Well, I'm back. The end is gonna be in two parts instead of one since this has ben sitting on my HD for about two months now. First I am giving you the list of Ravens that a bunch of you have asked for. Sorry for the long wait. I got distracted by shiny things (videogames, trips, Justice League) and not so shiny things (skool, werk, finding an apartment, driving across the country).Here's the long awaited list.

The Conspiracy:

Happy - pink - Split into:
Joy - Pale pink
Contentment - Dark Pink
Excitement - Bright/neon pink

Rude -orange - Split into:
Vanity -dark orange
Sloth - yellow orange
Greed - red orange (not seen. She's in the kitchen eating)

Timid - grey - Split into:
Melancholy - Cool grey
Embarrassment -Warm grey
Fear - Medium grey

Intellect -yellow -Split into:
Wisdom - Dark yellow
Knowledge - drab yellow
Innocence - pale yellow

Anger -Red -Split into:
Hate - fire engine red
Malice - purple red
Rage - dark red

Brave - hunter green
Mischievous - neon green
Honor/duty - light blue
Serenity - brown
Lust - Black
Love - lilac/purple
Apathy - dark purple

I really wish that I'd been able to post more before The End aired. That said, I've definitely reworked how I was going to end this fic in light of those episodes. But I think it works. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

And now, without further ado, the finale, part the first.

Raven closed her communicator with a small sigh and squared her shoulders. She scanned the room, looking at her doubles then let her gaze fall on Beast Boy. "Let's go," she said with resolve.

"You sure?" Beast Boy asked. Raven nodded. "OK then. Let's go."

"I believe I have almost completed the reassembly of the mirror," Knowledge said from where she was hunched over the broken glass. Raven and Beast By walked over to see that she had indeed almost completed the mirror. She held out a final shard of glass to Raven. The Titan accepted it carefully. "This is the last piece," Knowledge told her. Raven nodded and carefully placed the glass in the center of the mirror. It settled with an unnaturally heavy clunking sound, like two tons of stone settling into place. For a moment nothing happened then a low rumble started, shaking the tower to its foundation. Beast Boy was about to ask what was going on when the rumbling stopped. Suddenly white light began to spill from behind the glass, accompanied by a high pitched whine. Beast Boy covered his sensitive ears and squinted into the bright light coming form the mirror. The cracks and light began to disappear as the mirror seemed to heal itself. When the final cut had melded together the horrible noise stopped and Beast Boy heaved a sigh of relief. Raven gingerly picked up the mirror and it over in her hands, inspecting it for any other flaws.

"Is it ok?" Beast Boy shouted, half deaf from the loud noise. Raven frowned at him.

"It's fine. I think. Why are you shouting?"

"What?" Beast Boy asked. His ears were ringing and he could hardly hear her. Raven, exasperated, sighed and shouted back, "Why are you shouting?"

"I can't hear anything! My ears are ringing! That was really loud! Nod if the mirror is ok." Beast Boy saw Raven arch an eyebrow and nod slightly. "Ok, cool! Let's go." He headed for the doorway and was motioning over his shoulder for her to follow. Raven shook her head, thinking the green Titan was being a bit silly. The glass shards fusing together had made a high pitched noise but it had passed out of her range of hearing.

"Hmm," Raven mused to herself. The noise probably had been much louder for Beast Boy; he probably had a larger hearing range, like a dog or something, and those ears weren't just ornamental. Well, his shouting had done something useful, she noticed. The various copies of herself were following him to the elevator. Raven pulled her hood up and followed them, stopping only briefly to grab Excitement and drag her (protesting) along.

Robin watched from a rooftop as the three red Ravens circled the growing portal. He looked over at Star and the two shared a worried glance. Suddenly the wind picked up, but instead of blowing things away, Robin's cape and Star's hair blew towards the portal. The strange winds kicked up dust and debris from the ground, swirling it away into the air.

