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The drama teacher got on her knees in front of the auburn haired girl. "PLEASE..."

The girl closed her amethyst eyes in impatience. "I said, NO."

"Please, no one else who can act will take the spot, and this play MUST be a success...please?"

She stayed silent. The drama teacher got desperate.

"An A for the rest of the semester then. Please, you really really need to do this." Again, the silence. The drama teacher became angry. "YOU WILL DO THIS MISS MAKINO OR YOU WILL HAVE DETENTION FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER!!! THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR SCHOOL!" The once chattering drama class fell silent under the roar of their teacher. "SO SIGN THE AUDITION FORM NOW!" She practically stabbed the pen and paper into the girl sitting on the chair.

The girl sighed and wrote her name on the slip as well as one could when being glared at by your evil drama teacher without a table.

On the audition form for the school play that the teacher was now evilly laughing over was the name, in smudged ink:

Rika Makino