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-Happy Raven (aka that one in pink!)

Raven of a different color

Jump city was covered by dark, roiling clouds. High winds had picked up several cars and even a few people as the maelstrom hit the seaside city. Increasingly higher tidal waves began breaking against the shore. The island Titan's tower stood on was taking a beating, as was the tower itself. A villain calling himself "Hurricane" was holding the city hostage and somehow generating the massive storm. The Titans had found him making demands in front of city hall, and now faced off against the crazed lunatic in the driving rain and howling wind.

"Feel my wrath!" The villain yelled at the teenagers opposing him. "Gale force wind will blow you away! No one can stand THE HURRICANE!" The man with the crazy hair lifted his arms towards the sky and began laughing manically. A large sweat drop appeared by the teens.

"Corny enough?" Beast Boy quipped.

"Titans, go!" Robin shouted and the team sprang into action. Beast Boy became a pterodactyl and flew alongside Starfire and Raven in a three pronged aerial attack. Starfire threw starbolts while Raven used her powers to lift several large rocks from the ground. As the villain was dodging the girls' attack, Beast Boy flew forward and turned into an elephant in mid- air. A look of surprise crossed the elephant's face as a whirl-wind lifted him up before he could crush the insane weather-man.

The teen shifted into his normal form and yelled."Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Beast Boy!" Starfire exclaimed.

"I got him!" Raven called as encased her teammate in black energy. A look of relief crossed the shape-shifter's face as Raven set him down. Below Cyborg and Robin began the ground assault.

"Sonic Boom?" Robin asked, quirking a brow.

"Oh yeah!" Cyborg replied as he shifted his arm into its gun mode.

"You shall not defeat me!" Hurricane yelled. He raised his hands and a vortex shot out towards the still attacking Starfire, sweeping her away. The Tamaranian girl spun with the whirl wind for about a quarter mile before she was able to fly free.

"Oh my head," she muttered as the world spun around her. A bright flash then a loud boom drew her attention. She forced her vision to focus and saw a pile of rubble near where the mad scientist had been. Starfire flew back to her friends. "Are we victorious?" She clasped her hands hopefully.

"Yeah," Raven replied, moving chunks of masonry away. Cyborg yanked the unconscious Hurricane out of the rubble. Robin cuffed the man and nodded in satisfaction as he alerted the police of the successful capture.

"Oh!" Starfire pointed "The sun is coming back!" she flew in a little loop- the-loop. Raven pulled her hood back up to shield her eyes from the sudden bright light.

"Looks like it," she muttered. The clouds were quickly dissipating and the wind had died as soon as the man controlling the weather had been knocked out.

With the villain in custody and the weather returned to normal, the tired Titans began to make their way back home.

"Man I am going to take a- Oh man! Look what he did to our tower!" Cyborg pointed at the broken glass and blow out windows.

"Oh my! It is as if a wild glorning snoblax passed by!" Starfire said with dismay.

"Or a hurricane," Raven commented dryly. She lifted pieces of fallen glass as she made her way to the tower entrance. Her teammates followed her example and soon they had a sizeable pile of rubbish ready to be taken away.

"Well, I guess showers might have to wait," Robin said, surveying the chaos inside. Almost everything had been moved or overturned by the chaotic wind. The Titans groaned and began cleaning. Robin had everyone take a quick inventory of what was damaged and how badly before deciding that fixing the number of blown out windows was first priority. The glass was bullet-proof and laser proof, but the winds had managed to blow out a number of panes. They boarded up a number of the windows, opting to fix the ones in their own rooms and leave the rest until morning. Hours later the tower was finally in some semblance of order and the Titans trudged off to bed.

"Good night dear friends," Starfire said, still cheerful even if she was totally exhausted. The boys answered half-heartedly as they entered their rooms. Raven merely waved before she entered her own room. The dark girl toed off her boots and tugged off her cape as she fell forward into bed. Raven was asleep before the garment settled to the floor. A loud crash woke her a few hours later. Looking wildly around she saw the heavy curtains she kept drawn waving in the breeze. The glass itself had fallen into her room, fortunately landing in a single piece. The early morning light streamed in and raven held a hand up to shield her eyes from the glare. She looked at her clock and contemplated going back to sleep for a bit longer. The wind picked up again, shifting her curtains once more. Raven sighed and headed for the shower; she might as well get up.

"Oh Rae I am so sorry," Cyborg apologized for the tenth time as he re- wielded the panel in place. The dark girl hadn't liked having people in her room to fix it the first time, and Cyborg got the distinct impression she liked it even less the second time. Starfire was cheerfully holding the pane on the outside with a sunny expression while Raven was supporting it from the inside with a decidedly less than cheerful demeanor. Cyborg snuck a glance at the shadows by Raven's closet. Had something moved? The girl's room as almost scarier than Raven herself was.

