it.

By 6 o'clock he was still starring at the ceiling. Chris was called down stairs for breakfast. He got up, mumbling about how it was too early to move. He wasn't sure why he was mad about it, he wasn't sleeping anyway.

The rest of the week went by. He got lost almost everyday, having to find one of the butlers or something and ask for help. The house was explored, but it got boring after a little while. There were no children or pets to play with, which made things no fun. He had been surrounded with children all his life and now there were none. His older brother was constantly on his mind. Still, Laura was nice and treated him well, along with everyone else in the house. Everyone but Mr. Darby who stayed in his office all day long, working.

John stopped by almost every night to tell Chris everything that was going on and how he had narrowly escaped getting caught breaking into a house for kicks. The adoption thing was not brought up. John didn't want to pressure Chris into doing something he would regret.

They drove Chris back to the orphanage where Laura looked reluctant to give him up. Everyone bombarded him with questions as soon as he got home, everyone wondering how things went. Chris explained things the best he could, only he added in a little more yelling and him breaking more things then what he really did. Even though he did break a grand total of five things that looked kind of expensive.

When he finally got away, Chris went into his room and locked the door. That may not have been allowed, but who cares. He was going to be leaving soon anyway. Unless he went with John of course, then he would stay with his friends for a few more years, which would be great. No, he wouldn't think about this now. Chris collapsed on the bed he had been in all his life and fell asleep instantly. Sleep was something he couldn't seem to do in that house.

It only took one hour for the Halliwalls to come. Great, now he would be moved to an all new place, again, and meet a lot of new people, again, and have to act like he was having the time of his life when he was really home sick, again. Chris stumbled down the stairs, still tired and his eyes were showing that.

"You ready to go?" Terri asked, smiling sweetly. She was obviously happier to see Chris going with his real parents.

"Um...ya." Chris said, shifting things around in his bag to see if he had everything.

"Good." The Halliwalls led Chris out to their car. It was not a limo and did not have a driver. Mr. Halliwall got in the driver's seat and his wife got in the passenger side, leaving Chris to go in the back. She demanded he put on a seat belt and they took off. Another week away from the orphanage.

"Do you have any questions. Chris?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, the whole magic thing. Shouldn't you all be in a clinic with pretty white jackets?" he asked. Piper smiled, seeing the same sarcasm she had seen in older Chris. She explained things the best she could and took a can of soda she had had and threw it up in the air, flicking her wrists and freezing it. Chris looked at it, amazed.

"See? What we tell you is all true. And I know that you've had experiences with your magic so you have no reason to doubt us." Chris touched a spot of frozen pop and it didn't move. "You need to put a little more force if you want something to move." She grabbed the can and gave it a tug, taking it out of the freeze.

The rest of the drive they both made Chris feel as comfortable as possible, talking to him and listening to what he had to say. They both seemed very nice and Chris was excited to see their home. But he still knew that he would miss everyone in the orphanage.

"Okay, we're here." Leo announced. Chris looked at the manor that hey had pulled up to and was very pleased to see that it wasn't some crummy apartment. He had lived in s crummy house all his life and now that he has seen what its like to live the high life, he wasn't quite prepared to go back to begin poor.

They entered the house and right away he noticed three other kids and three other parents. He sure would feel at home here with so many people.

"Chris! That really is him!" a woman with black hair yelled. She ran up and hugged him and a woman with red hair soon followed.

Chris heard Piper and Leo chuckle a bit and he was able to manage 'help'.

"Okay, okay, let him go." Piper took her sisters off of the boy and Chris noticed that everyone was starring at him.

"Okay, freaky." He said, voicing how nervous he felt.

"We're sorry, it's just that we are all so happy to have you back!" the women with black hair exclaimed, looking as if she wanted to jump up and down.

"Okay, Chris, that there is your Aunt Phoebe." Said Piper, pointing to her. "And that's your Aunt Paige." The two waved as a hello. "And, that there, is your older brother," Chris looked at a blonde haired boy who looked nervous to meet this new person. Yet he looked a bit excited at the same time. "Wyatt."

