The bonds of being a twin are hard to break


"Remmie?" whispered a little redhead about the age of five.

A little boy at the same age lifted his head off his pillow and rubbed his tired eyes.

"What?" he whispered back.

"I had a bad dream…can I sleep in here tonight?"

Remus frowned and then said reluctantly, "Sure."

Lily rushed over and hopped into his bed, giving him a great bear hug.

How far could someone go to actually break the bonds?


A big flash of lightning followed by a big burst of thunder came suddenly inside a park. A foot stepped in the muddy ground.

A little kid with light brown hair pushed his way passed a bunch of bushes.

"Lily!" he shouted, "Come on, mum says we have to leave." He paused, hearing no answer and then shouted again, "Lily!"

Lightning flashed again.


"Mum, I can't find Lily," the little boy cried out, running towards an older woman, man, and three other little boys, one with glasses and black hair, one with longer wavy black hair, and one with light blonde hair and a small nose. They were all under some umbrellas.

The older woman snapped her head around to look at her son. Her eyes were full of worry. "Where was she last, Remus?"

I never meant to cause you trouble,And I never meant to do you wrong,
How far could someone go to split a once happy, close-knit family?
"Eight year olds just don't disappear, Margaret!" shouted a man, Joseph Evans, furiously inside the living room of a once cozy house.
"Don't you think I know that!" screamed back a woman. Neither of them noticed their son, Remus, sitting on the stairs, gripping the banister tightly, his eyes full of sadness and dread.
How long does it take to forget your other half?
"Happy Birthday, Remus!" smiled Margaret. You could tell it was a forced smile. Deep inside, Margaret was crying her heart and soul out. This was the third 'single' birthday instead of 'double' birthday in a row they'd be celebrating.
"Thanks mum," said eleven year old Remus, a little downheartedly. "Has a certain letter come yet?" he asked pointedly, talking about his Hogwarts letter.
Margaret smiled even wider and pulled out an envelope from behind her, "Just now."
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble,O no, I never meant to do you
"Mum says it's alright if you stayed over for the summer," said Remus, pulling more mashed potatoes onto his plate.
James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew had on identical grins; "Excellent!" said James and Sirius at the same time. "We're going to have such a blast this summer," said Peter.
"Yes well, she said that it would be nice to have some noise in the house again," said Remus with a sort of grim smile. Immediately, the boys all became somber, thinking of their good friend, Remus' twin sister.
O no I see,A spider web and it's me in the middle,
From somewhere in a far away gothic, cold castle, a redheaded girl walked somberly in a corridor, coming across a room where her father and his 'guests' have always conducted their 'business meetings'. She looked in the room and saw her father right away on the high throne surrounded by people in dark cloaks.
Her father hissed angrily at someone and, surprisingly, looked up straight at Lily. "LILY!" he whispered angrily, "You know you're not supposed to listen in on Daddy's meetings."
Lily kept her head down meekly, "I-I'm sorry Father. I-I was just walking along the corridor. I'll be on my way now."
How far would someone go to learn the truth?
"I've got to get out of here," Lily whispered to herself, wiping away the tears that she had shed a few moments earlier after being thrown and locked in her room. "There's got to be something better out there," she murmured, pulling herself up to her feet to look out her tiny window and up at the winter night sky. "I'm living in a prison."
So I twist and turn,Here I am in love in a bubble,
"Can you please tell me how to get to the Headmaster's office," Lily asked, keeping her head down to hide her bruises.
The boy gave her a funny look and said, "You look like you should visit the hospital wing first."
"Who's your father, Lily?" asked Dumbledore seriously from his place on her bedside. Lily opened and closed her mouth a few times, not saying anything, looking down at the ground timidly. "You can tell me, Lily," pressed Dumbledore gently.
"I-I don't know if I can," said Lily quietly, "You see, I think you and he don't get along too well."
Dumbledore furrowed his brows, "You need not fear me, Lily."
Lily took a deep breathe and said softly, almost inaudibly, "My Father…is whom you'd referred to as…Lord Voldemort."
Singing, I never meant to cause you trouble,I never meant to do you wrong,
"How could she forget us!" snarled James, stamping his foot like a child.
"It's the 'Obliviate' curse, Mr. Potter," said Dumbledore. "She remembers nothing about her first eight years of life, including the people she once loved."
"For now, I want her to be with someone at all times," ordered Dumbledore. "Who knows what Voldemort may be planning to get her back."
The rest of the teachers nodded in agreement.
How much could a person suffer to figure if her reality really is reality…or if her life has been one huge lie?
FLASH Rain was pelting down on Voldemort and Lily. "I took care of you, Lily. I clothed, sheltered, and fed you. I am your father," soothed Voldemort in a too-persuasive tone.
Lily's scowl only deepened and she snarled at him, "I have no idea who my father is, thanks to you…Voldemort."
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble,Although I never meant to do you harm.
"See? We have the same eyes, Lily. You are my daughter," said Joseph. Lily stared at him with wide eyes.
They spun a web for me,They spun a web for me,They spun a web for me.