"It's fine," Raven replied in a monotone as Cyborg finished. "It was late and we were all exhausted." Her annoyance with the whole situation was somewhat tempered by Cy's sudden timidity. It was kinda funny to see the huge teen nervously look over his shoulder every so often for lurking, four- eyed ravens with teeth.


"Whatever. It's fixed," Raven cut him off. She motioned for Star to let go of the glass. The alien girl smiled brightly, polished the window with a cloth for a moment then flew out of sight. Raven turned and saw that Cyborg was, unsurprisingly, halfway out of the room already. "Thanks," she said. Her teammate waved then beat a hasty retreat leaving a small dust cloud in his wake.

"At least he didn't knock the door down this time," Raven muttered as she closed her heavy curtains, plunging the room into its customary darkness. It felt almost soothing to have her room finally returned to normal.

"Hey!" Beast Boy said, rapping on the door frame and looking into Raven's room, carefully not entering her private domain. "Lunch just came." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder with a smile. "Pizza. Some cheese, a veggie and something with three or four animals on it." He made a face then resumed his smile "Anyway, it's here. I already told Star, you seen Robin?"

"No," Raven said, closing her door and stepping past the other teen.

"Oh," Beast Boy's smile dropped for a moment. "Ok." He watched her walk down the hall for a moment before resuming his search for Robin. He didn't have far too look and soon all five teens were enjoying Pizza and a well earned break by the TV. Not all was well in Titan's tower however – impending doom teetered on the edge of Raven's dresser.

Sometime later the Titans had finally finished cleaning their home and were settling into their normal daily routines. Raven was meditating on the roof, Robin practicing his martial arts skills, Cyborg and Beast Boy playing video games and Starfire composing a communication to send back home. Call it what you will, fate, karma, kismet, luck or Murphy's law, but something caused the meditation mirror in Raven's room to tilt ever so slightly and fall towards the floor. The glass shattered into several large pieces on impact. The mirror bounced against the ground twice then lay still on the dark carpet. A moment of silence passed, then a swirling black and red vortex appeared where the glass had been and the sound of giggling could be heard in the silent room.

Starfire stretched and rose from her seat, taking to the air as she did so. Humming a happy tune, she flew down the hall, looking for her friends.

"Starfire!" The Tamaranian landed and turned in the direction of the voice.

"Friend Raven!" she greeted cheerfully, "Was your meditation most peace....ful?" Starfire's eyes grew large as her friend and teammate skipped down the hall towards her.

"Eh," Raven said coming to a stop with a shrug. Her pink cloak swished a bit as she rocked back and forth on her heels, a sunny smile on her normally dour features. "It was kinda boring."

"You have changed your attire," Starfire pointed out. "I did not know you liked that color."

"I love pink!" Raven told her. "Hey! Wanna go to the mall? We can get makeovers and buy dresses!" Raven bounced in barely contained glee. Starfire looked askance at her oddly behaving friend.

"Are you feeling well?"

"Yeah! Never better!" Raven said, bouncing a bit more. "Come on Star! It's a beautiful day outside! Let's go out and have some fun!"

"Are you sure?" Starfire asked, slightly confused by the extremely contradictory behavior.

"Yeah!" Raven threw an arm around Starfire's shoulders and started walking her down the hall. "Why wouldn't I be sure about spending time with one of my best friends?" Starfire's eyes grew large then she squealed in delight and hugged Raven.

"Come friend! We shall go to the mall of shopping and try on clothing and do the hanging out and have various powders and pigments applied to our faces in aesthetically pleasing ways!" She grabbed Raven's hand and began flying down the hall way. "We must inform the boys and then we shall go!" Raven giggled happily.

In the Titans' main room, Cyborg had Beast Boy cornered. "Oh I am so gonna kick your butt!" he said as his character pummeled his green friend's.

"Oh, you think you do," Beast Boy retorted, "But you'd be wrong!" Beast Boy's thumbs flew over the keypad and his character executed a complex combo move.

"Oh you didn't!" Cyborg yelled back as his character lost a large number of hit points.

"Oh I just did! Take that! Whoohoo! And he comes from behind to claim victory!" Beast Boy did a little victory dance as the game declared player one the winner.

"I demand a rematch!" Cyborg yelled.

"Oh, you are on!" Beast Boy said with a grin. His ears perked a bit as he listened. "You hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I thought I heard giggling,"

"I don't hear anything and you are NOT getting out of our rematch."

"I wasn't trying to. But if you're so eager for me to kick your metal behind again, you're on."

"All right, let's go then!"

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Raven," the boys said in unison.

"I got next game!"

Beast Boy and Cyborg both froze as their minds finally processed the conversation. They looked at one another then at Raven, who was sitting on the couch, feet propped up on the table. Raven was wearing a dark green cloak.

"Oh, no," Beast Boy groaned.

"Please tell me you're messing with us, Rae," Cyborg pleaded.

"Friends!" Starfire exclaimed as she sailed into the room, pink Raven in tow. "Raven and I are going to the mall of shopping!" Pink Raven giggled.

