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Chapter 1: Essence of Eagnura

Well, it was an ordinary day. Until potions that is, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I left the common room this morning with Harry and Ron to go down to breakfast. As usual, the boys were obsessing over quidditch. I, not being the "quidditch-type-discusser" as Ron so blatantly put it, was left out of the conversation. Not that I'm complaining. I'm quite used to it. That's what you get for being best friends with two boys, jocks if you will. While they talked strategies and wonky-drops or whatever they're called, I let my mind wander on possible things that could be on the NEWTs. Okay, so the NEWTs were another year away, but you can never start studying too early! Anyway, we made it to the great hall and sat in our usual seats--Me next to Lavender, Harry next to me, and Ron across from Harry. Ginny came in and sat down across from me. She started engaging me in conversation about her latest breakup with Dean.

"It wasn't really 'working' if you know what I mean. I mean he's cute and all, but he's better just to have as a friend then a love interest. And he's so unromantic..."

I drifted in and out of the conversation. I'm not really interested in anyone's love life except my own and one other person.. who shall remain nameless. But honestly, Ginny runs through guys like a box of tissues during the flu season. I only wish she'd stay with one for more than a week!

"Hermione? pause Hello!!!! Earth to Hermione?!?!?!"

"Oh sorry, what?"

"What were you thinking about?"

"Um.. NEWTs. I wonder what's on them..."

"Hermione!!!! You have a whole year until NEWTs. Don't start getting all study crazy on me now! I have OWLs this year, but I'm not worried."

"Hewr-why-nee, Winny's wright. NEWTs are a wear away. Have wun whis wear" Ron said between mouthfuls of hash browns.

After seeing Ron's poor eating habits for 6 years you would think I would get used to his mouth mumbling. I can't even understand him. Without a thought I turned to Harry.

"Harry, what did Ron say?"

"Ron said 'Hermione, Ginny's right, NEWTs are a year away, have fun this year.' And actually, I agree with him Hermione. And even if you don't start studying for NEWTs until the night before they happen you'll get top marks like always. I don't know why you're worrying already."

"Ahh, alright. I'll try not to think about NEWTs until next year..."

"Fine, I'm keeping you to that promise Miss Granger."

I couldn't help but laugh. Harry knew I would at least 'try' not to think about it. So, in an attempt to keep my promise I diverted my attention to today's first class, Potions. If that wasn't bad enough, it was Double Potions, and it was still with the Slytherins. But hey, at least I have Harry and Ron to lighten the mood, and it's not like I do badly in the class.

We walked down to the dungeons, which were unusually warm, and Harry, Ron and I took our usual seats in the back of the class. I, of course preferred the front, but who wants to sit by themselves? There was a lite chatter around the room that died away as soon as the dungeon doors slammed shut. This was a normal thing with Snape. With a flick of his wand words appeared on the black board.

"You are to be making the potion 'Essence of Eagnura'. Essence of Eagnaura will temporarily change your gender. Instructions are on the board, ingredients are in the cabinet..." he flicked his wand again and the cabinet doors sprung open. "Since this is a potion that involves DNA from the opposite genders I suggest you pair into groups of two-obviously with the opposite gender."

Harry moved his chair closer to mine while Ron took his stuff and walked over to Lavender. Lately, this had been the normal routine of partners of two. Harry got up to get the ingredients while I set up our cauldron. Following the directions precisely I added the wormwood powder, flagumdon seeds and dameouth bile. The next thing was to stir in, counterclockwise, 12 welsh green dragon scales. Unfortunately, Harry only got 11 of the dragon scales. I got up and walked to the front of the classroom where I found a jar in the cabinet with the welsh green dragon scales, I picked one out and walked back to our table where Harry was still stirring in the dragon scales. It had to be done one at a time, and he was on number 10...11...12.

The potion turned an electric blue, much brighter a shade then anyone else. I just waved this off thinking we were the only ones to get it right. After all, the directions did say the potion should be a bright blue. Next I had to add the DNA. Harry and I already plucked a hair out, and then cut them down to make them the same length. It was absolutely crucial. I added the hairs and told Harry to stir it clockwise 3 times, and only 3 times. He did it, I, watching him like a hawk. The potion turned a midnight blue. Perfect.

"Most of you should be done by now, and you potion should be a midnight blue. A shade or two off should be all right; it'll just mean less time as the opposite gender." Snape paused. "Is everyone done? Good, let's move on with it then. Since everyone" he smirked "including Mr. Longbottom's group" Neville went red in the face "managed to make this potion within some dark shade of blue it should be safe to test out on everyone. Please fill a vial with your potion and drink it. The effect should take place almost immediately."

The only sound around the class was the clinging of the spoons filling the vials. Harry and I filled the vials, and drank the liquid at the same time. I waited for the effect. I was dying to know how I would look as a boy. A minute passed, I saw people changing all around me. I found Ron and saw that he looked a bit like Ginny, only taller. I turned and faced Harry, who turned into a very pretty girl actually. Long, frizzy jet-black hair, his beautiful emerald green eyes, and a body that looked like mine. He took off the glasses.

"Wow! I can see.. I mean, without my glasses. Hermione! This is brilliant! I can't even remember last time I could clearly see without glasses." Harry was ecstatic. He went over to Ron and Lavender's table and laughed about their appearance. I looked down on me, still waiting for the change. Nothing Happened.

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