"Lets go get them!" Brave Raven exclaimed, punching her palm with a fist.

"I think we should wait for Raven to get here. Er, the real one," Robin replied.

"Hey! I'm real!" Brave gave him a scathing look.

"You know what I mean," Robin replied even as he reminded himself he wasn't intimidated.

"Friends! Look!" Joy pointed to the sky. The three red Ravens had stopped circling like demonic vultures and now hung in the air, their capes whipping around in the turbulent air.

"OK, that's not good," Cyborg said, as his arm shifted into a cannon. He carefully sighted and took aim at the nearest of the trio. Starfire put a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you think shooting at them is wise? Are they not part of friend Raven." Cyborg grunted and lowered his arm slightly.

"You're right. But whatever comes out of that portal isn't part of Raven," he said and lifted the arm again, aiming for the portal this time. Cyborg shot at the portal, hoping to disrupt whatever the angry Ravens were doing. The blue beam curved as it neared the portal, following a spiral path as it too was sucked in.

"Got any other ideas?" Brave Raven growled. Cyborg was about to reply when a great thunderclap sounded. The Titan watched in amazement as the portal began to spin faster, glowing red. Another loud rumble issued from the widening maw and the sky grew dark. An orange light appeared in the center and began to grow. Soon it was nearly the size of the portal itself and whatever it was, it gave off heat the Titans could feel even from their rooftop vantage point. The ground around them began to rumble and shake as something otherworldly seemed to pour out of the portal, like a huge glob of super heated metal. The brightly glowing orange-yellow...slid out of the portal and landed on the street with a heavy sound. The portal existed for a moment more then winked out of existence with an exceptionally loud popping sound.

"Oh this is NOT good," Cyborg muttered to himself.

"Robin! Cy! Star!" The three turned and saw Beast Boy racing forward. He was gasping from having flown so fast. Behind him the Ravens landed; the real Raven detached from the group and stalked forwards. A trickle of sweat had formed on her temple, dark circles were under her eyes. "What was that?" Beast Boy asked as he caught his breath.

"Whatever it was, it's moving," Brave Raven pointed out. The Titans and the copies all clustered at the roofs edge to see what she was pointing at.

The glowing mass that had come from the portal gave off a tremendous amount of heat, distorting the air around it and causing nearby metal to begin to buckle and melt. As they watched it began to take shape. One long appendage formed from the mass, then a second. Both snapped open, the newly formed wings sending out a wave of hot air. The wings lifted as the blob shifted and formed a spine of glowing matter. More of the blob flowed up and around, filling in what on a normal creature would have been muscle mass. A skeletal arm reached out and grabbed the nearest building. The creature hauled itself to it's feet as its arms filled out, all six of them. Four arms with six fingers each tipped with a huge serrated claw, and two arms each of which ended in a long, scythe like claw longer than a football field. The lower bits of the blob contracted together, solidifying into a formidable tail. The creature rose, now no longer needing the steadying building, and the last of the blob formed into the shape of a head. It had four eyes and a ruff of spikes on its head and neck. The creature had no nose or mouth but a Lovecraftian set of tentacles which slithered and wiggled in a chaotic mass. The surface of the creature cooled, growing into a dark, pebbly mass which gave glimpses of the heat within the beast. As the creature opened its eyes, the ruff of spikes on its head back and shoulders ignited, giving the creature a mane of fire.

"Uhm...Not Good" Beast Boy's eyes were wide as he echoed Cyborg. He and the other Titans hastily clapped hands over their ears as the beast let out an unholy roaring noise, like trains crashing into several off-key orchestras. Then to make matters worse, the creature spat fire at the nearest building. The concrete was severely singed but the metal underneath fared far worse. The side of the building crumbled as the support structure melted. The red Ravens all laughed and began flying around the beast's head, encouraging it. Raven sank to her knees with a barely stifled groan.