"Oh, no," Beast Boy said again.

"Aw, c'mon BB," Happy Raven said, "It's not like we're spending your money."

"Hey are you guys gonna play or what?" Brave Raven said, "Or are you scared because I am going to kick both of your butts!" Starfire did a double take as she noticed Brave Raven in her green cloak.

"But!" she pointed at Brave Raven, "I-"she pointed at Happy Raven, "You-" back to Brave Raven, "She-" again to Happy Raven, "But-" She sweatdropped. "What is going on?" She asked.

"'Ey! Don't you have anything non-tofu to eat?" an Orange-clad Raven wandered into the room from the kitchen, a leftover drumstick of fried chicken in her hand. Starfire let out a small 'Eep' and looked quickly between the copies of her friend. Rude Raven belched, took a bite and continued to speak with her mouth full "I know you didn't finish all the pizza at lunch." She tossed the chicken bone over her shoulder and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. Everyone stared at Rude Raven with varying expressions of astonishment or disgust. "What?" She asked. Cyborg and Beast Boy finally shook themselves free of their shock.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be in Raven's head or something," Beast Boy said, pointing an accusatory finger at Happy Raven.

"We were," another Raven spoke up.

"Yeagh!" Beast Boy yelled in surprised and leaped into Brave Raven's arms. She rolled her eyes and dropped him to the floor. He sprang back to his feet and pointed. "Don't do that!" he yelled at Timid Raven. She cowered and shrank back. Seeing the tears brimming in her eyes he calmed down. "Sorry. Sorry, just....don't cry ok?" Beast Boy didn't like seeing girls cry, but seeing Raven cry was just freaky.

"I'm sorry," Timid Raven said. "I didn't mean to be here. But Raven's room was d-dark and scary and Brave left and, and t-then she got out and, and-"

"What is going on?" Starfire was clasping her hands anxiously and had a concerned expression. Yet another version of her friend had appeared and she was nowhere closer to finding out what was going on.

"Wait, wait, who got out?" Cyborg asked Timid Raven, who shrank back from the imposing Titan. Beast Boy's eyes widened.

"Oh, no. you don't mean that crazy red one do you?" he asked. Timid Raven nodded, pulled her hood up and huddled in a little ball.

"Well that fucking sucks ass!" Rude Raven exclaimed, earning glares from everyone else in the room. "What?" she asked again.

"I'll get her," brave Raven said, striking a heroic pose.

"Psh. You and what army?" Rude retorted. Brave glared.

"The rest of us, duh! We did it last time"

"What the hell makes you think that'd work a second time?"

"Logically speaking, attempting to do what worked last time would be the smartest course of action," Intellectual Raven in a yellow cape and glasses said as she emerged from a black swirl in the floor. Starfire gasped and bit her nails, looking at the pink, green, orange, grey and now yellow copies. In distress she flew over and hid behind Cyborg, peering over his shoulder at the bizarre apparitions.

"Can I go play while you guys do that?" Happy Raven asked. Cyborg stared at Happy Raven.

"Dude, she just asked if 'she could go play'. That is just not right." He shook his head. "We need to fix this before Red goes all Daddy Dearest on us." Beast Boy nodded agreement.

"I'll go find the real Raven," the green Titan said.

"I'll explain this to Star and see if I can't figure out what happened," Cyborg replied. Beast Boy nodded and ran from the room as a cheetah.

"I see five Ravens," Starfire said in a shaky voice, "To my knowledge Raven does not have 5 identical twin sisters."

"They're not her sister's, Star. They're....kind of like her emotions, or different parts of her personality." Cyborg explained. The Tamaranian blinked.

"Different sides of friend Raven?" She looked around the room. Happy waved back cheerfully, Brave had begun to play the video game and was aggressively hitting the controller buttons, Timid was still cowering by the couch, Intellect was reading a thick book and she could hear the terribly rude Raven bustling around in the kitchen. Slowly Starfire nodded; what Cyborg said made a strange story of sense. "How do you know this? She did not mention such a thing to me,"

"Uh," Cyborg blushed in embarrassment, "Raven has this mirror. If you look into it you get zapped into her mind. Beast Boy and I accidentally ended up there once."

"You should come back more often! Raven never lets me out," Happy pouted but quickly became happy again. "Beast Boy's funny." Happy grinned then spun on her heel and began skipping around the room, humming a merry tune.

"I think we must resolve this situation as expediently as possible," Starfire told Cyborg solemnly. "If we do not, the real Raven will surely kill us for witnessing such things."

"You got that right. So," Cyborg addressed Timid Raven, "What happened anyway?"

"T-the mirror broke."

"Not good," Cyborg said. "Does Raven know?"

"No," Timid asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Where is friend Raven anyway," Starfire asked. As one, all the parts of Raven stopped what they were doing and pointed upwards towards the roof for a second before returning to what they'd been doing. Starfire and Cyborg exchanged an uneasy look; this was creepy.

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