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Digimon TZ: The Beginning of The End
Episode 1: The Gathering (Part 2)

by: Gennai's Apprentice

Rwanda, Africa

Deep in the jungles of Africa, a small run-down concrete building stood four stories high. This building was a World Visions free clinic, run by the United Nations. On the second floor, a gurney was being run through the lime colored hallways. A blue haired doctor of fair complexion stood over the tribesman as the gurney was being pushed along by another doctor, with similar features.

"Damn! When will this fighting ever end, Jim?" the doctor pushing the stretcher asked.

Jim just shook his head, "I don't know, Joe, but until it does... We're needed here."

Jim and Joe had finally rolled him into a ward packed with other patients in similar or worse conditions. The patient himself was bleeding profusely from the chest cavity.

Several nurses, of various nationalities, stood by tending to the patients, "Somebody, I need another blood bag, STAT!"

"I got it Jim," Joe called already on his way out of the ward, dodging doctors, nurses, and patients. Finally, he got to one of the refrigerators on his floor, and with blood bag in hand, he ran back, and gave it to his brother.

With the patient stabilizing, Jim futilely wiped the sweat off his brow.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this heat, Joe," Jim said with a smile.

"Jim," Joe began in all seriousness, What happened to him?"

"Poor Sefu got five darts in his left lung. We may have to replace it, so you go and put in a requisition ASAP."

As soon as a nurse came by the two brothers released their new patient into her care.

Jim had left just moments before and had to handle another emergency. Joe on the other hand had to fill out some paperwork.

As Joe started up his computer in the small cramped office, he continued thinking about what happened that day after he returned from the Digiworld. The first thing he did was sent out the requisitions to the main office by e-mail. When he finished, he started looking through his mailbox to see if any new developments had come up. One e-mail address caught his eye.

"Nobody ever sends us junk mail, I wonder what it is." He opened the e-mail from A sudden realization came over him. His legs wobbling, he sat down in his thatched chair, and read over one more time


Tokyo, Japan
(Odaiba District)

Izzy Izumi picked up the phone in his hotel room. "Who is it, darling," his wife Mimi asked. Izzy didn't answer her. Instead he just kept nodding his head to whoever was on the other end.

"All right, I'll check it out and verify it if I can... Contact Joe? Alright, I'll get right on it... I'll see you in two hours." Izzy hung up the phone, with a grim look on his face. "It was Tai, something's wrong in the Digital World."

"You mean a new theme park, right? Not the Digiworld where Palmon, Tentomon, Agumon, and all our other Digimon friends are, right?"

"I'm afraid not, dear. Gennai had sent an e-mail to all of us. Tai called me to check out whether or not it's the real thing." Izzy sat down at a desk and opened up his faithful Pineapple laptop. Mimi got up out of the bed she was lying in and walked over to her husband's side. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the infamous e-mail that was going to turn her world upside-down.

"Hey Mimi," Izzy said turning to his pink princess, "you still keep in contact with Joe Kido, don't you?"

"Uh, yeah. Why, what's up?"

"Send him an e-mail telling him to hold off on leaving just yet."

"Okay, lemme just remem..."

"Oh, one more thing. Tell him about the video conference in two hours. And when you're done, you better get packing, we're checking out in thirty minutes."

"Yes, honey," she said in her tired annoyed voice, then muttered under her breath, "Slave driver..."

"I heard that."


"Yes Mom, we'll be gone for a while. With TK and Kari. No, all I need is for you to... NO MOM, I just need for you... MOM, I'M A GROWN MAN!"

Sora looked over to her increasingly frustrated lover. He had been trying to get his mom, her mother-in-law, to baby-sit Pixie while they were gone. As always, her cautious, caring nature clashed with Tai's impulsive and impatient behavior. Nevertheless, Tai still loved his mom.


Sora went over to the red-faced man and placed her hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him. "It's alright, she's just worried."

Tai hung up the phone his shoulders sagging. "Mom's upset now, and I need to go over there and apologize. I'll also take Pix over and hopefully she'll just let her stay without asking anymore questions."

"Do you want me to go..." Sora began to suggest.

"No, it's alright. I'll be fine. Besides," he shrugged with a sheepish grin, "I haven't seen my Mom in a while. Might be my last."


London, England

Matt looked around him. His agent had left several minutes ago. He had a public appearance scheduled three hours from now. He was bound by his contract to fulfill his obligations to his fans and to his sponsors.

He chuckled to himself. No contract was going to stand between him and his friends.

"Beep beep," the laptop announced. He looked to the computer and found a new e-mail. It was from his brother.



