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Digimon Twilight Zone
Episode 0: The Premise

by: Gennai's Apprentice


On a lonely mountain highway, a yellow taxi navigated it's way down the hillside. Mr. Kaito & Mrs. Misaki Ichijouji sat in the backseat of the cab, just returning from a visit with the in-laws. The tired man looked out the window, watching the landscape fly past. His wife, on the other hand, slept soundly on his shoulder. He looked over to his sleeping wife and placed his hand over her belly for what seemed the millionth time. Every once in a while, he would feel the kick of what was going to be their second child.

Their first was a mere two year old, but already showed signs of a creative and intelligent mind. They would have brought little Sam along, but had to leave him with a cousin when he showed signs of hay fever. Kaito Ichijouji looked out the window once more, and closed his eyes as drowsiness approached. If he had kept his eyes open a little longer, he would have noticed the shadow approaching closer and closer from the horizon.

The cab driver took a glance in his rear-view mirror to check on his passengers to find them asleep. In that moment, the window to his left shattered, startling the driver and causing him to swerve into the rock wall to their right. He tried to compensate for his error by turning a hard left. Unfortunately, it was too much and sent the small cab crashing through the steel guards and hurtling over the edge. It fell several stories before exploding into a burning wreck, illuminating in the night sky.


12 Years Later...
Odaiba Jr. High


"Please take a seat next to the girl with a... camera around her neck," the teacher told his newest student.

TK had just moved into town recently, in fact he and his Mom had just finished getting settled in the night before, having everything unpacked. For TK's Mom, Nancy, it was moving a little closer to her new job. For TK it was moving a little closer to his brother and his Dad. Having already made friends on the walk to school, the boy looked forward to the first day of a new school year. New surroundings, new school, new friends, and maybe even some new adventures were in store for him.

The boy took a glance at his new teacher before moving towards his seat. Apparently, the man had not memorized the students' names yet. Or maybe, judging by his demeanor just did not care. Putting his backpack down, the blond haired boy smiled broadly at the girl next to him. "Looks like we're together again, Kari."

"Yup, just like old times, TK," Kari replied, matching his grin tooth for tooth. The two had not seen each other in what seemed like years, but they had talked on the phone only the night before. Had the two bothered to notice, they might have seen the boy just sitting opposite of Kari, glaring at the two friends and blushing like mad.

"Hey, our teacher looks like Ogremon!" TK joked. Kari began to laugh aloud, attracting the attention of all their classmates and the teacher.

"What's so funny, you two?" the teacher asked, looking slightly annoyed.

"Nothing sir," the couple said at the same time. The teacher simply rolled his eyes and turned around to continue his lecture. The couple looked at each other and smiled while the goggle boy known as Davis seethed in his seat.

After class in the hallway, the two met up and agreed to meet each other in the library after school. Before Davis could confront the two, they broke up and headed to their respective classes. Looking at his watch, Davis realized that he had better hurry up or else he was going to be late for class too.


Yolei Inoue sat in front of the computer browsing the internet. One of the privileges of being the Vice President of the computer club was that she had free access to the room at any time. She was just about to finish her official school business and get to checking out the latest fads, new movies, and desserts to die for before she noticed a new message with the school's e-mail account.

"Hmmm, Tai Kamiya? Isn't there a girl in the seventh grade with the same last name?" she asked herself, "This e-mail is probably hers." She browsed a little while the message printed. When it finished, she picked it up and set off to find the mysterious Kamiya. ... "So TK," Kari began as she tried to reach for a book that was a bit too high, "how does your Mom like the new apartment?"

TK, being a little taller, stretched out and barely managed to pull the book out. "She hasn't seen it yet, she's been on the computer the whole day!" The two laughed for a bit as Kari took the book out of TK's hands.

"You're such a joker, TK," Kari said chidingly.

Suddenly, the boy known as Davis appeared in the doorway, huffing and puffing and not looking the least bit happy. "Hey, buddy!" Davis said through clenched teeth and ragged breaths.

Kari turned around, looking slightly mad at her longtime classmate. "His name is not 'Buddy', it's TK," she said sternly.

Davis raised his fists in the air, "Alright, TJ or JB or whatever it is... How do you know Kari?!"

TK, still a bit confused by this guy's uncalled for aggressiveness, simply stared blankly at the other boy. "Huh? How do I know her?" Then in a sudden jolt of insight, he realized what was going on and began to laugh, "Oh I get it, you're jealous of me!"

"Argh! I'm not jealous of ANYBODY!!" Davis felt about ready to knock some teeth out of this TB guy or whatever his name was. That was until he was interrupted by a purple haired girl who walked right past him as if he wasn't there.

"Oh, hi Yolei," TK said, greeting his new neighbor with a smile. Yolei nodded in acknowledgment and headed straight for Kari.

"You're Kari Kamiya, aren't you?" Yolei said the paper in her hands.

"Yeah, that's right. Why do you ask?" Kari replied.

"Well, are you related to Tai?" Yolei said as she opened the paper showing the message to the other girl, "He sent you this e-mail."

