Glass Slipper by liahime:

12 Slippers of Shards

Disclaimer: This story... in truth, none of it was mine. Digimon, of course, isn't mine. Yamanka Flowers wasn't mine either (it's from naruto...) And though I put it into words, this is truly the world's story, reflected through my eyes and voice. From the reviewers, from family, from the people around me. This is merely a reflection in the glass of it

The survivors are always left with the shards. Glass falls- you are left with the shards, sharp and cold as ever, in thousands of pieces, making it impossible to return it to it's former shape. Try as you might, it won't fit back to how it was perfectly the same.

The end result isn't always worse than the beginning, however...

There are times when you are left with a happy ending.

Ayashi Fujiwara had taken to her bed and decided not to come out for eternity. However, one can not eat chocolate truffles and drink soda for more than 24 hours without needing to leave one's bed, so eternity lasted for three hours and the mushiest soap opera rerun marathon ever. After hours of watching the star's 'one true love' endure every twist and turn of fate there could possibly be to come back to his girlfriend, Ayashi called the television network.

"After all," she said, "who needs Ryo Akiyama when you can hire a gorgeous guy to love and adore you?" Her lifesize portrait of this unnecessary Ryo Akiyama was still hanging over her bed though, and she's still the president of his fan club. And she was always there, in the front of the mob chasing him.

The fanclub were all terribly, terribly, sad, but devoted their time and energy now to chase both Rika and Ryo, all with two motives in mind. One, to beat sense into their object of adoration, two, to beat sense violently into the thief who had stolen said object. So far, they hadn't succeeded. The track coach was begging on his knees, asking them all to join.

Luckily for Kazu and Elicia, things were completely peaceful with the occaissional bump. There was something about them that fit. Yin and yang, they were perfectly matched. The New York transfer "ugly stepsister" with the heart of gold and the grace of a true princess and the klutz prince with the easy smile. So different, yet same in their differences. White and black joined together in and endless circle, with bits of the other tying them together.

Then there are some romances that are butterflies and sparkling eyes and flowers... and though theyare rare, there are some that exist. Some by chance, some by fate, and some by...well, by force. And what other relationship is better for a fairy godmother? She too found her own happiness with one of the advisors to the King... A handsome young man with a smile as bright as hers, as bright as the sun... So once Jeri's eyes stopped glittering and sparkling for Rika's romance, she opened them up to her own life.

And found him.

And then there were Rika and Ryo- the prince, the reluctant princess.

Rika was fully in love with Ryo, learning more about the ancient game and art that had confused princesses who had been colder, more in denial. She was opening up... and though she still denied it, she was smiling. Laughing. Glowing in a golden, unseen light that surrounded her. Something simple, yet so powerful- something no amount of money could have bought. The joy of true love.

And it's not like Ryo didn't learn a thing or two. One can not easily learn the art easily, no matter how perfect a smile you have. And his princess... His princess wildcat was the perfect one to learn from. Thorns and twists and shattering hearts. Cold ice and burning anger that you endure, all for the sweet end result. Love's trials and rewards.

"Was it worth it?" he was asked. He could have had any girl he wanted, and he picked the ice queen? When there were reams of gorgeous cheerleaders in his fanclub? When he had models at his command, CEOs' daughters hanging on his every word?

He had laughed and grinned, trying to explain. But some things won't, can't fit into words. How you know the person throwing cold water on you is worth chasing after. Why people pick roses, despite the thorns.

After all, not all fairytales were perfect.

Life would be filled with those- princesses that scream, heroes that tripped over cloaks. When the right choice wasn't always the road always taken. Glass slippers will break.

The princess won't fall in love with the predecided hero.

The dragon won't always go away.

But through it all... in all fairytales, from the most perfect to the strangest, most unconventional.

The love stays the same.



I can't believe it's over! sniff.. It was so fun writing this... especially writing Ayashi... oh well. Thank you to all my loyal (and not loyal) reviewers who read this...I know I skipped 11, but I don't like ending with that number. 12 is one of my favorite numbers... so it's 12 instead of 11 Slippers of Shards instead. I know that I didn't stick in any other relationship-stuff very well... but I wanted to write that! (plus it was waay too short to really count as a chapter...this is just too short..) Thank you to you all, you have made this a joy to write... I'm going to miss you all.. Your reviews got me to work whenever I was lazy, and you were all so caring.. But if you want to help me not miss you then... keep reading.

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