We got the e-mail from Gennai too. Tai and Izzy are trying to figure out what to do. We're gonna have a video conference about two hours after I send this e-mail to you. Oh, one more thing, I don't think you're gonna have a chance for that concert.



Two hours. Matt looked at his watch, then to the e-mail. There was still an hour and a half left. He looked around and his eyes landed on the carry-on bag on his bed. It was a backpack, given to him by his Dad as a gift for his first international tour. He got up and started looking for some clean underwear. This time around, he was going to be ready.


Rwanda, Africa

Joe had just finished packing his bag and downloading the file. Opening the program, he began reading the instructions to himself, "Touch Digivice to screen and say, 'Digiport Open.'" Joe grinned to himself. "Sounds easy enough."

"Joe! I've been looking all over for you!" his brother called out from behind him. Startled, the poor man hit the suspend key on the keyboard, placing the computer on standby. "What are you doing just sitting there! I know you got a lot of paperwork to do, but now is not the time. There's a bunch of patients out there waiting." Jim left the room soon after, leaving a stunned Joe in his wake.

How was he going to leave at a time like this. He had to tell his brother. There was no way around it, he had to tell him before he left. Besides, he was sure that Jim would understand.


Tokyo, Japan
(1 Hour before Departure)

"Yes, Rhonda, I'm going to be staying here in Japan for a little while longer," Izzy said to his maid over his cell phone. "No, I don't know how long we'll be here, but I want you to take care of our son as long as we are gone. He's awake? All right, I'll talk to him."

The taxi they were in was taking the Mimi and Izzy over to the Kamiya's apartment where they would leave the rest of their luggage. Izzy was sitting in the forward passenger's seat, watching the sights go by. It had been such a long time since he had been back in Japan. He wished he brought his son, but the mischievous little boy didn't deserve a vacation. He thought there would be more opportunities for little Gennai to come to his home country, but now he wasn't so sure.

"Oh, Gennai. Yes, I want you to get ready for school immediately, but I also want you to know that we'll be gone for a little longer than we expected. You be a good boy and we'll be home soon. Here's your Mom." Izzy handed the phone over to Mimi in the backseat.

"Mom?" the little boy asked on the other side of the phone.

"Yes, honey?" Mimi replied.

"Are you guys really going to be gone for a long time?"

"Hopefully not. But if we are, I want you to be on your best behavior. Don't give Rhonda a hard time, because we'll know when we get back home."

"All right, Mommy. So, I'll see you later?"

"I'll see you later, bye..."

Mimi pressed the end button on the phone. They had just pulled up to the Kamiya's apartment building. It was in the nicest part of town because of the money Tai had received from his professional soccer days and Sora's book writing. Sora was waiting at the entrance.

"Good, you guys got here okay. Tai still hasn't gotten back, but he told me to tell you to have the chat room up by the time he gets back."

"Sure, no problem," Izzy said with confidence, "Have the others been contacted? We've already gotten in contact with Joe. He was about to go through when our e-mail got to him."

"Yeah," Sora replied as they stepped into the elevator with the luggage cart, "TK's already e-mailed Matt."

"This is so exciting," Mimi said in her usual girly voice, "It'll be just like old times again."

"Actually," Sora interjected, "I hope not."


(Departure Time)

"All righty then," Tai said settling into the computer chair. Standing around him were Izzy, Mimi, and Sora. Each had their own backpacks with them containing the things they would need to survive. Three other video conference screens were on his desktop. One with Matt, another with TK and Kari, and the third with Joe as well as Jim standing in the background.

"This is it," Tai continued, "the e-mail's genuine. Last time we were there, we were almost killed a million times over. Now we're older and smarter. Hopefully this won't take long. Izzy here thinks that there's a chance that there's a time distortion over in the Digiworld so hopefully, as far as anyone here knows, we might only be gone for a couple minutes to an hour."

Everyone nodded their heads. They were ready.

"Everyone, activate the Digital Portal." On the desktop screen, another window appeared. It was red at first, but it turned green and a scene appeared in the window inset. Tai held up his Digivice as well as everyone else. "This is it guys, Digiport Open!"


Infinity Mt., Digital World

On the peak of Infinity Mountain, Gennai and the evil being were conversing with each other inside the dark castle. "Master, when they do get here though, who shall I send to destroy the Digidestined?"

"The answer to that is simple... YOU!"




And now the trailer I promised you.


Home... I miss it, so much. But it's times like these when both duty and destiny call. I hate it when they do that. Who am I you ask? My name's TK. Well, actually it's Takeru Takaishi, but my friends call me TK. It's been almost 19 years since me, my six friends, and my brother came to the Digital World, kicking butt with our Digimon friends. Who are my friends, well, first off there's Joe...

