Tantamount to Love

I do not own, nor am I affiliated with, 'The Nanny'.

I dedicate this poem to the most unlikely pairings out there.


She hated him.

Hated how he knew her weaknesses.

Hated how he could make her admit to weaknesses at all.

Hated how he yelled at her when she yelled at him.

Hated how he just smiled when she told him she didn't believe in 'us' anymore.

Hated how he always knew when she was lying.

Hated him for always being there.

Always watching,

Always staying,

Always withstanding her.

She hated how he looked at her like he expected more.

Like she was more.

She hated how he made her feel:




She hated how he was always wonderful, but pretended that she was...

She hated him for all the reasons that she loved him...

...and she loved that he expected nothing less.