"Hi." She boy said shyly, not knowing what else to say. What else was there to say? How could you find proper words to say how excited he truly was to meet his younger brother for the first time?

"Hi." Chris responded. Well that sounded stupid.

"That there is your younger cousin Phoenix." Leo pointed to a girl about nine years old, like Chris, with blazing red hair. Her hair came down past her shoulders and he was surprised to see that she had no freckles. Most red heads bore freckles all over, but she had none. "Paige's daughter."

"That explains the red hair." Chris said.

"Not really," Aunt Paige told him. "I have dyed red hair. She decided that she could make a potion all on her own and that was the result." Chris could tell that she was simply reminding her daughter about what had happened and just using him to do so.

Phoenix stuck her tongue out at her mother and giggled when she didn't get yelled at in front of the guest.

"Then there is Celeste and Sage." Leo finished, motioning to the other two children. Celeste was younger, about seven and that was it. She has long black hair and innocent looking eyes. Sage was ten years old, black shaggy looking hair like Chris's and his eyes looked more ornery. Chris could tell that he was the kind of boy that liked to do things wrong, and he had gotten away with plenty of things. "Then there is Brain, Phoebe's husband."

"How come they got such cool names and I'm 'Chris' and hes just 'Wyatt?'" Chris asked. Sure it was rude, but this was his original family, they should be able to put up with him.

Piper only gave a small laugh. "Because you are names after Leo's father, and Wyatt is named after Leo."

"Oh." So that's where his name came from.

"Come on. I'll give you the grand tour." Piper led him around the house and everyone followed. This house wasn't fit for so many people. His mom, his dad, Aunt Paige, Phoenix, Aunt Phoebe and her two children then Brian. How could he fit? Phoenix already shared a room with her mother, then Celeste and Sage shared one and Phoebe and Brain were together. That wasn't so bad. After all, they were married. He would share a tiny room with Wyatt.

It was a nice house. But when they took him to the attic, Chris was shocked. They explained this 'Book of Shadows' thing and potions. All sorts of spells and they showed him a few demons.

"This is all real?" Chris asked, looking at some pointy and slimy demon.

"Very real." Paige told him. "But don't worry, your dad can heal. You don't have to face any of these demons until your older. Wyatt's age. You're still two years away from that. Oh, we vanquished him." She said when he turned the page and saw some dog thing.

"How do you vanquish them?" Chris asked, getting interested. He wondered why he wasn't scarred. Shouldn't he be worried about this? He was about to jump headfirst into a brand new world that was life threatening.

"Well, sometimes we can use a spell, or a potion, or, if we're lucky of course, Piper can just blow him up." Paige said. "But that doesn't happen very often."

"Will I be able to write spells?" Chris asked, actually excited at this thought.

"Of course. All witches can. It's one of the best parts. Oh! Wyatt vanquished that one there." Paige said when they landed on another demon. Wyatt smiled at the memory and of the fun party afterward.

"Mom!" Sage yelled from downstairs. The Charmed Ones rushed down the stairs and when Chris tried to follow, Wyatt stopped him.

"They don't need us, I'm sure it's fine." He said.

"But I want to see!" his younger brother whined.

"I didn't get to see my first demon until I was ten, so you have to wait." Phoenix orbed the rest of the children up to the attic. They each looked just upset that they fight the demon, let alone see it.

"That thing looked so kick ass!" Sage yelled.

"You got a good look?" Phoenix said amazed. "Details!"

"Let me find it," Sage said, going over to the book and flipping through. His cousins crowded around, urging him to find the demon faster and he would snap at them. "Here it is!" he exclaimed, pointing to a demon. The picture was of a demon in a black cloak, the hood over its face in an eerie way, but its face could still be seen. Runes were etched into his face and in his hands.

"Mortian," Celeste read. "An upper lever demon. A vanquishing spell hasn't been found and he has the ability to heal, physic ability, and feeds off the powers of demon, mystical creatures, and even witches."

"Sounds powerful." Chris said.

"You think this is information mom and the aunts will want?" Sage asked. A scream came from downstairs and they all looked at one another.