"We're going to need water. Lots of it and fast." Robin said, taking action. Cyborg nodded agreement. They'd faced giant, flaming monsters before, they could do it again.

"If we can get it close to a fire hydrant I can bust one open and rain on tall, fiery and gruesome's parade." Robin nodded.

"Lets get that thing before it does more damage!"

"Titans Go!" Brave Raven yelled as she vaulted over the side of the building.

"Yeah! What she said!" Cyborg grinned at Robin. Star offered her mechanical teammate a hand and they followed Brave. Robin, cast a look at Raven then looked at Beast Boy, silently asking him to stay with her. Beast Boy nodded. Robin turned and leapt off the roof, shooting a grappling hook and swinging after Cyborg and Starfire with practiced ease. Raven was holding her head with both hands, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Beast Boy looked around then grabbed the nearest yellow Raven.

"Do you have any ideas?" he asked. Innocence blinked back owlishly at him. Beast Boy sighed and rolled his eyes. "Of course not." He spotted the dull yellow one and grabbed her arm. "Do you have any ideas?" he asked.

"Well," Knowledge said, "I am uncertain if my hypothesis will allow us to prevail against this most odious of Trigon's minions." She sniffed in disdain, "Contemptible creature!"

"So, what is it?" Beast Boy interrupted. "And stop using big words! I don't happen to have a dictionary on hand." Knowledge looked somewhat affronted, but began to explain her idea anyway.

"Trigon is a very powerful interdimensional demon well known for his cruelty and wrath."

"Doy," Beast boy rolled his eyes "Get to the point! In case you haven't noticed, she's not doing too well, and that...thing is rampaging." Beast boy indicated a hunched over Raven, and the fire-creature now...eating the first national bank? Gross. Knowledge and Beast Boy watched the thing chew, bits of masonry falling from between its tentacles. Knowledge shook herself and continued.

"Since the altercation with Trigon, his power over Raven has lessened considerably." She pulled a chart from thin air and pointed to an angry red line. "This represents his power over her powers. As you can see it has dropped dramatically." she pointed to where the line, already on a more or less downward curve took an abrupt nosedive.

"O-Kay," Beast Boy agreed, wondering where the hell she'd gotten a chart from and where Knowledge was going with this.

"This line represents Raven's relative control over her powers," she said pointing to a purple line that was on an upward trend and which moved up sharply around when Trigon's line went down.

"The point."

"The point," Knowledge said primly, "is that while Raven doesn't have perfect control over her powers, she has gained increasing control. This is especially true since she fulfilled the prophecy and subsequently, ah,"

"Kicked his ass?"

"Yes. So while her negative emotions are deeply connected to Trigon's own internal wrath and hatred, she has always been able to control her inner rage to some degree, and as a result of recent events she should have a much greater control."

"I control my emotions, they don't control me." Both teenager and physical manifestation of emotion turned when Raven broke into the conversation, voice hoarse and a little strained.

"Rae!" Beast Boy knelt beside his friend. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "You ok?"

"No. But she's right. I should be able... to control...myself better than this."

"Quite." Knowledge agreed.

Raven rose unsteadily to her feet with a helping hand from her teammate and glared at the trinity of hatred still flying in circles. Beast Boy watched as they paused in the air, turned as one and made a beeline for them. He winced, expecting them to attack but was surprised when they stopped a few feet away, leering.

"You are my emotions." Raven stated through gritted teeth. The red ones scoffed and mocked her.

"Oh! My emotions!"

"Oh, look at me I'm trying tell powers beyond my control what to do, look how brave I am, oooooooh"

"Stop!...In the Name of Love! Honey you're breaking my heart, Ha!"

"No!" She replied forcefully. "You will listen to me." The red ravens sneered.

"Why should we listen to you? You never listen to us."

"Well, well, look who's growing a spine."

"Three versus one. I'll take those odds. Let's teach her who controls who."

"Shut up," Raven snapped. Astonishingly they did, though they didn't look happy about it.

