Little Ricky Escapes

It was a Saturday morning and everyone in the Ricardo residents was sleeping, except Little Ricky. He had been up for a while and he was getting a little bored. Little Ricky climbed out of his crib and started to crawl out of his room. He was very fasinated by what he saw in the apartment. He got tired after a while and climbed under a table and fell fast asleep. About an hour later Lucy and Ricky got up. Ricky went into the kitchen to read the newspaper and Lucy went to check on Little Ricky. As soon as she walked into his room she screamed. Rickey came running into the room to see what happened. "Little Ricky's gone!" sobbed Lucy. "Now he couldn't have gotten very far, the front door is locked." Ricky said. At this point Lucy was crying her eyes out. "Lucy, sitting there crying isn't gonna bring him back any faster." "I know." said sobbing Lucy. They began to search the apartment franticly hoping to find him. Lucy even called Fred and Ethel to come help. Suddenly they heard a "mommy!" "Ricky, where are you." "Mommy!" They began to follow the little voice. Then a tired hungry Little Ricky climbed out from under the coffee table. "I hungy" he said.