Kari's eyes scanned the page, "Come on TK, everyone's waiting at the park!" Grabbing the bewildered TK by the wrist, she dragged him out of the room and down the hallway.

"Huh? What's going on?" Davis asked, as the two rushed out of the room. A moment later, Cody appeared in the doorway huffing and puffing.

"Yolei! I've been looking all over for you. Are you still coming over to fix my computer?" the little boy asked.

"Uh, yeah," Yolei said, reading the short message one more time, understanding it even less every time she read it. She then crumpled it up and threw it into the nearest trashcan. She began to follow Cody out of the room when she turned around and shook the stunned Davis, "Hey, kid, snap out of it. Is something wrong?"

"Arrgh!!" was all he said as he balled up his fists and his veins began to bulge out of his head. "All that work on trying to get Kari to be my friend... All lost because of some stupid new kid!!"

Cody still standing in the doorway watched as Davis suffered a mental breakdown. "Hey Cody, maybe we should get out of here, he looks like he's about to go smashing stuff."

"Yeah, I agree," Cody said as the two quickly moved down the hallway, hurrying as far away as they could from the poor kid.

Davis began pulling at his hair and screamed at the empty room, "Argh!!!! What went wrong?!?!"


Enter the Twilight Zone.

In the world that we know of, a group of eight kids known as the Digidestined were teleported from their summer camp in Japan to a small island known as File Island. There in the Digital World, they paired up with Digimon partners and fought evil wherever they encountered it to save not only the Digital World, but the Real World as well. Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, the four Dark Masters, and Apoclymon... They defeated all of them and their minions and earned their right to become legends.

Four years later, the next generation of Digidestined came about. Composed of three new kids (Davis, Yolei, and Cody) and two of the original ones (TK and Kari), they fought a new evil, the Digital Kaiser. In the end the Kaiser, also known as Ken, turned to the light and joined the Digidestined. Together, they fought the ultimate evil, the one who had manipulated Ken as the Digimon Emperor... MaloMyotismon.

Though this is true, I am not here to talk about them. Instead, consider this, what if there was no Kaiser.

In a parallel universe much like this one, the Kaiser never existed due to his parents' death in an accident before he was born. In this universe, there is no new generation of Digidestined. No Davis, no Yolei, and no Cody. They existed, yet they did not participate in the battles of the Digital World. For nineteen years after the Great War, there was peace in the Digital World... or so the Digidestined thought.


15 Years Later...
Tokyo, Japan


Tai and Sora stood on the steps of a little chapel just off the Bay in the Meguro District. Hand in hand, they looked into the others eyes. The small wedding band glistened on their fingers sparkled in the sunlight. It had been a while since they had been to this chapel...

"Hey, are you two going to stand there all day?!" a little girl standing a little higher on the steps asked. She continued to wave her hands frantically to get their attention.

It had been, in fact, eight years since they were last here and exchanged vows to become eternally one in marriage.

"Don't worry, Pix. We'll be there in a minute. Why don't you go and save us a seat," Tai Kamiya said, all the while enjoying the moment with his lovely wife.

"Aw, come on!" The red haired girl pouted. She stood there for a couple more minutes with her arms crossed, waiting for a response. Throwing up her hands in defeat, she marched into the chapel to get some seats.

"You think she'll ever understand?" Sora asked as she kissed Tai lightly on the lips.

"I don't want to think about it. All I care about is that she stays my little girl forever..."


Digital World
Infinity Mountain...

"Damn, I'm gonna be late for the meeting," DemiDevimon muttered to himself as he flapped his wings, cruising swiftly through the darkened hallways. On the way, he barely managed to avoid several Bakemon and a Soulmon. Finally reaching his destination, only an incredibly large set of doors separated him from the gathering. He knocked loudly, but distinctly with three taps of his claw. "C'mon, open up," he muttered again as the doors did not respond. He was about to give the door another three raps when the door finally creaked open slowly.

The bat Digimon shivered as a cold gust brushed past him. The room he was in was expansive, yet barely furnished. His Master was not the type who accumulated worthless things. The only thing he was concerned about was power. His Master, a large, yet lanky, winged Digimon sat on his throne. Before him were two of his lieutenants giving their reports, "Sir," one of them began, "we have secured Overdell, Freezeland, and the Great Canyon. We currently have Toy Town under siege, but they show no signs of letting up... Sir?"

The massive demon Digimon finally stood up. Despite the fact that he was hunched, he still stood a great deal taller than anyone in the room, "It is of no consequence, they will all fall in time," then turning to the newcomer, "You are late, what news do you bring?"

DemiDevimon cleared his throat, "Master, the trap has been set, and are awaiting our guests. The old man is on his way and will be here within the hour."



Now the original eight are back, ready to fight this new evil... Tai Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Matt Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, Izzy Izumi, Joe Kido, T.K. Takaishi... the Digidestined once more...


Do do do do, Do do do do, Do do do do...


A/N: The above scene with Davis, TK, Kari, etc. is the first episode of 02 slightly altered. I would tell you where to find the script, but ff.n won't let me put in web addresses. It's called "Enter Flamedramon."