Joe is seen inside a green painted hallway, lined with hospital beds and patients. He's tending to a twelve year old kid>

...The oldest one of the group at 31, he finally became a doctor. But not just any doctor, but one of those free clinic doctors down in Africa. At first he didn't want to be a doctor, but after spending time in the Digital World and a little persuading by Gomamon (his Digimon) and his brother Jim, he decided to do what he's best at, helping those in need. Then there's Izzy...

Izzy is seen inside his home study, typing at a computer. One of the walls has a large bookshelf, while another has various paintings nailed to it. The wall opposite the door has a large window where sunlight is pouring in. There are several more desks each with its own computer for his network.>

...He lives in the United States now, I believe, and was the youngest person ever to graduate from MIT at 22 with a Masters Degree. Now at 27, he works at a respected tech company down in Silicon Valley, CA. He lives there with his lovely wife, Mimi...

Mimi is seen in a room a couple doors down from Izzy. Sitting in front of a drawing board, she sketches a couple designs while flipping through a book of different types of fabric and patterns. Next to her a couple mannequins and a sewing machine. Rolls of fabric clutter the room,>

...who at the age of 25 started what has become one of the most exclusive and fashionable clothing boutiques in Los Angeles. What started as a hobby, two years later became a business frequented by movie stars and the upper crust of society. But even though she makes their clothes, she is still the same old Mimi, frequently giving some of her earnings to funds for the needy and donating her time and products to the nearby charities. And of course, there's my brother Matt...

Matt is seen sitting at the foot of a luxurious bed, inside a large suite. Some sheets of paper are scattered next to him as he strums an electric guitar. On the other side of his hotel room door, the hallway is packed with screaming teenage girls trying to shove through a couple guards to get to his door.>

...the lonely introvert turned rock star. It was only a couple years after we returned from the Digital World, that he started his own band. Called it the Teenage Wolves after his wolf-like partner, Gabumon. Now, more than 20 years later, Matt leads the Wolf Pack as it tours the world over making fan girls swoon with a single pluck of his electrical guitar. Which reminds me of Tai Kamiya...

Tai is seen sitting in front of a TV on a large couch, occasionally standing up and waving his fist at the soccer game unfolding before him, while at other times getting up during the commercials to get more snacks from the fridge.>

...Matt's best friend and professional soccer player. After several years of playing on every level, from local, to international, he led the Japanese soccer team to the playoffs several times, but finally took the World Cup in 2021. He's now retired, living with the world-renowned Sora...

Sora sits at a desk, typing at a computer. Several bookshelves line the room and on top of one is a glass case containing seven book stands, five of which had books. The table top she is working on is covered with numerous leaves of paper covered with what looked like hurried scribbles. On one page was the title "The Mystery of Lowland View Terrace.">

...author of five best selling books. When she first decided to take on a writing career, her first endeavor was to write on the truth of the Digital World. When no one would publish her books, she decided to turn it into a fictional adventure series. Of course, it became a big hit not only in Japan but in several other countries. Her books are already in several languages with over 10 million of them sold worldwide. Lately though, she's been helping out two good friends of hers, namely, me and Kari...

Kari is standing over gray haired lady, patting her hand as she checks various readouts from instruments inside the hospital room. Finishing that, she fluffs her pillow and asks her patient how her grandchildren are. The woman goes on about what happened the other day, while Kari nods and makes small comments as she listens intently. Eventually her patient tires herself in her excitement and nods off to sleep. Kari kisses her on the forehead and moves on to her next patient.>

...a girl with the biggest heart I've ever seen, totally unlike her brother, Tai. Her burden for those in pain put her in the only profession that would ever satisfy her, nursing. Unlike the rest of my friends, she is nothing special except to those she helps and me...

TK sits on a cold metal floor, mostly staring out into space, occasionally writing in a small journal. Eventually he stands up and looks out the window watching as the long golden grass of the Gear Savannah waves back and forth.>

...formerly luckiest guy on Earth. Now I'm not even on Earth anymore. I was just another normal office drone, married to the most beautiful girl (both inside and outside) in history... Now I'm stuck in a cold dark factory with the rest of my friends, hunted by the forces of Darkness, and faced with a slim chance of survival. Hell if I could just take the last couple weeks back I might've done things differently, but then again I'm sure Kari wouldn't have let me. It's odd, I'm supposed to have the crest of Hope, but I'm probably one of the most pessimistic one here just a little short of Joe. But hey, there's always the chance things might look up... eventually.

-End Journal Entry 1-