I was worried. The attacks had gotten worse. Now the hospital wing was filled and all of the people in there were muggle-born or muggle loving. The only house that numbers had not dwindled was Slytherian. Of course, most people thought that it was someone from that house who was indeed setting this monster on the people.

Minnie and I had gone down to the library to try to figure it out. WE had sent lots of time there until they made us travel in groups. We never did figure it out.

Olive was getting worse. I talked to Minnie and we both think that there had to be some odd reason that she was picking on me. The only thing we came up with was that she was a Slytherin. All the people in the house seemed out to get me and all the other Gryffindors. It really is quite scary especially with that horror on the loose.

My classes were going fine and I was getting nervous about upcoming exams. The school year would be ending soon. The only class I really worried about was transfiguration. Minnie had no problem with it but I did. How on earth am I supposed to change things into other things? My science teacher said it was extremely hard to do that and he did not even know about this class! Professor Dumbledore is extremely nice though. He really does care about our education and such. Without hi and Minnie I would have failed.

It was so horrible! Stupid Olive made fun of my glasses. I do not see anything wrong with them and Minnie even said they were cute. I took extra care in my appearance today, I even put my hair in pink-tails. Yet she always finds something wrong. I went to the bathroom to wallow in my misery until Minnie comes to find me. Stupid Olive.

There is a boy in the girl's loo. Honestly, have people no decency. I think I should go and tell him off.


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