"Are you gonna, uh, put them back?" Beast Boy asked after a tense moment. Raven started to answer then stopped. A decidedly evil look crept into her eyes. Beast Boy decided it was not a pleasant look.

"No. Not yet," she replied. Addressing her emotions she said, "You want to destroy things, right?"

"Yes," the three answered in chorus, grinning demonically.

"Fine. Then we'll destroy that...whatever it is Trigon sent."

Beast Boy blinked a few times, as he processed Raven's words. It had never occurred to him that Raven might use her emotions as, well, weapons. It did make sense though since it wasn't very different from how her powers seemed to operate normally. Apparently, the idea hadn't occurred to the angry emotions either. They hovered in the air like three crimson ghosts, faces blank in surprise. Then they grinned terrible grins full of malice and hate. Beast Boy took and involuntary step backwards.

"Kill Trigon's monster? Yes," Malice, the purple-red one, said sibilantly. "Oh yes." The dark red one, Rage, growled.

"We hate Trigon," the bright red on spat. "He's ruined so much for us. Caused us so much pain and annoyance," Hate said. Rage snarled, eyes narrowed. "He's been the source of so many of our problems," Hate concluded as Rage's growl seemed to deepen in her other-worldly anger.

"Let us kill his minion," Malice suggested, eyes gleaming. "Let us strike back, pain for pain." Rage abruptly let out a wordless shriek and tore off after the monster. Malice and Hate looked at one another then followed her, cackling. They began to bombard the monster with black energy and large chunks of telekinetically seized rubble.

"Woah," Beast Boy said. "Rae that was...Rae?" Raven was worked up, but from fury of exertion Beast Boy wasn't sure. "I hate him," she whispered. Beast Boy wasn't sure if she knew she'd spoken. She whirled around and faced her many doppelgangers, eyes flashing red briefly.

"Mirror," she demanded. Wisdom, who had taken it when Raven had half collapsed, handed it back wordlessly. "I have had it to here with this. All of You. In here. Now."


"Shut up Happy."

"I'm excitement."

"I don't care," Raven snapped back, brandishing the mirror. A black and red vortex began to swirl within it. Dejectedly Excitement, Joy and Bliss disappeared in a puff of smoke and became Happy. The pink Raven flew forward and was sucked into the mirror. Raven closed her eyes for a moment then spied the fractioned Timid. The three practically fell over themselves recombining then returning to the mirror. Raven repeated this with all the emotions present on the rooftop, but paused when she got to the final emotion, the yellow ones.

"I think I may be missing one or two besides those red ones," Raven said, looking around the now empty rooftop. Beast Boy looked around as well, searching for any strays.

"They're fighting," Beast Boy pointed out. Besides the angry Ravens, Love, Lust and Bravery were now fighting the creature. Their efforts seemed to be helping to slow the monster down, but they also seemed to lack the real Raven's strength of power, Beast Boy noticed. Raven nodded and faced the yellow ones.

"Pull yourself together," she ordered. A puff of smoke later and Intellect stepped out of the cloud, coughing and adjusting her glasses. Raven handed her the mirror. "Watch this." She strode to the edge of the building and pulled her hood up. Beast Boy hopped onto the edge of the building next to her.

"Time to fight?" he asked with hesitant cheerfulness. Raven peered at him from the corner of her eyes. Eyes, Beast Boy noted, which were glowing red under her hood instead of the customary white. The Green Titan gulped, knowing that when Raven went all scary with those four red- He abruptly noticed instead of four eyes, there were two. "Well, that's something", he said to himself.

If Raven noticed her teammate's sudden unease she didn't show it. Instead she watched the continuing altercation for a moment. "Time to fight," she replied with a cool steeliness in her tone. Without waiting for a reply, she rose into the air to join the battle.

To Be Concluded. (if anyone cares at this point, oh, a year or so since the last update )