Castle Hikari:

Chapter: 1

Rating: PG

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A dish crashed against the wall, narrowly missing a red haired teenager's head. The boy gulped hard, his gaze fixed on the blond haired man in front of him. "You clumsy fool!" growled the blond, his voice showing anger and agitation. "How long have you been serving me wine for?" The red head cowered, unable to say even a single word. "Well?" demanded the blond. "How long?"

"S-seven ye-ye-years, s-sir," the boy stammered, terrified by the anger in the other man's voice.

"Right. Seven years. So why on earth did you spill that wine on the floor?" shouted the blond, also known as Lord Krad Hikari. The wine in question lay on the floor, staining the stone a deep red.

"Pl-please, sir, i-it-it was an accident," the boy pleaded. "I tripped, and- "he was cut off by a slap across his face.

"Niwa," Krad said, investing all the scorn into his voice at that word. "How many times to do I have to tell you? Clumsiness is not an excuse! You should not fall all of a sudden and spill wine all over the place! You are the worst fool I have ever met! If it hadn't been for that fool oath that your mother made me swear in front of thirteen witnesses, you would not be here at all!"

Niwa, better known to the castle as Daisuke, trembled before his uncle. The reason he was kept on was because his mother had been Lord Krad's sister and said lord had sworn in front of witnesses to take care of any children that his sister left behind. Krad did not love his nephew-in fact, he hated him-but the binding oath, strengthened by magic, and the witnesses forced Krad to provide Daisuke with all the basic necessities. Unfortunately, the contract had not stated how much the young Niwa was to be provided with, and therefore Daisuke ate whatever the servants ate, and in the same quantities. He was also forced to sleep in the hay loft. Even though this would not be considered as proper treatment, the promise had only been to make sure that Daisuke was given a roof over his head, food and water. This meant that even if Daisuke were to complain, no one would be able to do anything about it because the terms were satisfied.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again..." Daisuke's voice trailed off as he noticed an evil smile growing on Krad's face.

"Come here, boy," Krad's voice was suddenly soft. Daisuke swallowed hard and slowly walked towards his uncle. From behind his back, Krad produced a whip.

That night, Daisuke lay on the haystacks, trying hard to hold back tears. His uncle had almost made mincemeat of his back and chest with that knife. Why? Thought Daisuke, why does Karad like hurting me and abusing me so much? I haven't done anything to him...Not for the first time, the teenager cried himself to sleep that night, his body still hurting from the cuts that he had received.

Next morning

"Daisuke," It was loud. Well, to Daisuke, anyways. Turning his back to the source of the sound, he burrowed deeper into the haystacks and tried to muffle the noise.

"G' 'way, dun wanna wake up..." mumbled the half-asleep red head.

"Wake up Daisuke, it's two hours past cock's crow," the voice said, gentle but firm. At these words, Daisuke shot up and rushed to the main part of the castle, heading straight for the kitchen. Smirking slightly, a blue haired boy walked after Daisuke, quietly adjusting his glasses as he did so.

When the blue haired teenager arrived at the kitchen, he found his fiery friend dunking his head into the basin that all the servants used for washing their faces. "Satoshi..." Daisuke pouted, annoyed at being woken up early, "What did you do that for?"

"You didn't look like you were going to wake up any time soon," the other boy replied. "Long night?" Daisuke nodded silently, feeling the pains go up his back. Satoshi regarded him sympathetically. "Tell you what, I'll give you something to put on those cuts after you're done washing up, how about that?" Daisuke looked up, his eyes beginning to sparkle again. "Wow, thanks, Satoshi-san!"

Satoshi nodded. "And you know what else?"

"No," Daisuke said. "What?"

"Lady Yuki's coming to visit with her son, Dark. Isn't that cool?"

Daisuke nodded enthusiastically. Even though he was a teenager, he still sometimes acted like a happy five year old. The fact that Dark was also coming made Daisuke blink a little. Even though he liked Lady Yuki a lot- she had given him his first toy and reading and writing lessons, he still wasn't sure about her son. He'd never met Dark before; he'd only visited once, and that had been when Daisuke was sick with fever. This meant that he'd never even seen Dark before. However, this didn't dampen Daisuke's anticipation for long. "When's she coming?"

"Today," Satoshi answered, a small smile appearing on his face again. He had a soft spot in his otherwise cold heart for the younger boy. The innocence in him just seemed so...preserved.

"Wow, how come I didn't know?" asked Daisuke, munching a loaf of bread that one of the Harada twins (also servants) had given him.

Satoshi, ever eloquent, shrugged. "Maybe you were...oh, never mind."

Daisuke frowned. "What?" Again Satoshi shrugged, his eyes telling Daisuke that he already knew the answer. The other boy's eyes then opened wide in realization and he looked down, already feeling a little ashamed.

"Don't worry, Daisuke," Satoshi said quietly, "Krad's just a sadistic bastard. Don't let him get to you."

"Really?" Daisuke looked up at the taller boy, his eyes asking for reassurance. Satoshi nodded. "Thanks, Satoshi."

"You're welcome. Better go now; Krad sounds like he's woken up."

Daisuke nodded, grabbed Krad's special washing basin and ran up the flights of stairs. Satoshi shook his head and turned around, ready to supervise the rest of the kitchen staff.

An hour later

The bells chimed, signaling the arrival of a visitor to the castle. All the servants and staff flocked down to the courtyard, ready to welcome Lady Yuki. She was well known throughout the whole castle for her kindness, which they rarely received from Lord Krad. Many also anticipated the second sight of Dark-they remembered him as a mischievous but kind child who was always ready for some fun. As the grand carriage rolled through the huge gates, all the servants bowed as it passed them. They meant their bows too- Lady Yuki always gave people the feeling that they were wanted and needed in the world, and that they all meant something to her. When the carriage stopped and the doors opened, all the servants craned their necks eagerly, trying to see into the carriage.

Lady Yuki stepped out of her carriage and smiled at the crowd in front of her. From behind, her son shifted uneasily. She knew that he liked attention, but he only liked it if it was awe. He didn't like people staring at him as though they'd never seen anyone quite like him before. "Now Dark, remember to be kind to everyone, even if they are servants," she whispered to her son. He meant well, she knew, but his sharp tongue and intolerance for idiots often led him into trouble. Right now, though, Dark was the very epitome of what a Lady's son should be like. Suddenly, Yuki noticed a small fuss beginning at the back of the crowd and slowly working its way forward. Krad, she thought to herself with a little amusement. No one else would be that ostentatious. Years of visiting Krad had made her accustomed to his attention demanding ways. She didn't like the man much, but she still had to visit him, in order to keep up appearances. Behind her, Dark stepped out of the carriage and stood beside his mother. Not for the first time, the crowd stirred and muttered. They could not believe that a son could look so much unlike his mother. Dark looked nothing like her- the only physical asset that he had from his mother was her dark amethyst eyes. Where she was fair haired, he was dark-purple, to be exact. His name suited him. The crowd continued to stir and mutter as he and his mother stood there.

Dark let his eyes roam over the crowd-the usual hair colours. Brown, black, blond-they were all there. A flash of red suddenly caught his eye, and the purple haired teen turned around. He caught sight of a servant boy, who looked to be around his age. Curiously, the boy had crimson eyes that matched with his hair. Their eyes met for a moment, and strangely, the boy blushed and disappeared. Dark turned his attention back to the crowd in front of him and smirked. Just at that moment, Krad appeared in front of Yuki and Dark, wearing his most winning smile. "Ah, Yuki," he said, playing the part of the charming host, "Welcome to Castle Hikari."

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